Can pigs get morning sickness?

Charlotte is doing a lot of heaving herself about, snapping at Sheila, hogging all the food and has taken to lying on her side taking up most of the bed. Sheila is being long suffering.  Charlotte is unrepentant. As you would expect.


I have chosen the site for this years summer pig palace but it is presently under snow. Yes it snowed. And you know how I love the snow. I do.  But the Shush Sisters will have to wait in their Winter Quarters for  a bit longer.march-24-003

Queenie Wineti loves the snow too. The rest of them spent most of the day in the barn. Good Authority (Author)  has a very sleepy cats-eyes look.


Very green.

Everyone has quietly talked me into opening all the barn doors to the pens so they can come back in.  I will have to set to and clean the floors all over again next week, but the weather being so inclement, I feel better if they have proper shelter.


The Son of the Son of Neanderthol Man – We call him Bob.


He is not a pretty rooster.

Now, I need you to help me. Here is a shot of the underside of Kupa’s tail feathers, he was sitting on a rafter with his tail draped down behind him. See that pink that is not quite a pink, I want to create a stain in that colour for the kitchen cabinets in The Coupe.


But what would it be called. Pink is so … well pink and this is  blowsier, a faded dustier shade of something. I like it.  Just the merest stain though, too much would be awful.

Good morning. I have no way of judging depth of snow as it blew up some lovely snow drifts last night but it seems we finally got a proper dump of snow in the night, a nice drop of precipitation for the fields. Excellent.  It will  warm up into the 40’s today, so they say, which means it will start to melt into the ground where it belongs straight away.

Good morning. This week is a big week for the Coupe. Today if anyone can get through, the electrics will be finished, tomorrow the man will spray the insulation, then the next day (hopefully) the doors and windows arrive, then on to cladding and dry walling.


I hope you all have a lovely day. It is time for me to put on all my clothes and find my way out to the barn through the snowdrifts. I have told John NOT to start scooping the snow out until I have taken some pictures for you. See you tomorrow.


53 Comments on “Can pigs get morning sickness?

  1. How about creating a faux finish with the color you desire for your cabinets? Maybe what you like is not so much the color alone but the contrast of the mixed colors and the texture of the feathers. When I lived back in the States, I painted my kitchen walls using the Tuscan faux finish in a light yellow and it made my whole kitchen bright and cheery. What colors are your walls in the kitchen? Are they plain or another color? I miss you and the farm and hope you are doing well. BAM

  2. Why not call it “dusky pink” or even “a hint of pink” Do you have paint shops there where they can mix paint to match ANYTHING? We do and very useful they are too.

  3. Even though ,y birthday was the first day of spring I didn’t deliver the warm e=weather we all feel ready to receive. So I apologize for this snowy stuff you’re enduring. It’s all my fault and I take full responsibility. And no, I will not seek the presidential nomination in 2016!

  4. Remember what they called the color of Meggie’s dress in The Thorn Birds? Ashes of Roses. I love that…when I was 15, I went plowing through the fabric store looking for one that matched it in my mind’s eye…
    Good that you got some more snow. Next time, try to keep it at your house…it’ll be here by tonight, and I’m done with it!

  5. Good morning, Celi
    Well, I’ve got 31″ snow on my deck and patio table…..and I live south of you guys. It’s a very lovely, heavy winter-wonderland snow, like living in a white castle since the tree branches are hanging so heavy….still….I do hope this is the last for us…I need spring!! Don’t get buried in a snowdrift!!

  6. You cleverly make snow seem cosy. I think it’s cosy in pictures. If you have Photoshop you can find a Pantone reference to any colour in a picture. Just use the eye dropper on the colour that you want, bring up the colour picker and click on “Colour libraries”. This will give you a range of Pantone colour numbers that you could use at a paint shop to get a colour mixed.

  7. I’m delighted for your snow even though I know you long for spring. And I’m sorry you’ll have to clean that barn again…that’s the worst of it! It’s trying to snow here but I don’t expect we’ll see much. Have a great day and I look forward to your “snow” pictures!

  8. Poor Charlotte. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. Pregnancy is rough no matter what species you are!

    Good luck with the coupe work this week.

    You’re scooping snow and yesterday I bought a tomato plant. It’s going to have be under a cloche for the next couple of days, but it should be all right. Hang in there -spring is really coming!

  9. As ever Roger’s advice is spot on. But there is one job I have always wanted to do and that is to name things – whether it’s bathroom suites or paints – the names they come up with are brilliantly awful. I could do that! Now as to your peacock pink – hmmmmhow about tailfeather blush, I could continue if you want…….

  10. It was snowing all day Friday here too, but Saturday and Sunday were warmer so it melted most of the new stuff. Old stuff still has a way to go. Spring is in the air!

  11. So cool. We’re very fortunate that our air show takes place down at the lake, which a 10 minute bike ride for us. Traffic is just as mad as yours!

