The Legacy

When the  Bastard Minks came last time, to the chook house, and killed eleven of our lovely heritage chickens they also killed the  big white Rooster.  Thankfully they have not been back.  rooster

As well as everything else on that dark farmy  day, losing Mr Pink and his girls and The Big Dog and then Daisy –  in the back of my mind  I felt a disappointment not to be able to introduce this rooster into our flagging gene pool. (This picture is from August)

But the big white rooster left behind a legacy. There is no other explanation for this.

So whose your Daddy then? The Legacy chickens.flash-057

We have a had a lot of chicks on the farmy,  very few last year, until these guys, and never any as black and white as these or this wee lovely speckled brown and white hen.  I think that after the first attack when I shooed all the chickens and roosters out to escape the Bastard Mink, there was a little hanky panky behind the barn and finally we have live chickens and very pretty ones too from the Heritage roosters.

With the cold hitting (there isa little flurry of snow in the air this morning)I have brought the smallest chicks into the cellar (there were two batches being raised by the same hen  in the loft. Different ages. Another mystery. I will show you the others tomorrow) with their Brinsea light.  Though short lived.. someone left his mark!flash-062

Isn’t that a nice thought.

As an aside, I discovered recently that this last summer two men broke in and released 3,000 minks into the waterways a little ways from here. It was a protest against mink farming.  Fair enough.  But they broke into the shed and let these domesticated  (doomed for the fur trade) animals free (to kill other animals  –  namely my chickens).  Minks are mean. They came here and wreaked mayhem.  I could understand this protest if the men had taken the 3,000 minks home and looked after them. Took some responsibility!  But  no, they just let them loose to fend for themselves. No thought whatsoever for the natural balance of things.  Or for the terror of these animals as they tried to feed themselves after a life in a cage.  Or the trail of destruction through the land.

And for the record I would wear a MINK hat if it was the minks that killed Mr Pink and his beautiful big white rooster and all thosee lovely hens.




Godot is getting bigger and more beautiful every day. The little photo bomber on the left  is not so sweet looking but is one of the oldest birds on the property. Those guineas!


Can I come out now,  Miss C?  I am feeling so much better.  Says Tima

No Tima, darling girl, one more day in your bedroom. Just to be sure.

But Tane is in here too!  Can you let him out. He is such a pest.

Tane is a pest?

Yes Miss c. He is a horrible pest. Put him out!  He smells like a boy. And he won’t stop talking.

Oh no Timatanga. A boy?  He smells like a BOY?

Yes, miss c. A smelly boy.  Buy me another one.  I don’t like this one. Send it back.

Go to bed darling.. we will talk about this again in the morning.

But morning talks are the hardest.

I know, this is why we talk about important things in the morning.

Ni ni then miss c. Miss C?

Yes Timatanga Moana.

You have such a short name compared to me.

That is because you are special Timatanga Moana.  Though if you add my confirmation names I am called Cecilia Mary, Edel, Jude, Rebecca.

Oh .. well..  ok ..  that is a lot of names.

Ni Ni darling.. I will bring you a pot of warm vegetables in the morning.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farmy,

miss c

50 Comments on “The Legacy

  1. Good God 3000 Bastard Minks … I need a drink and it is only lunch time. Catch the men and set them loose to fend for themselves – no weapons or shelter 😦 I have a mink stole inherited 30 yrs ago – never seen the light of day on me, but I could send it to you to keep you warm under your Clown Suit. Nothing like a perfectly timed hanky-panky to straighten things out 🙂 So pleased to see Tima and Tane feeling better. Keep warm everybody. Laura

  2. Animal Rights are supposed to protect animals from testing and such nasty things but to let 3000 loose anywhere without proper care or thought is just totally irresponsible.. and it is people like you who suffer the consequences…yet these same activists are not there to clean up the carnage left by their actions…makes me really mad!
    Just love te thought of a bit of hanky-panky behind the shed ( now for me , just memories, but enough said! ) Yep there is some lovely birds going to grow up and make good chooks….
    See I told you, soft as putty..birds in the house( I would have them all inside if it was me)
    What a wonderful human being you are….can’t wait to see the calendar..should I leave my address?
    have a great day lots of love from Chilly Bulgaria

  3. What a nice reminder. And such cute little ones too. Evie has an eggshell that we carefully blew the egg out of because it is pinkish and speckled. Shortly after we ate that egg the little hen was taken by a fox. It is almost 4 years and we still have that little reminder of her on the hutch in a little holder. Funnily, that her name was Celia ( her friends were poppy, petal and Delia).

