I had so much to say

But now that I sit down to write, I find nothing but air in my head. And very little of any value in my camera either. Isn’t that funny. I was so sure I took more shots but I must have been framing them in my mind as I was talking to all those little voices in my head and not a camera to be seen!

Does anyone else have days like that?

Poor BooBoo cannot understand why Marmalade does not want to play anymore. tuesday-006

Good morning. Berit and I heaved into the work yesterday.  I worked at getting the barn back ship shape and he worked in the chook house lining the walls. We have t0 start thinking about winter now.  Tomorrow morning we will finish stacking the hay, then take the tractor around to the the big barn to collect some pig panels.

Great News. The Fellowship book: Letters for my Little Sister is ready for the printers. As ready as I can be anyway. I now await the quotes for the printing.  It is a sensational piece of work. I am so proud of you all for contributing to it and supporting me through the making of it. I hope to sell enough to at least pay for the printing. Then we can all have a copy and one for our daughters or nieces or little sisters.  Such an exciting period.

Suddenly the tomatoes are turning red so I will begin the sauce today.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

your friend on the farmy





43 Comments on “I had so much to say

  1. I know you need to think ahead, but please could you stave off winter for a while? Nice to see Boo and Marmalade again.

    I’ve worked out that I can pay for my copies of the book (3 please) in dollars from my Isle of Man account, if you can accept Paypal.

    • Yes Viv, I can do paypal! Wonderful. When the powers that be have worked out the costings i shall send you an email.. c

  2. Actually, miss C your header photo says it all 🙂 I must admit I am looking forward to summer again and our winter certainly didn’t even come close to your last one. Wishing you a long and productive indian summer. Laura

  3. Well, good grief, Miss C is human after all, and has blank moments like the rest of us! I still marvel that day after day, you are able to amuse, entertain, educate and enchant us. Which is, of course, why we’re addicted to Life on the Farmy…

  4. Cats are funny things. I think we all have those days where our thoughts seem to vanish into thin air as soon as a keyboard comes into sight. Annoying.

  5. It must feel good to always be so productive but gosh don’t you sometimes get overwhelmed or run into something you don’t know how to do? How do you do it all?!

  6. Indeed, need to think of winter. It was 5C here this morning and I’m expecting an early frost this year.

  7. Such a lovely pic of Boo and Marmalade. We all definitely have days like you are having C. Wonderful news about the book.
    Have a beautiful happy farmy day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  8. Poor Boo, such a rowdy teen with no one to participate in the fun.

    And Yes, I do that all the time with my mind. I have lists upon lists and still have to think, DID I DO THAT or DID I JUST IMAGINE I DID THAT!!!!! I am growing weary of all the moving parts in my life right now, I can’t imagine how you juggle it all – farm, book, blog, diary creation, wine/mead brewing, cooking and farm guests.

    Have a fabulous day and to be honest, I’m ready for winter! High will be 102 on Saturday here in Fort Worth! (with HIGH HUMIDITY!)

  9. Thanks for giving me my Marmalade fix!!! I have missed that cutie. 🙂 I am a bit foggy here today—-I blame the fog that has drifted over the area the past couple of days. Perhaps it has reached your farmy, too. Great news about Letters!! So excited to read what everyone had to share.

  10. Marmalade and Boo: together again — well, almost. Nothing sadder than having a playmate outgrow you. So glad to hear that your book is on its way to being published. That’s quite an accomplishment and the Women of the Farmy should be very proud. Hope you have a great day, Celi.

  11. whether you say a lot or a little ..it’s always worth reading…and yes we do have days like that…with me its months when I nothing to say or anything worth saying but I still enjoy reading other posts’
    Well done Celi and Birit

  12. John is right. That is the saddest picture of Boo’s eyes. Dontcha hate growing up and hate even more seeing your young’uns grow up. Marcel too. He’s looking more like Hairy McLairy every day! Not that we don’t still love him to death.

  13. Celi, just read later entries for yesterday. I thought it was Daisy who rang the bell for you to come milk her.

    • daisy hits the bells with her big ears when she leans in to see why i am taking so long! so we both get to ring the bell.. c

  14. Boo needs a new baby to take care of, it’s been awhile since he had nanny duties. Some days are like that, I haven’t been taking many pictures for some reason.

  15. Brain doldrums. Don’t fight it, Celi…….just let the little grey cells drift for awhile. Yes, Boo needs a new baby to love.

  16. I regularly have problems with the blank page. Three or four lines of rubbish to be deleted when I find my flow, helps.

    Great news about the book. I do not have paypal, but my daughter does, so we will work something out when the time comes.

  17. I am doing sauce today too! I am also minding my grandson while his mum takes a turn working on the farm in my place. Don’t you think that’s a lovely arrangement? It makes for a much more balanced summer. (He still takes two naps!) And it lets me honor the Hestia in me. After Monday and Tuesday’s CSA’s, I make sauce with all the “splitties, crackies and oozies.”(As my daughter in law calls them.) I am so happy about the book. And sad that I didn’t manage to send you a contribution. Too blankin busy!! I will definitely be placing an order for some copies for me and all my girls.

    • and there is always the next book maggie, and more sensibly it will be written and collated during the winter months.. c

  18. Looks like Marmy may not want to play but they are still good mates. Congratulations on getting Letters to the next stage 🙂
    As I read through this post and the Commenters’ Lounge I had the Alison Krauss song “When You Say Nothing at All” singing in my head…
    “It’s amazing how you can speak right to my heart
    Without saying a word you can light up the dark
    Try as I may I could never explain
    What I hear when you don’t say a thing…”

    • the reason I am creating an actual book as there is space in the book for the reader to WRITE in the book as well. Adding her own story to our stories, and then hopefully this book will be passed on so other family women can add their stories and so on. That part of this book is very important to me. I want everyone to scribble in the margins!/.. c

  19. I made sauce today… I’ve BEEN making sauce for two months!! Alas, one day I will appreciate all of this work when I’m eating the sauce! I have escaping thoughts, voices, blankness – I think it’s part of this darned menopause! I hear you don’t get “normal” back… so I just roll with it! YAY on the book!! I can’t wait!! 😀

  20. Hi Celi .. I call it ‘bloggers block’ and it happens to me all the time. 🙂 You do such a grand job blogging daily. Pat yourself on the back!

  21. It’s like the weather man has done the same thing in Ontario as your house! My tomatoes have started to ripen too! Finally! Looking forward to seeing that book. Wow.

  22. Congratulations on getting the book ready. No wonder you’ve run out of words (temporarily I’m sure). I know what a huge task it is to do a project like this. I hope you will be proud of the finished product.

  23. So proud of you, Miss C. I can never quite imagine how you get so much done in a day, a week, a year—and yet you do it marvelously and with such good cheer and poetic flair that I can’t imagine you *not* doing it all, either. May the book be, at the very least, all that *you* have dreamed it should be, plus a bit more! 🙂

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