A Day on the Couch

Well it was SO cold. It never even reached above Freezing Point yesterday.  And the day before yesterday I overdid it just a little. So I had to have a rest day which means no sitting down, no bending over and no lifting.

My kefir mother had been working for  24 hours so  I made a big loaf of wholemeal, flaxseed bread and smelt it rising then cooking  from the couch. I find it does the best if I put it in the cold oven and then turn the oven on to cook it. It seems to complete its last rise very vigorously that way.

Then I lay on the couch and ate hot bread with butter and great gulps of hot tea because that is the best way to eat bread.

Then I decided to experiment some more with an oat base for a custard pie. This is an apple rosette custard pie with a gluten free oat, walnut and honey base. The base was almost lovely. When I make it again I will write down what I do, so I can share it with you.  The custard was lovely too. But the apple rosettes were horrible. I am still working on this recipe too.rosette-apple-pie-with-oat-

Because it looks so good.

Then I spent some of  the afternoon back on the couch reading about kunekune pigs. I hope this link will lead you to a wee video of kunekune. They are just so cute I can’t bear it! This is a pig that could come in the car to the old folks home with me. I have discovered a breeder in Illinois. Oh Dear.  It would be a pet though and you know how I am about pets (I know, I know – with three dogs and four cats, three peacocks and those guineas!).  I pretend not to have pets!

Then I called a local sheep man I have just discovered and asked him if he wanted Hairy Maclairy. He said he will come and have a look and seemed very positive.  Yay for Hairy who has been lonely on the other side of the fence.  He is too rough with Mama, and has been head butting Daisy. He needs bigger pastures and more girls (who he is not related to). And I can get a new ram from the new sheep man next year. This fellow raises organic lamb for restaurants in chicago.

Then I laid on the couch and did some research on what legumes we will sow into the patches this year (I want ones with flowers for the bees).  And John has requested a small turkey for next years Thanksgiving so I needed to do some research on that.

Then I got John to drive me down to the newly reopened local pub and asked them if I could put a bucket in their scullery to collect scraps for the pigs and the chickens. And the man in the kitchen said, yes.  I told them all they have to do is put the full bucket outside in the tile I provided (so it does not become a target for dogs or wind) –  out on the footpath and I will swap it for a clean one. It is called curbside pickup. And is legal. The man looked bemused but did a lot of nodding so I think we are clear.

Then home again, (I can ride quite well in the passenger seat of the big red truck) I ate the Irish lamb stew that John had cooking on the woodstove all day.  And then went to bed to lie down and research nothing.

It was the day of small successes. But not a day of pictures. 

Very cold and windy and grey.

Have a lovely day.

your friend


86 Comments on “A Day on the Couch

  1. Oh I am so sad that the pie didn’t taste as good as it looks, because if a book can be judged by its cover…..Well done on the slops for the piggies! Take it easy today…healing cannot be rushed.

    • Morning natalia, I think I know what i got wrong with the apple custard pie and will work on it again soon as I want to make it for christmas day.. c

  2. The Kunekune piggies are just fabulous. I want one, and definitely not for chops! And that rosette apple tart looks worth perfecting – shame that something that looks so delicious was disappointing. Keep trying, I want the recipe.

    • They are too fat for chops, though in the old days I am sure they were eaten by the Maori, they were very short of protein in those days. But looking at them now they are pretty lardy!! c

  3. Wonderful update as always. Glad you are resting now to get you to do it before the pain is so horrific you HAVE TOO 🙂 A gentle hug coming you way Celi

    • I am going to try and do some shopping today (first day out since my accident) so I hope I stored up some painfree moments!.. c

      • 🙂 Best of luck to you and rest after it is all we can do I also dislike medical care I have more than had my fill 🙂 Extra Strength Tylona(SP) not sure how to spell it I pace and meditate the pain to a level I can deal with :(l works too 🙂

        • thank you, I will look for it, though the pain I have has reached a tolerable stage, except at night and early morning.. i am in the fourth week now so the knitting is almost done, not I just need to be good!!.. c

          • HUGS I know it is hard and horrible I started long ago with a trashed back running down the hall to jump on my bed only to find Mom had moved room around 😦 Landed on Cox-as(tailbone) then I was ice skating and fell on it again. Over and over the S1 and Lumbar took abuse OUCH so I know your pain hope you are warm with nasty weather all around that area.

