Hope you are right!

I have been watching The Poll and so far the  winning group is 8 or 9 piglets.  What do you think of that Charlotte?


“Trying not to think about it miss c.  Now tell the barn flock to stop staring at Tui on the nest, they are staring too loudly. I need sleep!”


Oh? Oh.  Everyone is staring at Tui. But now look below. Later there were two peahens on the eggs.  Tomorrow when they get off for a break I shall remove a few and pop them under a chicken. Goodness! Danger of breakage.


These two peaheans are inseperable.

Daisy, who has been milking for exactly a year now (pictures of the birth of  The Bobby  here) has at last transitioned  to once a day milking. Her production needs to drop a little more then I will dry her up. So far so good! I will miss the milk dreadfully but a break from the milking will be nice. What would be perfect is if she is bred and then it will be only nine months without milk. Though nine months seems an awfully long time.


Soon she can go back to eating as much as she likes of this…


and this.


To encourage her to drop another gallon she is eating this..


In Pats Paddock.

Blue is being a good boy. And has earned his blue belt collar.


Good morning. This morning we pour the concrete for the recycled glass house. It will have a heated floor too. It is quite small and will be built later in the year. Just the concrete and the plumbing for the moment. We don’t have to actually start using it until the winter.

Do you remember that we are going up into the Rocky mountains for a wedding July 4th.  You and I.  Pencil it into your calenders. I will be flying into Calgary. I will need to watch the weather up there carefully, will it be cold up there? I have never been there before.

Have a lovely day.

Tomorrow we are taking you on a wee road trip. We are very close to Route 66 so we are going to find some local Route 66 service stations. I have quite a collection of images already. Here are a few. I am not as interested in the shots of prettied up old gas stations. I like the dilapidated, abandoned,  broken down ones. I think they say more about the progression of History at speed that one can see travelling along American roads.

Route 66 was actually commissioned in the 2o’s and officially finished if you like in 1937. Basically they collected a whole lot of existing roads and linked them all up from Chicago to Santa Monica (LA).    The roads were made of concrete and had two double lanes running in each direction with a strip of grass in between. Many of them still exist but with big no trespassing signs on them. I will find one for you tomorrow so you can see what I mean. As I remember it some States lobbied to be included in Route 66 so the road veers to and fro through as many states as possible on the way. I have a 1962 Atlas with the original road on it. I will dig it out before tomorrow.

Now,  Route 66  is just fragments – left to grow weeds, replaced by the interstate which by passed most of the Route 66 small towns effectively closing many of the little service towns. Later many of the financially strapped towns opted to widen and pave one of the lanes into two laned country road, so you drive along a well maintained road with the curious ghost from the past road running along beside you. We drove along as much Route 66 as we could find from Chicago to LA a few years ago and it was  lesson, though after going through so many dying towns I am not sure what the lesson was.  But it is a sad one. The Boom was over by the late 70’s.  By 1985 Route 66 was officially decommissioned though already the interstate had stolen most of its traffic and the gas stations and movie theaters were closing. (I also have a small collection of movie theaters… they are harder to get inside.)

Things change.   I shall collect a few interesting facts for you (probably a good idea to get out the books instead of relying on my memory)  and take you out onto Route 66 tomorrow and we will see what we will see.

Being a recent immigrant in this country, one of the things that strikes me about America’s history is the fast pace at which it is played out. The first immigrants must have been a deeply determined and forceful bunch and this foot to the floor trait has flowed down through the generations. I am quite happy to live at a reduced pace out here on the Farmy. Speaking of which I had better get dressed and get to work. I don’t milk in the mornings now, but there is still plenty to do!

Have a lovely day.

your friend, celi

56 Comments on “Hope you are right!

  1. I love the trip you are gong to take today 🙂

    Have fun and also at the wedding and give a kiss to your pig and cow they some LOVE

  2. Enjoy your road trip today C! I’ve always wanted to drive Route 66. We’ve done bits and pieces, but perhaps one day we’ll do the whole thing. Looking forward to seeing your pics from the Rockies too. It is stunning up that way!

    • The whole thing is actually interminably boring and mostly on the interstate, with wonderful hits when you actually discover a bit of route 66, but most of it is gone. It is more of an idea than a reality as far as driving the Mother Road right across. You can find the odd motel though, we stayed in original motels but even those are few and far between and pretty rough most of them.. c

  3. Route 66 is so mythic that it’s made more than it actually is. When I was about 10-years-old, we went on a road trip during the summer months and travelled it a considerable distant. As a 10-year-old, I found it exhaustingly boring, and read Gone with the Wind twice (whilst car sick). But the memories of that time I recall clearly, and I think that’s what Route 66 is all about: the memories of people who travelled it looking for something better than they knew.

