Two day old Kittens

Though you have to squint your eyes and peer into the screen to see them.

My Dad always said where there is light there is a photograph.  He forgot to mention  – unless the photograph will not SIT STILL.


Four are a light salmon gold. Two are  as marmalade coloured as Marmalade.

I think. I have not touched them of course. Best not to at this stage.

I was taking their photographs without permission when Mama Marmalade came home. After giving me The Look, she settled back down with her babies.


After that they all ended up looking like a great furry mess.


Did you see that? I got the EYE again.  The Marmalade Look.

Off you go –  her eye said.

She is being a very good wee Mama.  And you can use these photographs to prove that there are female ginger cats.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Today I am getting the baby pig house ready for Tane Mahuta. And then tonight Jake and I are driving up to collect him.

Life is getting exciting.

Love your friend on the farmy




46 Comments on “Two day old Kittens

  1. Soo sweet! What lovely looking kittens. It’s nice to have your blog at coffee time again, and not in the early hours,I loved your photos of the wedding and New Zealand, I would love to visit NZ some day, but it’s such a long way away. X

  2. They’re a marvellous range of colours, depending on what light you’re looking at them in. Hard to believe she’s a mama, it seems only a few weeks ago she was a kitten herself. And I’m really looking forward to meeting the Husband (Tane), or should that be Husboar, for Miss Timatanga Moana. Is she going to keep her own name after their union? I hope so, she seems such an independent young lady!

  3. Who’s your Daddy then? I was hoping Egoli but apparently not, The ginger cat that moved to the neighbours perhaps? Safe midnight travels to you and Jake tonight, looking forward to seeing Tane being released. Laura

  4. “Life is getting exciting.” Ha! As though things were ever boring before this! Your talent and your writing always catches us up in your excitement over whatever life dishes out for you at the farmy. My how time flies, Marmalade a mama! Can’t wait to see what Uncle Boo does when the babies come out to play. Can’t wait to meet the new husboar! Welcome home Celi!

  5. Love, love. love!!!! And yes—life is getting even more exciting on the farmy, isn’t it? Can’t wait to meet the newest addition!

  6. Lovely little darlings are those kittens. Marmalade is doing a great job…even tho she gave you The Look. Have a wonderful day, C.

  7. Awwwwwww. Those wee little red noses…so touching, isn’t, that little Marmalade who barely made it herself, now has her own brood. Nature never ceases to surprise…

  8. Wow! Seems like just yesterday she was a baby being watched over by Boo! Who is the father? I thought all your cats were fixed? Guess I was wrong on that! Such sweet pictures. We truly enjoyed the pics taken in NZ. Looks like a beautiful place.Glad you’re home.

  9. Precious little orange lumps of sugar. They are adorable C. I do wonder how Tima will take to her beau.
    Have a beautiful day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  10. Oh my! I hadn’t even thought of the fact the Marmie is female (silly, I know!). I was taught that 99.9% of all ginger kitties are male. Sure enough, your girl breaks the mold. Her kittens are so sweet. Thank you for sharing, even if you did get in trouble with their momma.
    Save travels getting your wee piggie.

    • I was always told that about female ginger cats too, but to date I have two here (lulu and Marmalade) and I bet there are a few females in this lot too.. c

  11. they are so sweet, somebody is going to be very lucky to be able to adopt one of them. Me! I would keep them all…Pots of Gold! and what a good Mammy

  12. Aw, so cute! 😀 I know people say that about certain cats, but then we had Theo, and it would seem he was the world’s only male calico. What’s that all about? So glad Marmie and family are doing well.

  13. Oh, oh, oh – they are absolutely gorgeous! Female ginger cats are quite unusual aren’t they? We had one we thought was a tom and called him Marmalade too but it turned out to be a girl (she too had kittnes but just 2) and we changed her name to Honey. Drive safely tonight – no sleep for you then 😦

  14. If kittens can be identical twins there seems to be a pair in the picture ?! I haven’t wished you a proper welcome home Miss C ……loved going to the wedding with you and visiting NZ. Thank you for including us, as we are a pretty large group !!! Safe travels to fetch the hubster for sweet Tima .

  15. Awww. They are just beautiful, and yes she is giving you the EYE! What a good mama. Someone just said to me recently that there are no female ginger cats so I am happy to have proof. It will be interesting to see if any of Marmalade’s kittens are girls, too. Thanks for the great pics. Looking forward to seeing Tane, but do be careful driving.

  16. Ha ha ha! The LOOK is what I get from Daisy the first couple of weeks I stalk her trying to get photos of her babies each year! I’m glad you were sneaky and got a few shots! You definitely have “paparazzi” tendencies… and don’t we all with these lovely critters? Have a wonderful day – such excitement on the farmy!

  17. Celi, you are turning me into a cat lady! These photos make all the time care and love given by you and Boo to Marmalade, worth the effort. May the little kitties bring much happiness to all. Safe travel tonight as you go to collect Lover boy. You better have a gentle word in his ear on the way home! 😉

  18. Yes! Ditto to everyone’s comments. They are really sweet–such tiny tiny furry faces. Just amazing little creatures.Even more amazing you were all ready for them with a whelping box in the back of your closet for Marmalade’s comfort and privacy! Can’t wait for Boo to get a look-see.
    And Good luck tonight, Celi. I hope the collection goes smoothly. O’Hare is such a sprawling place and plenty confusing. I hope the boar behaves himself and sleeps all the way home.

      • I had never heard of ginger cats all being male. I have only heard of all calico cats being female.

    • we should organise a trip for in a few weeks when their eyes are open, then they really WILL see some tiny kittens.. marmie won’t mind if they ;pick them up either..

  19. Marmalade was busy…..each mating produces one kitten! Looks like the dad was a traveling man, lol. I am looking at your calendar at Boo and little Marmalade at just a tiny kitten, and here she is a mamma. I bet Boo can hardly wait to take care of them…..have you told him yet?

  20. I hadn’t thought about it much really until I saw the gorgeous pics, now it occurs to me that the ginger cat – Sandy – we had long ago when I was a preschooler was a female, as she had a kitten! But then it’s only recently I’d heard that gingers were apparently only toms… I think that’s truly been disproved now! The Fellowship certainly has an affection for gingers and kitties 🙂 Safe travels.

  21. Oh my….such precious babies! I remember so well when you brought Marmalade and the other kitten home, how Nanny Boo just took over raising Marmy, and now here she is being such a wonderful Momma to her own babies……….isn’t life just wonderful? 🙂
    Can’t wait to meet the new boyfriend…….safe travels tonight!

  22. Too dang cute! Is Boo standing at your bedroom door whining to get in so he can “help” Marmalade with her new babies? Oh and can’t wait to see Tima’s new boarfriend! 🙂

  23. Keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth trip to and from Chicago – hope Tane is not so spooked by the strange goings-on that he gives you problems . . . awww x6 about those lovely furry balls with such lovable faces . . . exciting times ahead! Just looked up Chicago weather [yup, on the ‘favourites’ next to my own 🙂 !] and at least it is not raining or blowing even if cold by our standards!!

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