  4. The Kunekune piglets are little hairy cuties – no wonder you want some!
    The apple rosette custard pie certainly looks delicious, and I know you will work, and succeed, on improving the apples!

    • It is pretty isn’t it/ i saw it on pinterest ages ago without a recipe and have wanted to try and make one ever since.. c

      • What was the problem with it? Were the skins too tough? Maybe if some way you could caramelize the skins in some way to keep them stiff but edible? Looks scrumptious!

        • I brushed them with honey hoping for that result, but i think there was too much skin on a few of them, and the wrong apple, this would be perfect for the apple pie tree apple, that had very thin skins.. but I need red for the pink of the petals.. I shall continue the search.. plus they needed a deeper pie dish so that the custard covered more.. c

  5. The pie looked fabulous even if it didn’t turn out as you had wanted. You are making great use of your forced down time. Rest, rest, rest.

  6. Well, who knew? The first shot of those kunekunes sucking in energetic unison on the mom’s teats is one of the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. They look like furry piggy banks minus the slot in the back. But, hmmm, what are those funny nipply things hanging from their necks goat-style? What purpose do those serve other than making them even more cartoon-like??? By the way, I think your apple rosettes are beautiful. So there.

    • Morning charlotte, how is your rabbit? I will see the breeder today and will ask her about his sneeze. Those are wattles. Some breeds have them. Though not all kunekune do. Though the breeders prefer them to have the wattles. I am not so fond of them but all round it is rather a comical piggie! c

    • A celebratory apple pie. How is your christmas shaping up marie, with two little children it will be full of anticipation.. c

      • It’s coming along, with few hiccups. Grandad is away until Monday, and we’re trying to get all the decorating (except the tree) done before then. Looks like we just might make it!

        • are you stringing popcorn? I heard that some people do that but i have these images of little mice balancing ever so precariously, walking along the decorations taking a nibble..

          • No, and that’s exactly why…I’m not feeding the little buggers ON PURPOSE 🙂
            It takes a few days to decorate, because the kids have short attention spans. We’re close, though!
            How on earth is John going to plant his garlic in two weeks? Won’t the ground be solid?

  7. I’m coming to your house for fresh bread and butter! Num! I’ll bring coffee, however. 🙂 I’ve been making a lot of kefir and it turns out my new favorite is made from coconut milk. I love my morning kefir smoothies.

    • I have some very good coffee too!! anytime.. I have kefir grains that are very active so even the pigs have kefir smoothies! c

  8. I’ve done a little research on KuneKune pigs as well. My primary interest was finding a small breed of pig that we could send to freezer camp. What I discovered is that KuneKune pigs is that they are more fatty that other pigs. To keep them leaner, they need more grass and foraging. Many use the fat for kitchen lard.

    While researching KuneKune pigs, I came across a breed called Guinea hogs. Seems many get both and cross them as the cross makes some really good meat.

    Both breeds come highly recommended for first time pig owners.

    Of course my fear is that I end up with these breeds and they become pets instead of meat.

    We’re in for a several more days of artic weather, so stay warm.

    • To tell the truth the only reason I would have a kunekune (should one appear in my christmas stocking one year) is because they are a NZ pig and have been on the endangered list. It would be like having a little snorty piece of home. They are most definitely pets. I can grow perfectly lovely pork with the herefords, and LOW fat is my objective! Though the Guinea Hog is also a rare breed and you might think of breeding them to keep the breed going.. COLD COLD out there this morning, but better than yesterday with that wind! Hope you have a good friday deb..c

  9. I saw you getting out of that big red truck as I was leaving town yesterday. You can not mistake that blonde head of hair you have!
    I wondered if the skins on the apples make it bitter? Looks yummy tho!