    Good morning, c, and all the best to the farmy on this lovely sunny Saturday.

    • although i cannot watch utube out here with the dreadful internet connection here, eha opened it for me and I do love that version! c

  4. Looking forward to the Route 66 photos–and the wedding ones too. Calgary is a great town, but hope you have time to see Banff while you’re there. Weather should be pretty nice.

  5. Ooh, ots to look forward to, piglets, weddings, weaning off milking and a road trip 🙂 Oops, almost forgot the pea chicks (what are they really called, I think i made that up)?!

  6. I chose 9 piglets for Charlotte as our Effie had that many first time around. 12 the second. Our other pig, Flora, had six 1st time but she was smaller. Charlotte strikes me as a strapping lassie like our Eff was!

  7. I hate long car journeys, but have always had that romantic image of Route 66, and thought it was still there.. I hope Daisy takes to the new milking regime, and that all your plans work out well for you. Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to the pictures.
    Love, Viv x

    • You and my daughter! she read The Help for the first half and another fat book for the second! c

  8. I look forward to the Route 66 tour: everyone I know knows the song line, “Get your kicks on Route 66.” I don’t think I’ve ever been on any of it.

  9. Look forward to what you will show in the future…enjoy route 66 and take lots of photos I’ll never get there…

  10. I still think they should be called Chick Peas, especially if they are being raised by the chooks or at least sat upon by them! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the photos of some of Route 66…I don’t think I have ever been on any of it, even with all the road trips we have taken back and forth to the midwest.
    Will Queen Charlotte let you feel her tummy and if so can you feel any of the wee piglets moving around? Maybe you could count them, that way! 🙂

    • She does not mind a tummy rib but I have never really felt anything, and chick-peas is fantastic, so they are re-named! c

  11. Enjoyed going back a year to see Bobbie Blanc’s birth. Haven’t seen him for a long while. Has he gone to the abbottoire?
    Enjoyed the old gas stations. Quite artful, poetic, poignant statements.

  12. Oh, Celi, you know how much I would love to accompany you and Our John on that Route 66 journey. It’s exactly my kind of adventure. Can’t wait to see what you discover. Enjoy.

    BTW, that last photo today of Blue’s blue collar is glorious with that fabulous light and the angle leading my eye into the image. Love it.

  13. Oh Darn, Darn, Darn! I’ll be in Calgary late June for 4 days but back in Vancouver and probably already off to England by July. Would so have wanted to find you and give you a big hug! 🙂 Next time. 🙂

    • Oh Veronica what bad luck, that would have been such fun, we could have met on a mountain! c

  14. Celi – I lived in Calgary. Everyone from the prairies, sooner or later, moves to Calgary. My daughter was born there. The city is very much like Denver. It’s an oil and gas city – very much America influenced. As for the weather. I do not know of ANY month that it hasn’t snowed in Calgary. It can be down right gorgeous in July or you need your woolies. Regardless of the warmth of the day the temperatures drop at night because of the altitude. You almost always need a light coat in the evenings – even during the warmest days of summer. V.

  15. I LOVE road trips!! haven’t been on one in such a long time.Now I live on my own (apart from my animal friends) I don’t get to do them. My Dad was the one – he would come home from work on a Friday night and announce that we would be going on a road trip early in the morning. Mum and I were loaded in his little Austin car an off we would go. He was heavily into Roman history, so inevitably we would end up at a ‘dig’ somewhere in England (lots of them there!). We even walked Andrians Wall a couple of time – sigh miss my Dad!
    My back lawn looks like your pasture, all red and white clover – sad to say I am in the middle of mowing it though as the dogs and I get stung by all the bees that are on it. Well it supposed to be my lawn LOL

  16. in 1962, my VW Volks Convertible with Orange Wooden/Plastic Marx Nicht sticks (they flapped out like an arm of a penguin) and I just fit into the seat to drive; I drove to California, an adventure indeed, and except for living in Russia, blah blah, I never returned to my home city of Boston to live; a great decision.

  17. Love the barn flock and the silly peahens. Poor Charlotte. She’d be counting the days if she had fingers. Blue looks good in his collar. Looking forward to your post on Route 66.