  4. That’s terrible about the minks – I think if I were you I’d want leather gloves from the hides of the men who released he damn things 😉

  5. The rogue mink release explains a lot now, doesn’t it? Jerks. So some hanky panky, huh? 🙂 That made me smile as well as your conversation with sweet Tima. Image that Tane smells like a boy. The horrors!!! Hope they are both healthy and ready to face the cold weather head on. I bet they will snuggle up together before long if they aren’t already!!!

  6. Miss C, that naughty Tima is looking fairly perky. Is that a big wet gnaw mark on the gate from a bored and restless piggy? Your chooky babies are beautiful. I’m perishing of frustration because we can’t start building Chookonia till we’ve had some rain; the ground is harder than iron and digging post holes is currently impossible. Soon, I hope. And then the Wet will be upon us and it will never stop raining!

  7. How fortunate that you have the babies of your rooster! It’s nice to have nature working with you instead of against you. Recently the province of Quebec charged a fur farm with cruelty to animals and slapped a huge fine on them. It’s unfortunate that those people didn’t consider the consequences when they released the mink. Tima is as adorable as always!

  8. Tima is complaining, a sure sign she is getting better! Having grown up in the middle of four brothers, she sure has my sympathy. At least she does not have wash Tane’s sweaty shorts or socks! I loved you quiet evening chat.

    Mink is fast becoming a four letter curse in my book. As the saying goes two wrongs do no make a right! Those hoodlums should have been put in a cage with 300 minks and the keys thrown in the river. I need to calm down, so I am going back to look at the hanky panky chicks!

  9. I love it when a plan comes together, even if it wasn’t a plan to begin with. How lovely to have those little chicky babies from your beautiful white rooster. Words cannot express what to think about people who would let 3,000 minks loose. I agree with Mad Dog: gloves from their hides would be very satisfying, indeed!

  10. Oh, I missed the part where we lost Mr Pink. 😦 Such a sad day it was. Keep he babies warm. We are even in he low 30’s and high 20’s here in N. Texas. Very strange for us in November. However, I do remember it snowing once on my birthday (16th) when I was young 5 or 6.

  11. I can’t abide these do-gooder animal rights people. They are purely sentimentalists, often with very little understanding of animals.

  12. Well, I believe you have the names for those two offspring nicely settled, if they are to have names. Hanky and Panky. Bundle everyone up as it is -2 here this morning and heading your way! I don’t know if I will have the resources to check in on the Farmy during my tropical sabbatical so I look forward to lots of news upon my return!

  13. What stupid men! I agree with mad dog too, gloves please, size medium. Glad both piggies are feeling better. X

  14. Holy cow!! 3,000! You can bet that most of them died. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Terribly cruel, even if they are chicken killers.
    I am so terribly sorry for your loss of chickens, but a what a delight to discover you ended up with some chicks out of your roo after all! I just discovered the Ecoglow last spring. Brilliant invention!! No more fire worries!!
    Please tell Tima that I have long told my daughter that “boys are smelly”. Just to be sure she knows she doesn’t need one hanging around until she’s ready. 🙂

    • Agreed. It is terribly cruel. Thankfully the men in question were apprehended and Jake read about it in the court news. So at least they have been stopped. c

  15. Argh! The road to hell is paved with good intentions, if I may twist that old saying a little. I’m with Recycler – I think these dudes should be dropped off in the middle of nowhere to fend.

  16. I can always count on a pleasant kind of roller coaster ride from you Miss C! I smile (hanky panky), laugh (Tima’s conversation), get twisted up (minks and activists gone wrong) and finally enjoy reading conversation from the other “riders” on the farmy roller coaster. I appreciate so much, the effort you put forth to publish a post each and every day. It’s a lovely spot to have my first morning cup and connect with so many like-minded folks.

  17. Some of these animal rights people are so misguided in their methods. I remember in the UK them letting a whole load of battery-bred turkeys out. The creatures were terrified of the open space, as they’d never seen it before, ran in circles, ran in front of cars, and some of them keeled over in shock, or died of exposure. I’m all for animal rights, but when people let their emotions override their commonsense, it doesn’t ultimately do the animals a favour. As you say, minks are vicious creatures, proven to be homicidal towards chickens. Probably they’d have a go at a human baby, too, if they had the chance. Things need putting in perspective.
    I’m glad you have some surprise offspring of the feathered kind!

    • I have heard of cornered minks attacking people.. though like the turkeys they must have been insane with terror.. poor turkeys.. c

  18. I adore that first picture, so cozy and warm looking and so fancy with the dangling beads on the lampshade. Those chicks will be very cute, glad they are in the basement. I think a lot of people store their legacies in the basement. 🙂 Good that Tima is feeling better, that is a big relief. Stay warm if you can.