    • You kind of need to leave a tiny slither of skin to get the whirl of the rosette, still working on that! There must be a tool i can make to cut a spiral straight down.. yup that was us dropping off the buckets to Cookie!.. I can sit in the big red truck a lot easier than the car.. c

  10. Those pigs are as cute as can be! I want one too!!! We are in the middle of the winter storm with lots of snow falling. Everything closed and canceled. Time to make Xmas gifts indoors, read, relax and watch the snow fall. XO

      • We are just breaking out of the ice now! Snow everywhere still! Still breaking ice and thawing water for the animals twice daily. But today it’s supposed to get above freezing for the first time in a week! Yay!!! Roads still very icy though! xo

  11. Like everyone else, I really sympathise with you. There’s no hurrying a hurting coccyx. The pigs sound great…our daughter is like you and pretends she has no pets…a pony, a shetland pony, two dogs, two rabbits and on, and on,,,,,:)

  12. It is cold here in Italy too. It was still zero at 10.00 am this morning and didn’t warm up much after that.
    I finally have electricity at my mountain house after more than 6 weeks. Then the heater wouldn’t work, now the Internet doesn’t work. Siamo in Italia.

  13. Your pie is gorgeous, even if you weren’t quite satisfied with the rosettes. I do hope that the man will take Hairy and give him big pasture with lots of “dates.” It’s going up to 79 degrees here today…so wrong, even for us.

  14. Funny how our bodies tell us loud and clear when we have overdone it, isn’t it? Loved the custard pie. Still trying to convince DH that we need a pig…..any pig. Ya start out small, yes? Eventually we wind up with a Sheila before DH even notices? Dream on, Emily. lol

    Snowing today and poor DH is digging out a sewer pipe that is clogged with tree roots. Couldn’t happen in the summer, could it?

    Eating and resting on couch….wonderful!

  15. Your days of no activity are busier than my ALL activity days! Um, you could have taken at least one picture of Boo and Lady Marmalade. 🙂

  16. Well I guess my darling Hairy McLairy is bound for greener pastures! I will mourn his leaving as he has such an expressive face, so photogenic. And how he loved Daisy, always peering into her place as you milked her. and I’m so sorry he was too rough with Mama.

    • we will follow him across to his new home and you will see that he will have many new mama’s, sadly he was fighting daisy too and he is at the same height as her udder which is not a good place to be rammed.. he has gotton very big, and my place is just too small for him.. but he is a good boy and because he can climb fences he will have left behind a few lambs! I might see if i can borrow a ram for a few months from my new sheep friend.. c

  17. I work part time for a caterer and we collect all the scraps from each event for one of our staff members animals. It was for the pigs all summer but now that they have acheived bacon bliss, I think we’re feeding other animals. We still call them the pig buckets though.

  18. Oh Cinders, those lil piglets are beyond adorable…can you imagine what one would like like standing next to Sheila?? Photo of the year, I think! 🙂 One of my goats has wattles…we call them goat jewelry! 🙂 So glad you are getting some pub scraps for your crowd…hope you at least had a pint while you were there! 🙂 And also glad you are still resting your bum…as I mentioned before…it will be alright in the END! 🙂

  19. Your custard pie looks gorgeous! Why didn’t you like the rosettes? That sounds like a lot of moving around for someone who should be resting their tailbone…..

  20. What a lovely useful day you had, despite it being a rest day. Everyone used to have pig buckets by the side of the road during the war, picked up and emptied by a lovely Shire horse and cart, which we used to follow with a shovel and bucket – another sort of recycling. That pie looked beautiful. Good luck with finding a decent new home for Hairy McLairy, who is not from Donaldson’s Dairy!
    ViV xox

    • The man comes to see him next week, hopefully he will bring his trailer, i am looking forward to seeing the big field he is released into.. c

    • thank you, though I do like to invent my own recipes it is great to have some pointers!! especially when it comes to making the roses.. c

      • I’m with you on the invention, It was the apple roses I was thinking about. I think it was the apple skins in your version that put you off. I love baked apples, I would core them and score the skin round the middle. The upper skin would partly collapse in on the flesh. I discovered the peeling the top half of the apple gave a much better finish.

  21. We raised our turkey for the table this year…he came in at 65 pounds. But let me warn you…turkeys can be HUGE delightful and wonderful pets. He hung out with us all the time, loved taking walks with the dogs and I. It was a hard choice to make, but he just couldn’t go on. He was a white-breasted meat turkey and would have died from a heart attack from being over-weight.