  18. Enjoyed the photo of the three dogs and looking back at Bobby Blanc’s birth and the old gas stations on Route 66. Great photos, so nostalgic and artful.

  19. hi celi! i had a friend that lived in calgary and i don’t think he was ever warm! make sure to pack something snuggly! can’t wait to see your route 66 pics.

  20. Hi Celi
    When you are road tripping tomorrow, hope you will visit my town, Carlinville…..we are right on Old Route 66. Be sure to see our “million dollar courthouse”, the lovely town square, and The Marvel theater…….all still busy just like many years ago. Have a lovely trip and can’t wait to see your pics!! “Cruise the Mother Road and get your kicks—–on the original Route 66” 🙂

    • I shall google it, it sounds like just the thing! Thank you nancy! Watch out for me I will be the blonde with the camera! is there anywhere nice to have lunch on a sunday?.. c

    • I just looked it up and i am not sure we will be able to get down that far, you are a good three hours from us, tomorrow is just a wee day trip but next time we travel further I will be sure to find your town.. the million dollar courthouse sounds interesting. c

      • Wonderful! We’ll be here where we’ve been for all these years! 🙂

  21. Something new, something old: as always! Have the Nat King Cole Route 66 song suggested by rutheh playing as I type! Gad he is young there: met him in Sydney during his twilight years . . .Trust you to think of the road trip – love, love, love car travel so will be happy to wander along and learn! And 4 July will be fun: Canada in my daytime, cycling in the Alps methinks at night . . . no passport, no brass needed 🙂 ! Thank you . . .

      • Ha! Ha! Miss C!!! Tour de France in the afternoon there kind’of translates to 11 pm > all hours Down Under 🙂 ! A couple of hundred thousand Aussies do NOT sleep during July every year: a band of fools? Perhaps! But very happy and contented sightseeers right in the middle of the peleton!!! Actually it may be the Pyrenees on the 4th . . .

        • Correction [you made me do my homework!] Whilst your son is getting married the riders will jut have finished Aix-en-Provence > Montpellier . . . would be lovely to spend the day actually there just N of the Med . . . .

  22. I work on Route 66! I get quite a bit of satisfaction seeing the signs every day, and there are still a few of the old motels and iconic signage “kicking around.” Suddenly there is quite a resurgence of more than interest and instead a real desire to to protect it before we lose that little piece of our history. We’re looking at it from two completely different perspectives, yet it is one. Very cool, I think. 🙂

  23. Late to the party again …
    Hope you had a nice road trip. I’m not as excited about road trips like you are. Maybe I’d feel differently if my riding companions were human and not a dog & parrot. 🙂
    Great new color for Blue. He’s looking less a puppy every day. It doesn’t take them long. Cubs game tomorrow. I’ve a feeling the best part of the afternoon will be the beer. Have a good Sunday, Celi!

    • They are watching or listening to hockey here.. the screaming and shouting was enough to scare the horses last night.

  24. Must be nice to have a break from morning milking. I laughed at Blue’s blue belt collar. Does that mean he’ll become a black belt one day? The clover looks so lush.

  25. Do you know the song ‘Get your kicks on Route 66’? It started playing in my head as soon as I read your words. I love the old, dilapidated gas stations too, but the can make me sad if I think too long about them.
    I hope you will have time to visit a few places near Calgary, I went for the first time a couple of years ago; Banff National Park is amazing (we saw Bison and Elk regularly), Lake Louise is spectacular as is Moraine Lake. There are also glacier fields a few hours away with dinosaur bones but we never had time. http://kitcheninspirations.wordpress.com/2011/06/25/our-trip-to-calgary-alberta/
    Take warm clothes, you never know what the temperatures will be – I was freezing the entire time we were there in mid-June.
    You should also meet up with Barbara Bamber of Just a Smidgen, she’s in Calgary http://justasmidgen.com/

    • I would love to see Barb, I fly into Calgary at 9pm and will be whisked straight up into the mountains that night, so really there may not be time, but I am certainly taking warm clothes.. for sure now, you are the fourth person to tell me to take my warmies!

  26. All my experience with Route 66 is in New Mexico, but I love those old motels. I have a favorite (restored a bit) in Tucumcari called The Blue Swallow. I’m sure I’ll enjoy seeing your end of it! It only cuts through KS on a tiny corner, so I’ve never seen it in my own state.

    • We tried to stay in the Blue Swallow one year and it was closed for the season!! One day! hope it holds on! c

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