  19. I’m all for animals’ rights too, but it seems there are extremists in their midst. Hearts in the right place, but their heads are up somewhere else. Common sense is so rare and it seems so many people never consider the consequences of their actions. Maybe this is all part of this demand for instant gratification so prevalent in our society today.
    Anyway, I love your conversation with TIma–I almost wrote littleTima. Im am so happy you caughther upper respiratory problem in time. And those little chooks are just so cute.

  20. What you describe in mink activist havoc is another example of disorganized and completely irresponsible lack of thinking an action through to the end–no regard for the unintended consequences. I shake my head at both the loss of the other animals and the brutal and unnecessary terror. But the “new found” legacy chicks are such a sweet reminder that sometimes nature can still rebalance a little and apply some salve to the heart. I love your morning talks…they put a smile on my face. ox

  21. That white rooster was a handsome fellow! And all is not lost 🙂 As for the “mink rescuers”… what did they think was going to happen… that sort of stunt sets everyone one back. Godot is looking wonderful, and is becoming at least a little photogenic rather than fleeing. I’m pleased the K’s are on the mend.

  22. A MINK HAT!!! i’m bloody well wearing the mink coat I put into storage after leaving the bitter cold of Saskatchewan (and the animal rights thingy as well). Those people that let out 3,00 minks are nothing short of THUGS. Irresponsible ignorant THUGS.,

  23. So glad the stupid wretches were at least caught! And I hope severely punished!! I have worked many years for animal welfare but this takes the cause in totally the wrong direction . . . On the other hand Mommy, you cannot have your eyes everywhere and hanky-panky will occur: delightful outcome this time . . . somehow makes things just a tad better:) ! Loved to listen in to Tima and you talking, so pleased she seems perkier . . .

    • yes she is, but I heard her cough again this evening, she seems to do it after she has run in to find me.. sports induced asthma? .. but she is eating like the proverbial horse.. c

      • Hmmm! Good appetite, active, not hot and bothered . . . hmmm! Does not sound like a sick girl but methinks you may have another vet’s bill to pay . . . the cough sure ain’t normal!!! Could something she swallowed have been caught in her throat???? And she is trying to clear it?

        • it might be something like that.. but yes, we may be off to the vet again soon.. but this cold has come in fast and hard and often the animals have to adjust.. c

  24. What a wonderful story about the white rooster’s legacy. Well, the farmy has had some fertility issues, but not among the chooks it seems. That releasing of the minks is a horror story. Animal rights activists can be so blinkered, unfortunately, and often rather naive. Tima conversation is hilarious. So glad she’s feeling better.

  25. Must have been a bad moon rising that night. Nothing wrong with wearing that mink’s skin! A warning to others.
    That’s the problem with many activists. Acting through emotion without considering the messy reality of facts – and consequences of their actions. Sadly childish, but causing so much damage. I heard about that mink release at the time and all I could think is poor pampered minks and watch out local farmers.
    Love that little Tima. Ni Ni all.

  26. Activists did the same thing in Ireland – a country where mink isn’t native. Yeah, I’d wear those guys, too. Decades later they are still wreaking havoc!

  27. Flippin’ ‘eck – as they say in south (or sarf) London….3000 minks? What misguided folk they were. So glad there was some well timed hanky panky behind the barn (what fun!) and glad the little one is on the mend 🙂

  28. That’s happy chicken news! So now we know how the minks found you. That is so sad, on all counts. I forgot to tell you the happy picture in my mind of Auntie Del snuggled in wool from your previous post. I love that you and Tima had this talk.

  29. Skip the mink coat, C—I’m voting for skinning those jerks who thoughtlessly “freed” thousands of defenseless domesticated minks to starve or become nuisance-predator targets, besides killing all kinds of other critters due to this their improper re-habitation. Make a coat out of *them*.

    Not really, I would never; still, I do think that people who do such stuff are not only criminals in the general sense but beyond stupid for never thinking about the real consequences of their actions or what harm they’re doing any number of other valuable living creatures and natural resources. YIKES.

    Meanwhile, I’m glad you’ve gotten TnT (my cute-Hollywood style couple name for Tima and Tane) the best care they can get so they’ll have a chance of fighting off the Respiratory Gunk. So many wonderful animals to watch over, my dearest.


  30. Oh my gosh, 3000 minks! I think I would have gotten my underwear in a bundle! So sorry to hear about your losses but glad the legacy lived on 😊

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