    Somethings are cruel and humane all at once. I must confess I said a little prayer over him taking him for his 7 months of life with us, that we will always remember him and that I hope his feet are feeling much better now.

    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  22. Mmmm….the bread sounds wonderful and lots of butter too!!! Yum!!! And Lamb Stew? I am so hungry right now!!! Sounds fantastic! I am most interested in your gluten free crust! Thank you!
    You have been very busy for someone with a sore tushie! LOL
    Freezing cold here. 3o below with wind chill. Brrrrrr….too cold to ski and we have all this lovely snow too…sigh…
    Having eggplant parmesan for supper tonight. Kevin is having left over Mongolian Beef stir fry and rice for supper.
    Two more weeks and I get to see my puppy at a play day! I can’t wait to see her! Very very excited.
    Did yoga today. My body was getting stiff so it was time to start getting to it. Rode my bike for 20 minutes. Tomorrow I will do 30. I like to do yoga. Keeps me limber when the weather turns cold.
    It’s okay that there are no photos today. It really is freezing outside!!!
    Take care sweet lady! (((Celi))) Hi to the fellowship! 😀

  23. I love those pigs!
    Maybe you could raise a goose for Thanksgiving – a 10 lb goose has lots of lovely fat for potatoes and cooking, heavy bones and about enough meat for 4 people. It’s self basting, you eat it on the day and it’s gone 😉

      • Geese are splendid watch dogs = (watch geese) you need more than 1; they always let us know when there was a fox on the farm. As to the apples I think you’ve nailed it; as fine as possible (like phyllo pastry sheets) and buried deeper in the custard. Looks so good a pity it wasn’t up to snuff.

  24. Sorry for the delay Celi, here’s the link where I found my kune kune: http://www.rgbexotics.com/index.html. While I’ve only communicated with them via email I was very impressed. He responded very promptly and is so very enthused about his pigs. He also charges much much less than I’ve seen anywhere (and I’ve been working up to this for quite a while!). i have sent him a deposit for a litter due in March so I should get the little guy in April. Hopefully it’ll be nice here then. My last pig (potbelly) was a house pig but I couldn’t quite convince my John of that so he will reside with the two Nigerian Dwarf wethers, one Sicilian Donkey, four assorted laying hens and two Rouen duck hens – all of whom are pets along with the two dogs and two Mountain horses. Anyway he is in Illinois, south of Rockford, I would guess he’s about as far away from you as he is from me. From his descriptions they would be “wunnerful” as nursing home visitors. I do love pigs!

    • Sherry thank you so much, the cost of the ones i have seen so far has been prohibitive. Just imagine if we had one each from the same litter! He is about 2 hours from here.. so quite doable as a pick up trip and the piglets are small enough to fit in a dog crate for the journey home. But i have yet to commit myself.. though I would love to commit myself! I will write to him and find out how much they are.. c

  25. your apple creation is lovely…Sue

  26. What cute pigs! Oh, I know so well how slow recovery is. Rest a lot my friend, and do just a little to keep limber! It’s difficult… this mending process!

  27. Having just watched the Kunekune video, I don’t think it’s a question of “Will you get a pig?” but more like “How many pigs will you get?” 🙂
    Glad you were able to get some rest today. Your apple thingie looks fine to me. You didn’t see my tarte tartain. You creation looks professionally made in comparison. We’re in for a nasty cold spell and it’s not even mid-December. I wonder what January has in store for us. Brrrr.
    Stay warm, Celi!

  28. Your day on the couch reminds me to set more time aside for impromptu, free-spirited days. Thank you. Be well.

  29. Celi, He has quoted me $250 for a neutered male, I don’t know if intact males or females cost more. There is a breeder here in central Wi. but her prices START at $1,000.00!!! A little dear for a pet methinks. He said he has a litter due in Feb. and one in March and he gives choice by when he gets a deposit – earliest gets first, latest gets last and so on. Go ahead, life is short! It would be a hoot if we had sibling pigs. I discovered my horse vet’s donkey and my Winston are brothers!

  30. Sounds like a really nurturing day, with good cooking smells & tastes and nice planning thoughts.
    Just back from the bach and can’t get your posts from there since I’m on ultra slow dialup, so I’m having a nice catch up now. I always think of you when I’m out on the land.

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