  12. Celi, when we rebuilt part of our house after Katrina, we applied a color wash (or maybe it’s called a glaze) to the exposed ceiling boards (pine) in the den. Basically, the paint was diluted, applied, and immediately wiped down so the grain of the wood shows through. The wipe-down controls the amount of color. (This is sometimes called a “pickled” finish.) Then it got a coat of clear sealer that wouldn’t yellow it. Sounds like that might be similar to the finish you’re looking for, only with just a hint of that pink shade. A good paint store should be able to help you find what you want. Try it out first, though!
    : )

    • Yes, Gerry this is exactly what i have in mind. And thank you for the short tutorial as I was not even sure HOW I was going to achieve that hint of colour in the boards. Excellent..thank you.. c

      • test on scraps left over before applying to finished cabnet
        let set a couple day
        \sometimes color will change untill it completely drys
        and different species of wood will take color differently
        and is forever

        • When renovating our old farmhouse, I sanded down the old timber tables and the dresser and applied limewash with a tint added. Rubbed off to look like shabby chic and finished with a satin varnish. The timber is visible but with a hint of colour depending on the timber involved. Joy

  13. Snow here too – about 6 to 8 inches. Just back from Pet Sitting run and although roads very clear, walking dog across fields was not pleasant! Feet froze LOL
    Chickens unhappy that they have t stay in their hut and run today, but their little legs couldn’t cope with it all. Hope it melts soon, mind you low 40’s all week and 20’s at night might make it a slow process.
    Love that pink! It’s like a soft magenta I think.
    Well off to start digging paths for the cats and dogs, who won’t stay in and getting tired of drying off 2 border collies and mopping kitchen floor already, and it is only 11 o’clock!

  14. C, I was looking at all the photos a second time and Amaranth jumped to mind. I think it was the son of son of Bob, so cock’s comb, + Kupa’s tail sweeping down like Love lies bleeding flowers = Amaranth. That’s what I’d call it and then I’d grow the big huge bunches of the beautiful pink and fushcia plants somewhere close by. 🙂

  15. I thought of Cerise when I saw that colour. We have a paint technique called “Lime Washing”. Basically you paint your darker colour on first and then paint white over that and wipe off. I think it is done with water based paint – not gloss. This might not be good for kitchen cupboards that require regular wipe downs. In SA we have a fuschia flower that colour too. Laura

  16. That color reminds me of rhubarb or beets when the juice from them creeps across the plate and stains your mashed potatoes. 🙂

  17. I see majenta. It is a colour in light, like when light is separated through a prism. Very pink or soft read with a tiny hint of blue in it. The combination with the back of Kupa’s feathers softens the effect.


  18. There is more than one color in the pink you have there — where there is more light it is brighter pink — where there is more shadow it is a grayed or blued pink, heading more toward mauve.

  19. It’s been lovely taking a trip though all the Comments Lounge colour suggestions… my morning feels all rosy! Ginger tea for Charlotte? That Author is such a cutie 🙂

  20. Poor pigs! Do let the animals in to the barn – it sounds like lots of sheep and cattle might have been killed in the blizzards here in Britain this weekend 😦

    • oh miserable, yes when the bad weather comes in I open the doors again, but it is not terribly cold, just wet. But I am a sook and I hate them to be must be having some dreadful blizzards out there.. c

  21. Perhaps your sweet Charlotte just needs a good maternity massage to make her feel better.

    That is a lovely dusty pink/purple. I would suggest you simply name it Perfect Peacock Pink but I don’t think that would help you any.

  22. I know that they’re meant to be able match colours in the DIY store, can they do that in your area? You just wave the picture you want or line it up with their wonderful wall of sample colours. 🙂

  23. I was going to say ‘Provencal Rose’, but then read ‘Ashes of Roses’ above: I so remember that dress from ‘Thorn Birds’ . . . Of course Charlotte can feel miserable and ornery and the poor gal does not even understand what the heck is happening!!

  24. I think of the name of the pink colour as ‘Rosetta’.
    Poor Charlotte, maybe she needs some raspberry leaf tea or fennel tea for her upset tummy….

  25. I agree with Eha. Poor Charlotte is confused. She thought she met the boar of her dreams and, instead, she got … well … a different dream altogether. She’ll be fine. Maybe MaMa and Daisy could have a talk with her. As for your pink dilemma, I’m probably the last person on Earth to answer a color-related question. I’m sure one of your readers will come through for you. They always do. 🙂

  26. That’s a lot of progress in store for The Coupe this week! What a lovely space it’s going to be. Cute photo of the sheep, though we can see everything but their heads!

  27. I would call it ‘hidden pink’ or ‘peacock’s secret’. How exciting about the Coupe!

  28. I love that color! And I can’t wait to see Charlotte’s babies. For some reason – I just love me some pig babies – XOXO – Bacon

  29. Kupa’s feather color reminded me of a phrase I hadn’t heard in years to describe what I saw as a similar thing: ‘ashes of roses’. This, however, is a warmer and cheerier version I might just call Blushing Peacock. 😉

  30. It’s a challenge when you have this colour in your head and you want to match it. I”m not sure if Benjamin Moore Paints is in the states. But if it is you can take a couple of the tail feathers in and they will match the colour. I took an eggplant (aubergine) in to our paint store and they had it spot on. Good Luck Celi.

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