Back to The farm.

Home again. Home again. Jiggedy Jig. Back to the farmy we go. And autumn has come.

I came home to a pigs welcome. And a pigs welcome is a such a joy.  When I first walked out into the field yesterday morning, Sheila was lying down sleeping in the sun. She saw me, leapt up and galloped across as fast as her big fat self could go and without a sound (and you know how vocal she can get) she just laid her head against my leg and offered her ears for a scratch. She stood like that for a long time, just leant up against me. I love Sheila.


Poppy on the other hand ran about squeaking! There is still so much grass in the fields, even the pigs are grazing flat out and getting fat on it.


The farmy is in full autumnal form. Jake and The Matriarch and John looked after the animals and birds and bees very well. Even the peafowl are looking fat and healthy.


Tima ran for the gate when she saw me, waited impatiently until I opened it nudged me for a millisecond then she ran off on her old tour of the gardens.  (She was not allowed to wander at will while I was away). So she was very eager to get back to work.


There is still plenty of food in the gardens. Though the tomatoes are finished and the cages need pulling out, there are still cabbages and kale and leeks, celery and some of the more hardy herbs. In the glass house basil and lettuce and cilantro is sprouting. I bought home a good number of lettuce seeds for the winter salads. I will sow a batch today.airplane-084

The farmers were just finishing the harvest of the surrounding fields so the bean dust is heavy in the air…



… and that blowing dust  was INSIDE the West barn. I am still sneezing. But next year I will have put a few more acres into grass around the West Barn so very slowly we will create our dust free oasis.

The two bobbies at the West barn are looking fat and content. ayrshire calf

All the cats are present and accounted for – Marmalade is heavy with her pregnancy.  I am grateful that I will be here for her birthing. Boo is so enthralled by kittens that I am afraid he will try and steal her babies to raise himself. And  even though Marmalade loves Nanny Boo, I am fairly sure she will not let him borrow any of her babies without a fight.

Now, I must begin to get everything ready for the cold.  Although today looks like it will be hot – the temperatures are forecast to begin the slide downwards by the end of the week. And we have a lot to do before the freeze.airplane-012

Have a lovely day,

Your friend on the farmy,



52 Comments on “Back to The farm.

  1. Welcome home, darling. Remember your jet lag, and naps, naps, naps. Be kind to your body until it adjusts. xx

  2. Miss C Miss C You’re back, you’re back, scratch behind my ears, rub my belly. I’ve been a good piggy and not eaten or stolen anything. We missed you Miss C (and so did we, your followers, even though you took us with you). Great photos of your time away. Welcome home xx

  3. Welcome back C!
    I’ve missed your trip broadcast, sorry. But I’m very happy that everybody is in good shape
    Have a lovely day, I’m back to work, in an office! 😦

  4. welcome home..its good to be back. Going on a journey is always enjoyable but nothing beats coming home again. Happy yo hear all is as it should be… talk about in Bulgaria we have 10 inches of snow fall over two days,the dogs loved it but the trouble is that when the snow melts we shall have mud.
    lovely to have you bacl C

  5. Yay, welcome back, so good to be back on the farmy again 🙂 Even the locust/grasshopper looks fat and shiny. Laura

  6. You’re back! You’re back! If I were a piggy I would come running too, and butt you in the knees till you gave me a good scratch. We have missed your window on the Farmy, it’s Your Place in this universe.

  7. Welcome Home Miss C. Happy to hear everything is as it should be! Missed seeing all the farmy friends! Extra thanks to Jake and The Matriarch and John for taking such good care of everyone. Welcome Home.

  8. Welcome home C. So sorry I missed most of your trip away. The crime and our efforts have taken up every ounce of my time the past 2 weeks.
    Have a beautiful day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  9. Welcome home! Everything looks beautiful, better than things are looking around our place, that’s for sure!

  10. Well that went quick didn’t it?!! I know it is great to travel, especially ‘home’ to our families, but there is a kind peaceful feeling to once more be home in our own kitchen isn’t there. To do what we want, when we want and not have to be on our best behaviour all the time. Welcome home my friend! I know you will not have much time to rest as we all gear up to that horrible ‘W’ word (refuse to say it yet). Just remember to take time out for your self and have a glass of wine (or two).

  11. I want a pig. But I don’t suppose my city neighbors would approve. Ah well, I can enjoy yours vicariously. Welcome home!

  12. Welcome back 🙂 Those animals all have a smile on their faces, can you see it…Miss C is home!

  13. Everything is so beautiful! And it feels so right to have you back. Welcome home. Your house looks particularly warm and welcoming doesn’t it? You’ve created a little Eden, you have.
    Well done, Miss C.

  14. Was Sheila’s welcome more enthusiastic than the dogs’? I bet those boys were soooo happy to see you.

  15. Of course Sheila would be there to greet you. So happy you are safely home and that everyone is doing well. Love the name of Tima’s new incoming boarfriend. I forgot to reply that in the last post. What a magnificent parting shot of NZ at the airport. I’m sure your kids were watching as you soared off into the skies and I know you all miss each other. Hope your day is filled with the love of the farmy.

  16. I was holding my breath hoping you’d mention Sheila, and your description of her greeting brought tears.

  17. Welcome home!
    It’s so sweet the way your pigs react to you coming home, I’ll bet the animals you didn’t show went a little ape also.
    Jet lag happens to me on the trip home, hydrate and sleep, but even then it can be a few days.

  18. You are safely home,Hurray! do let your body ease into the change in time zones. What a welcome, you were indeed missed by all the family on the farmy and those of us a little further a field. Enjoy the remains of the good weather before the cold sets in.

  19. I’m so glad you made it home safe and probably tiredly sound! I love Shelia too! I can’t believe how happy she was to see you…Well yes I can believe it! 🙂 Everything looks so beautiful on the Farmy!

  20. What a warm, welcoming view of your home. Great shot of the airplane lit by the sun. It’s good to see all those happy faces and hear all are well.

  21. It’s lovely to be missed and receive a heartfelt welcome home back from travels which refresh us and renew our ties… to the places we’ve been and we are 🙂 Although autumn heralds W, it’s such a beautiful time of year, evidenced by your pics.

  22. Even the weather gods are happy to have you back on the farmy, giving us all some beautiful days to mark the occasion. I wondered how Sheila would react to seeing you again. That Tima, though, reminds me of a teenager’s welcome. “Hi Mom. What’s for dinner?” 🙂

  23. Welcome home, Celi. Sheila loves you, too. How amazing that they can show such affection and love for their people.

  24. Welcome back and thank you so much for the quick look around the farmy so well kept up by Jake and your family . . . and we all told Sheila to come give you a hug from us also and she seems to have done just that 🙂 ! Glad to see so much green grass still there for the animals . . . less of that dry stuff needed! Oh, somehow missed Marmalade being pregnant: so that is the beginning of the birthings !!!!

  25. Don’t ya just love piggy affection? I didn’t realize how much I missed old Rosie til I got Percy!

  26. What a wonderful welcome. Those pigs are so loving, and they don’t forget you at all. The farmy looks in good shape, and the weather is not biting you yet, so all is well.

  27. I really laughed at “home again, home agin, jiggedy jig!” We’ve said that for years around our house…but you can honestly bring pigs into the little rhyme! Your little farmy friends sound so delighted to have you home, and I’ve no wonder there! And everything looks so beautiful as you begin to prepare for winter. ox

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