I made a cake

A walnut, cranberry – apple cake. But it was awful. Dry.


The pictures are pretty though. See how it says Moist?


Well it wasn’t.. so I  don’t think you need the recipe.  Or I just left it in the oven too long. I sometimes wonder whether waiting til the probe comes out clean is not TOO LONG.  I will eat it though – with Butter! YUM. I love butter.  I will have some cake with my butter.

Anyway.. we were cold, cold, cold. A little snow.  All the birds were puffed up and still.  Dealing with plumbers and well drillers and so on and so forth ALL Day again. Sigh. Ask me anything about water tables and pumps and casings and shafts and water  lines and septic tanks.  I am up to speed. cake-023

The birds were all still and fluffed up. Cold. cake-032

Marmalade fed her babies in the Snug. Look at their little hands. Warm but dark – we have not had any real light for days.

I hope you have a lovely day. I have oodles of children over today and then our Winter Defiance Fiesta tonight. Plus I have been promised SUN, freezing sun but sun none the less. And everything is nicer when it is sunny.  Even 19F (-7c) is better in a sunny morning.. we are drifting down into winter.

But it IS  winter. It will get cold. Just as long as the coldness comes slowly.

Love your friend on the farmy



70 Comments on “I made a cake

  1. aww, such cutie pies, those little kittens. They are all sharing to nicely and lined up and apparently they sort themselves by color!

  2. Oh that cold. Stay warm and safe, you and all of your creatures. What a rotten time to have to become a plumbing, well, septic tank expert. Lots of children and a Fiesta sound fun. I made this cranberry and apple cake (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/cranberry-apple-cake/ – hope you don’t mind the link… delete if its a problem), but in an ordinary cake tin. It was lovely and moist and I think we’ll have it as our Christmas cake. The combination of spices is good. Aren’t animals neat – I think the kittens know a photo opportunity!

  3. Bugger – what a disappointment with the cake being dry – butter can often fix problems though so sure you will enjoy it all the same and would you look at those wee little kittens. I am in love with them all.
    Have a beautiful weekend ahead C, I do hope the sun comes out to brighten your day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  4. One year I splashed out and made a Dundee Cake, all by hand as I had no mixers. Had problems finding some of the ingredients here in the US as it was a Scottish recipe. Oven played up and the cake burnt! So threw it on the compost heap. Next thing I see is a Squirrel running along my fence with a huge piece of cake in its mouth, must have been all those almonds on top LOL Annoying though when you spend hours making something that turns out not so good. Still at least that squirrel thought it was his birthday!

  5. It’s too bad that the cake didn’t turn out. When we were kids, we’d pour milk on a cake we felt was too dry and it was delicious. Or you could pour orange juice and booze over it.

  6. Butter makes everything better…lol. I’ve had quite a few cake failures in my life, so completely sympathise with you. I’m thinking about making the Christmas cake soon. Robert and I, after ten years, finally came up with a good recipe out of his father’s 1950s cook book. I sourced the book on Amazon and now we have his and her’s in both countries, (because we alternate Christmases). Finally a good cake! Good cake recipes are priceless, aren’t they? Hope you stay warm. I keep thinking up all sorts of schemes to make the barn at the farmy warm for the animals with minimal cost to you. So far I’m not having much success. 😦

    • That barn is so old and full of cracks and holes.. the walls are just wooden walls nothing else.. so it is pretty drafty. But I think the animals are better not to have a heated barn as they get used to the cold and in the end are less likely to get sick.. they have warm beds though.. c

      • I totally agree with you on the barn. As long as the animals can stay dry and out of the wind they’re much healthier. Our horses have a lovely 3 sided run in as well as a large enclosed area with two doors and unless it’s truly horrible out you’ll find them standing outside.
        Your butter comment made me laugh. My husband’s parents had a dairy farm and the most common thing you heard at meal time was ‘it’s better with butter’ and ‘pour a little cream on it’.

  7. Ohh don’t you just hate that when a cake goes wrong! I tried to make a carrot cake once it was disgusting, ugg Aren’t the kittens growing well, have a fab time tonight, and keep warm. X

  8. Photo of kittens all lined up at the milk bar is so adorbs! Oh did I just say that? Ok I won’t anymore! 😊 anyway it is precious!
    Dealing with plumbers all day?? Yes, I’d say that calls for a party including very stiff alcoholic beverages!! 😉
    Have a wonderful “sunny” week-end Miss C!

  9. -7C is serious winter. Snuggle down (and the animals). I shouldn’t like to be a mummy cat – at least humans only have one at a time (mostly) to feed.

