Hippo – Piggo- Mus

Sheila was napping in the newly filled wallow. I was afraid she might drown.monday-050

So I gave her a brick and she wedged her head in behind it and went fast asleep. Not Poppy though. Poppy is never still for long.monday-043

Our opportunist hay cutting gave us 41 bales of perfect hay. How many is that now? I have lost count. Β It is already loaded into the barn. Thank goodness for the Clatter Box. Winching hay up one by one was torturous, the little hay escalator is one of my favourite things in the summer.monday-039

Daisy’s cow bells. Β Only being rung once a day now. We are settling into our once a day routine.



monday-024My neighbour came to visit and brought treats for the animals. monday-018And at last the tomatoes are starting to ripen. Big beautiful red tomatoes. Soon I will begin to make the sauce. monday-005Tima loves to sleep with Boo. Boo loves to sleep.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


51 Comments on “Hippo – Piggo- Mus

  1. Ha ha ha!! I love these piggy photos! What contentedness. I wonder what that pig wallow must feel like. I played mud volleyball at a small town festival in Nebraska (in my younger days) and I have to admit that gloppy slop felt pretty darned good! The shot of Tima and Boo is my favorite. Bliss.

  2. My tomatoes are starting to ripen too. have some real big ones. In fact i have had to take them off the vine before fully ripe as they are weighing everything down, and then finish ripening them on my deck. Hope to start on the sauces and everything else tomato in the next couple of days.
    Sam is off to the animal hospital tomorrow for surgery. Wish the butterflies in my stomach would stop churning over this! I worry so much for him!
    Just love your photo of the ‘wallow’ !!

    • I wish you and Sam good luck. I wish I knew exactly who Sam is, though it is enough to know he is someone you love..As I said to the Recycler, the Fellowship have so many animals, it’s hard to keep track of them.

      • My darling you need to relax, poor Old Sam will be getting the jitters from you.. they can either fix it or not, you will need to wait and see. That dog is having such a hard time of it.. maybe this will be the procedure that tips the scales in his favour.. sending lots of healing and loving thoughts to all three of you.. c

      • Sam is my Border Collie. And my very best friend!
        Thank you for your good wishes.

  3. Great hippo-pig-mi photos, smiled to see Egoli today. I had to put my Paddy down on Sunday ….. I have been reading, just too sad at the moment. Laura

    • I’m very sorry for your loss too. I’d like to know who Paddy was. It’s hard for us in the Fellowship to know all the animals and their care takers, but I do know it’s the hardest thing in the world to put our beloved creatures down. Still, we know in our hearts it’s for the best.

      • M husband πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Paddy was my beloved 13.5rd old Weimaraner dog, my best friend. Laura

    • Oh Laura how miserable, and I do remember that you named Egoli, so we do have a cat connection, sad and kind of wonderful that it was Paddys time and he was able to go peacefully with you there… it is hard to out live a pet, but the other way around would be worse.. bet he had a wonderful life with you.. c

  4. When you think about it: Some women pay €/Β£/$’s for mud baths while your animals enjoy the luxury for free! I can smell and my tastebuds are drooling in overdrive at the sight of that tomato. Happy sauce making!

  5. Those muddy pigs are VERY inspiring, if you know what I mean. And Tima is happy as a pig in mud even if she’s in your kitchen. I believe the word for that smile of hears is beatific.

  6. My tomatoes are just starting to ripen now too…isn’t it glorious!! Good Job!! Did you fill that wallow with the hose, or did you get a bunch of rain? Those are two happy piggies!!

    • I fill it up with the hose when I fill the water barrels, they have a clean wallow every day or poppy ends up coated in thick mud.. c

  7. Isn’t it funny how some animals have a natural smile on their face? Pigs, when content, seem to have the corners turned up ever so slightly. πŸ™‚

  8. My (late-start) bucket tomatoes have only reached the blossom stage. Perhaps I’ll have some by the end of the month, or September’s heat will ripen them.

  9. Sheila’s block pillow. She needs a pebble filled adjustable pillow for her wallows….too funny. I’m laughing at the thought of it. Glad the tomatoes are ripening finally. In deep south Texas where I am at the moment, it is hot, hot, hot, and humid.

  10. Doughnuts for animals….the human kind eh Miss C…..
    mud for the piggies and sleep for Tima and Boo….hay all done and Daisy sorted.
    well done Miss C….no…VERY well done

  11. I made my first salsa and sauce last weekend. Probably not on the same scale as you! Also have some gazpacho and fresh pico de gallo made up. I have plenty eggplants and peppers too. I have pickled some hot peppers, put some in the salsa, and will make hot pepper jam. Any ideas on eggplants? everything I have read says not to can them. So far I have made roasted eggplant parmesan and frozen it and then sliced, roasted and frozen the slices. Will see how the latter works out.

  12. Very happy looking pigs in that wallow. I saw the pic of Boo Nanny and Tima on FB. Just adorable and makes me smile every time I see it. πŸ™‚ Well done on getting that hay baled and put away. Maybe you’ll have enough of your own for the winter, I hope.

  13. Oh, I just love your hippo-pig. She looks in her seventh heaven πŸ™‚ Talking of strange hybrids, I own a cow-dog that’s addicted to grazing on couch grass, as well as posh ornamental grass!

  14. I love that you took action when you thought Sheila might drown in her wallow! It does look plenty deep. Must have been the big rain from last evening. We sure needed it. Oh and I forgot the kitten named Egole! I’m always thinking about Marmalade. They’re similar color.

  15. Mmmmm junk food for Sheila? A sweet treat once in a while is good for the soul.

  16. something about Tina and Boo asleep like collapsed bellows fills me with warmth; a relaxer indeed; great photos! adore your animals

  17. Hard to have favorites amongst the Farmy Cast, they are all amazing, but the cats always warm my heart, so love the pic of Egoli looking so regal πŸ™‚

  18. Another 41 bales? That’s great, Celi! Glad you got them put away before storms came your way. That Sheila sure is lucky to have landed on the farmy. I doubt there are many who would put a brick under her head in the wallow. I have tomato envy, having only picked about a half-dozen cherry tomatoes thus far. I think that next year I’m going to ditch the little bit of grass, build a raised bed in the middle of my yard, and do away with all of the containers. My current arrangement just isn’t working and it’s either build a raised bed or quit altogether. Grandpa will visit me if I don’t have any tomato plants in my yard. πŸ™‚

  19. Tima and Boo must have been all tuckered out after the baling and moving it to the loft. Sheila is milking that puddle for all its worth! She is one contented pig.

  20. Oh how I miss my garden this year. But mostly I miss the tomatoes. Loving Tima and the Boo!

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