The men came…

… and hauled the crop away. 

Good riddance, I said

But now everything is grey.

Golden has had its day.

The chickens and the pigs and I

Stayed inside to Play. It was cold outside

Yesterday. A Gale had come out to say


The wind was chasing after itself all day

And L’il Puss the Scrapper said; if you don’t stop with the really bad poetry I am going to go and live with the Surrogate Milkers.   Really I am. I cannot bear one word more and while I am on the subject. You can’t sing. Stop the endless singing. If I hear Red Rain is Falling Down one more time I swear I am throwing myself off the barn roof.  Just food, then just cuddles. That is all.  Well, some milk too after the milking and then that is all. And, just for the record, poems don’t have to rhyme anymore. That is SO Tuesday.

And then the sun set

Everyones a critic, pet

The End

Good morning. Have a lovely day today. Thats all I’m going to say. (he he)


62 Comments on “The men came…

    • We only had a wind and we are used to gale force winds out here, nothing at all like what the coast had to deal with, thankfully. We are way inland. John said if that storm had hit us our barn would have gone down for sure. Morning roger.. c

  1. Yay, no more GMO 🙂 Heavenly sunset…. The Scrapper becomes more like Thing 2 everyday.

    Let the countdown to NaNo begin 10, 9, 8 ….


    • Yup the beans have been hauled away and they will do the other fields today, so soon it will be that sad sad barren ground for the winter.. c

  2. Wow – what a sunset! Pumpkin-orange, for Halloween!
    That’s quite the sweet face on Bobby, too.
    Happy Halloween Morning, Miss C – wish I could bring Daisy a pumpkin. 🙂

    • Daisy would love to have a pumpkin, but with all the people using them for decorations they are too expensive for me to buy for the cows to eat! How strange is that!! c

    • My singing is more of a soundtrack, I just verbalise what is running through my head.. and that red rain one has been stuck in there for days! c

  3. That was a beautiful sunset you shared this morning, Celi, and those were some gale-force winds yesterday, weren’t they? I went to the lakefront to see the waves and the wind gusts were strong enough to push me back. I’ve lived here a long time and never seen waves like that and cannot imagine what it must’ve been like back East. I hope they can get power restored quickly.
    Stay warm, Celi!

      • John..the rumor here is that they were surfing in the Lake Michigan waves…did you see any of that?

  4. Don’t you dare stop your singing Celi!!! The animals would be lost without it and wreck even more havoc than they normally do!!! xo Thinking about you and November 1st tomorrow and your book!!! Sending lots and lots of positive energies for this very big project!!!

    • It will be grand, I am looking forward to it, a deadline makes all the difference .. I am one of those people who work better under pressure. have a lovely day.. c

  5. Cecilia, I haven’t been commenting much these days, but wanted to pop in and say your post are always a complete joy to read… every morning I drive to campus passing by the university farms and they have cows on two sides of the road, different varieties – I enjoy so much that ride and checking what they are doing, sometimes I see the funniest scenes, I never knew cows had so much “personality”

  6. You know, that the problem! All I get is blimmin free verse. LET”S HEAR IT FOR RHYMES! And, for the record, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket either, but that doesn’t stop me from singing. (Just saying) 🙂

  7. You could write on dirt and it would be poetry Celi. AND I AM NOT PREJUDICED! Just because we are shirt-tail relations. Virginia

  8. Hi Cecelia, I’m so thrilled you found my blog and liked a post because that has led me here to this wonderful blog! I’m also a kiwi, living in the US (although married to an Argentinean) and with a keen interest in fresh produce. I think your writing, your photos and the way it is put together is stunning.

  9. It was probably just the wind… makes everyone a bit tetchy… that cat looks like he’d forgive you anything, and you say you’re not much of a cat person… yep 😉 All the best for the start of NaNo 🙂

  10. Adorable. Every single one of your posts is like a new episode of a story, the sort we need to return to, to read what happens next.

  11. The verse gave a morning smile . . . the fact you speak such fluent Scrapperish turned that into a laugh . . . and that beautiful twilight left a warm feeling, Miss C 🙂 ! Thanks !!

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