Keep those balls in the air, magic is brewing!

The package (my urgent passport renewal application) has landed in the United Kingdom and at 9.13 London time it was delivered to the New Zealand Passport Office.  Thank you FedEx!


So we have gained HALF a day.  I just spoke to a lovely New Zealand  girl in London and they are going to try and get the passport out their door by this afternoon. It was only at the end of the phone call that she realised that the wedding was THIS Saturday. Oh? Oh! she said as it dawned on her the urgency of the situation. Hearing her lovely New Zealand accent was a smile in itself.


What was also lovely was that when she checked with her associate to see if they needed anything, she called across her room “Do we need anything else for Cecilia’s passport?” They called me by my name. Isn’t that just gorgeous.  So hopefully nothing goes awry and they will send it with NZ kisses straight back out the door this afternoon. Your magic is working!  Like winged jugglers you are keeping my package aloft and moving.


It will be couriered by DHL across the sea and back to the USA and my girl in the NZ passport office will email me the tracking number.  Maybe today. Maybe. Then we will wait again.


And we will wait without watching.


And maybe, just maybe.


I cannot say the words. They are too heavy.  But just Maybe. As Senior Son Sam (who began his journey  from New Zealand to Canada only hours ago) said  “I have a good feeling”.

Eldest Son in Canada who will be married on Saturday whether I am there or not,  thank goodness,  is saying very little.  I think he is holding his breath.Great-britain-039

Good morning.

I made a haystack with all my excess energy yesterday. Sheila was very helpful. It is not a very good haystack, but it will do.

Have a lovely day. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

your friend, celi

67 Comments on “Keep those balls in the air, magic is brewing!

  1. it is the most beautiful natural haystack..Constable would be proud to paint that…good luck wit the passport and hope that u will get to the wedding on time……prayers are flying

  2. it is the most beautiful natural haystack. Constable would have been proud to paint its picture. Best of luck with passport and get to the wedding on time. Prayers are flying your way

  3. I am keeping fingers and toes crossed and prayers going up for your passport arrival. I had to renew mine when we were in Austalia and I was so scared after I sealed it up and sent it to Sydney that I would never see it again but they took very good care and all arrived back in my hands safely. I am thinking positively about yours!!! Keep the faith!

  4. darling Miss C: for the first time in 48 hours I have a good feeling also – hey, you New Zealanders and the South Africans always have spoken such beautiful English . . . am going to have a lovely cycling night on the Riviera now . . . lovely, lovely, lovely Milady . . . heaps of kisses too from Down Under . . . and go, lady!!

  5. I have a good feeling about the passport, too. Lovely stack, by the way. Hay, that is.

  6. Hatch those eggs Tui! Lovely Farmy pic’s today and here’s hoping…. Laura

  7. Fingers still crossed…beginning to cramp, but will keep on 🙂
    Blue will have a long wait if he thinks he’s going for a ride in that truck….

  8. My fingers, knees and toes may never uncross again, but, I have no intention of trying until that passport wings its way back to your tiny little hands,

  9. Quick pop in – still saying my mantra over and over as I dash from pet sitting job to pet sitting job to gardening jobs:”Celia WILL go to the wedding”!!

  10. OMM Hope it arrive soon and some of these companies do deliver on holidays 🙂

  11. Sending positive thoughts and energies Celi!!! xoxoxo

  12. The first instalment of your wonderful news looks hopeful. Let’s hope they don’t drive your new passport to Timbuktoo before delivering it to Illinois! Legs and fingers still crossed for you and for us after a catastrophic morning!

    • Just got word that the girls in London have turned the passport around in record time and it is ALREADY on a courier going back to the airport! So we are looking hopefully/tentatively/sideways at the 6pm flight OUT on Friday.. c

  13. Do you know the old saying if you pass a hay wagon? Make a wish and it will come true?
    They are baling here, too….rolling and moving bales does count as a hay wagon, right? (Piggies seem to think so?)
    We are all holding our breath with hope and faith.(She knew your name! It must have been lovely to hear a friendly voice)
    Wishing onward.

