A Flood of delightful back porch views!

I am so excited at the response to the back porch challenge. Here are the highlights from yesterday and there are more coming in! So we will have another post of back porch views tomorrow too. This is fantastic!

Charlotte on the other hand is practicing keeping her head in the sand I mean muddy waters. Trying not to notice that June is coming!dunkin-piggie-001

Nancy wakes up to this! How glorious.


Garybuie in Scotland.  This sits on the North side of her house and Christine says it is freezing outside her back door.


Marie has a barn swallow building a nest above her back door in her Little Corner of Rhode Island. I am sure this will keep her little people engaged for some time. Maybe  an inspection ladder is in order?


Mamapurl (US)  lives in the country sometimes and other times she is in her Tower. This (above)  is what she sees out her windows!

Misky  (UK)  is doing renovations in her garden soon but for the moment it looks like a wee oasis of calm from her back porch.


Mike and Missy who live right out in the country with a whole horde of beautiful children look across this scene with their morning cuppa.


Our darling Jean who farms with her punky Kiwi husband and lives in France raising grass fed beef has no porch but looks out the window.  Her page today is full of the most divine views, including this one:


Look at all that grass.

Cat lives in Tel Aviv in Israel and though she longs to have a little farm one day for the moment her back door is this  beautiful 8780509815_c187447f39_bfertile little balcony.

And nuts for treasure looks out the back door and sees an enormous wild turkey staring back at her, every morning.  Every Morning! Can you imagine.


Barb from Passionate about Pets looks out onto her neighbours farm.



Viv who also lives in France has many glorious views, this is my favourite one.


And now I must away to do some work, then later I shall collect some more of your views.  What a great day it will be!


But before I go here is what our darling Eha from Australia sees.


I must stop now and get out for the milking.

You all have a wonderful lovely day and now I can see what you see I can think on those views as I work.

You can still send yours, it is never too late!  We are developing an awesome collection.

Love your friend, celi.

63 Comments on “A Flood of delightful back porch views!

  1. Cecilia,
    Your piggy in the mud made me laugh out loud this morning! Too funny. Thanks for a great start to my day. I will try to take a photo of my view today.
    Good Morning.
    ~ Carol

  2. this was such a nice idea =) collecting all the views. thanks for hosting this little tour!

  3. Marvelous collection! As much as I love mine own, I’m pining for Viv’s…for a day or two, at least! I sooo miss France!
    Have a great day, C…cloudy and rainy here, so we have to find Indoor Things for the wee ones!

  4. Good morning Celi well your not really getting the full picture in that shot i will see if i can get you a better shot have a blessed day mike

    • But I like that shot Mike, it is so full of country flavour! (she whined) I look forward to your next one though!! c

  5. Good morning, C. I’ve been away for some days and I see I’ve missed the fun. Loved seeing all the views. Wonderful idea. All the best to you, C.

  6. And here we all are enjoying each others sceens. Good morning to you all. Or, if evening afternoon dictates from your part of the world, Cheers!

  7. Oh Celi, Charlotte simply is not interested in other people’s back porch views at the moment: as long as she is comfortable with her extra weight, life’s OK 🙂 ! Must admit that was a darn good idea of yours: absolutely love the varying photos: Nancy’s view in Florida is just like one we would get on the canals of Gold Coast of S Queensland and Cat and I are both obviously ‘potty about pots’ 🙂 ! Love Viv’s ‘back garden’ and Misky’s one [wish mine looked as tidy at the moment!!!] And I don’t ‘see’ this on my photo, but you see me – that middle house amongst all those trees!!!

  8. How weird – all those separate wee corners of the world on display on your blog! Quite a geography lesson!

  9. This was fun to look at. Great idea.

    When I first looked at the picture of DC, I thought that plane was parked in the trees.

  10. Celi, this was just the best idea ever! I loved seeing other’s views – makes us all feel so much closer to each other don’t you think!
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • I agree..this was a great idea. What great views …and all so different. We get to see small bits from other parts of our world. Well Done Celi!

  11. Oh, this has been FUN!!! Thanks for sharing all these lovely shots ~ lots and lots of green! :mrgreen:

  12. what a clever Ceci you are to get such a great idea..I would love to send you mine but my camera is packed away in the case ready for my holiday…but I loved looking at all the others , wonderful views of nature at its best

  13. I love this! I have had so many different back porch views, just thinking about them makes me misty-eyed.

  14. I have enjoyed the mixture your post has delighted us with today, and also lots of people’s blogs have been visited. Please don’t forget to put links with your pix so that we can see them all.
    That pig is a star. Much more fun than Babe.

  15. Fascinating how different our views and lives are yet we all love Celi and her world.

  16. What an incredible idea, love it! Seeing everyone’s views is beautiful. Why on earth does Charlotte put her face in the mud?

  17. Hi Celi,
    What a wonderful idea. I have enjoyed checking out everyone’s view. Inspired me to go out and take a few shots of my view and post them too. We are fortunate to have such views and also to have such a community to share them with!

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  19. That was such fun this morning and I love all these views. I love the balcony in Tel Aviv and the water and all the greenery, what lovely readers you have here on the Farmy xx Jo

  20. Had a great time visiting with everyone today! Kind of put a place to a name if not a face. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could ‘beam me up Scottie’ and visit each other when we wanted too! Maybe if I win the lottery I’ll arrange a bus trip for everyone LOL

  21. From my back porch(Ontario, Canada)….the wooden yard swing under the maple trees, the arbour covered with bittersweet, soft lavender lilac bushes, some overwintered multicoloured geraniums blooming away, a tiny patch of my flowerbed for my one tomato plant, a cucumber plant in an old galvanized tub, close to fence so it can climb, a beautifully made white doghouse, sadly…. now empty…

  22. I’d love to perch on Cat’s balcony in Tel Aviv for a cup of tea, I loved Saints’ pics, and the story of the lone brush turkey… I dropped in on each of yesterdays links, ooh they were all good… and now there are more 🙂

      • Sydney’s weather is quite miserable yesterday and today so instead of my morning walk around the park, I’m taking a virtual stroll around the world…

  23. This is great, I have taken my pic this morning and (as I write) am uploading it off the camera. I will send it via email C so I can play too 😉

  24. This is such fun Celi…and all these new blogs to explore ! I can’t handle the technology alas so will watch all these other back porches from my back porch!!!

  25. You have started a porch photo explosion! They are fascinating, and lead to some lovely blogs if one follows them up.

  26. What a beautiful collection of views. I dashed out and took some shots of my view in the morning sun, but I don’t have an email to send them to (I had it once, but my computer meltdown at Christmas took it away)

  27. A great collection of views from our back porches – what a great start to the challenge.
    Love the pic of Charlotte hiding her face in the mud!

  28. Poor Charlotte. I’ve had days I felt like doing that, though not in a long while. I’ll get you a picture in the morning!

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