  14. Good luck with the passport. What’s the difference between and eldest son and a senior son? Are they twins by any chance?

    • They are a little over a year apart, Eldest Son is a wild child hot dog skier and Senior Son has always been Senior Son. He walks like the boss! c

  15. It’ll get there, love. Weddings motivate women world ’round, and women are usually the backbone to logistics. It’s all about the logistics.

  16. I have a good feeling too and will keep my thoughts coming your way (and moving that little package along!). 🙂

  17. Great news. You’re going to make it, that’s for sure. By the way, that’s the best pig shot ever….even better if there was no wire fence. Fabulous. Keep positive.

    • That bloody wire fence, the wee piggies squeezed their fat selves through it yesterday and went on a little tour. That’s why Boo had to be locked in the green truck, he was ‘helping’ round them up. Staying positive.. c

  18. You know I believe in magic, Celi. I won’t say any words, BUT my Buddha has literally been covered with flowers ever since I read about “the situation”. XX V.

  19. Hurry FedEx hurry!!! You will have your wedding miracle.
    Is there a little pig in that haystack? The first photo? I think it’s a fine haystack.
    Sending wedding magic your way, xo

  20. I’ve been praying for you all morning, that all connections will meet and the way will be made clear for you!

    Dear Charlotte! That double chin!

  21. will keep your wishes in my heart’s inner lining, but I don’t think you will NOT go. okay dear C you are very special! have a glorious time

  22. This reminds me of one of my all time favorite songs…Do You Believe In Magic….by John Sebastion….yes, of course we all do and that’s why you are going to be at your son’s wedding on Saturday!! 🙂

  23. Yes, the stars are lining up, Celi! Keeping everything crossed too–I hoped you’re packed and ready to roll!

  24. I remember when we Cannucks were wecome to come into the U.S. with only our driver’s licence for ID. I believe it was vice versa as well. Could you contact Canada Customs as a back up plan? Would they please let you into the country and you promise to have your passport on the way out?

    Thay may be a fantasy on my part. I don’t believe it works that way. All prayers and appendages crossed for your passport to arrive.

  25. Twelve hours after my first visit! Look at the multitude foregoing their daily tasks to keep everything crossed 🙂 ! But Celi, you won’t forget that dress and shoes, will’ya [and shush, the feminine fripperies to go under said dress also: we had a Sydney blogger this week taking all her things to a hotel for her ceremony and having to pull on her wedding dress sans panties and bra: true story!!]

    • Oh no!! the panties I can do without but after 5 kids .. not the bra!! I just checked on The Package and it is still wandering about the Midlands in England.. Come on!.. Get it on the plane!! (do you think they can hear me?) I swear I am going to have a nervous breakdown.. c

  26. Surely, by sheer will alone, that passport will be winging its way to Chicago… our Farmy powers are not inconsiderable…

  27. Making a haystack sounds like just the right thing to do under the circumstances. I am imagining that passport winging its way to you. How lovely that you got a Kiwi helper in the London office – must have been so reassuring to be understood and have the same accent! I can feel the fellowship holding you with great intention – so powerful.

  28. Love that Sheila in the haystack! Silly girl. You did a nice job on it (with all that nervous energy). She was inspecting and I’m sure it passed.

  29. I just want to say that I really really love the idea and the imagery that goes with us joining with you in your efforts towards a happy solution to this difficulty. I’ve thought of you often today and find myself looking up skyward and thinking of all the others reading who are joined together. You have truly accomplished something special here. I wish I could do the same.
    Anxiously awaiting your next report 🙂

    • The Fellowship is Magic. I think that we are all so like minded that we enjoy our bond and in a was revel in it.. Your tree is growing beautifully by the way! It took a while to get going but is shooting out leaves in all directions now.. c

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