    Your dry cake: did you forget to put the butter IN the cake (as opposed to on)? I made some flapjacks at the weekend which Jock is calling paving slabs! I overcooked them by about 2 minutes! They’re fine so long as you dunk them in a cup of tea…

    Wishing you warmth and sunshine.Love, ViV xox

  10. Goodness, I so hate when things go wrong with something that is out of my control (water wells, broken appliances, septic systems). Being at the mercy of others to fix them is maddening.
    Your post feels quiet and I can feel the cold. I’m glad you’re getting sun, just in time for the quiet to be broken by children’s laughter.

  11. My mother said when you were an adult you could have pie or butter on cake for breakfast. So I guess you are all grown up.
    Brrr. We’ll all celebrate the Winter Defiance Festival. Flurries north of us – before thanksgiving – in Texas! (luckily the heater repair guy managed to get by late yesterday…it was working then it stopped…figures)
    Never seen a more smug face on a cat – very warming.
    Love the reflections in the silver bowls of the 2nd pix….nice picture if not cake ( it sounds healthy and good…a little tweaking?)
    Take care and bundle up

  12. You might be able to improve the cake by pouring some alcohol over it. Some people eat Tarta de Santiago with Pedro Ximinez sherry. Otherwise it might be good in trifle 😉

  13. Four of those Kitties are an interesting colour – looks like grey undershot with ginger. Looking forward to seeing them in sunlight when it returns. Enjoy the fiesta and keep warm. Laura

  14. The cake looks so yummy! What fun a Winter Difiance Fiesta, I can’t even imagine how cold it is there. I am in Houston Texas and it is 34 this morning and for us that is very cold. The babies look like they are growing fast…such a sweet picture that warms my heart! I had a cat named Marmalade and he lived to be very old.

  15. Beautiful picture of mama Marmalade. Love that!

    About the cake . . . could be good with some warm Birds custard on it? Or perhaps douse it with a sherry or rum syrup and eat it warm with a dollop of whipped cream?

  16. What a disappointment about the cake! And such a pretty recipe card – misleading, eh? I baked a loaf of Paleo sandwich bread that got high reviews, but when I made it, it turned out nothing like the reviewers raved. I have found Paleo baking to be somewhat of a horror. We use nut flours as opposed to grain flours and lots of eggs. Either the cakes/breads come out dry or they’re too moist/dense. Like you, I will slather plenty of butter on a re-warmed slice and make the best of it. Heavens, I’m griping about the cold down here, but I’m SO glad I’m not up there in those brutal conditions. That Winter Defiance Fiesta would be a lure for me… will we see photographs and get a tour and “feel” for this event? It sounds quite intriguing!

  17. I think you’re right, leaving the cake until the probe comes out clean is too long. I made a cake recently with cooking oil and it’s supposed to be very moist but again the clean probe proved just too long. Tasted nice though, bet yours with butter would be delish, good odea.

  18. Np problem Miss C, my cakes are always a mess, but then I am a messy cook which explains why I do not dally in the kitchen ….Butter with cake goes down well..enjoy it. Love Marmie and her kitties,,,,love you too

  19. There are a couple other ways to rescue a dry cake. One is to paint it with a sugar syrup or alcohol. Think of it like a fruit cake and let it absorb some liquid for several days. Another is to cube it up and add a custard base, then bake it like a bread pudding. So long as the cake tastes good, dry can be overcome.

    I love the fluffed up peacock. Winter seems to be coming so early this year. They’re even predicting snow down here in the south for this weekend.

  20. The few times I’ve made a cake, I would use toothpicks to test for doneness. Didn’t even know there is such a thing as a cake probe.
    And that picture of Marmalade with her brood is just priceless. Their little hands all lined up!!!

  21. I was away all day. We had BLUE skies and a yellow ball in the middle of it. It was a very welcome change after three dark days of dreary dull driving rain that caused flooding in many parts of Northern Ireland. Once home I was ready to check the fresh instalment from the farmy, followed by an hour sucking my pencil as I prepare to write a letter to My little Girl. Celi, you killed my inspiration for today! Mentioning the ‘B’ word, not once, not twice, but THREE times!!! Whaaa! Seriously My mother eat bread on her butter and I have known people who spread it on a rich iced Christmas cake! I am with you on not wasting the cake. Try toasting it before spreading the ‘B’, or slice it and served warmed for dessert with custard.

    Marmalade looks so comfortable and happy to have her babies suckle. Enjoy your party tonight.

      • Celi, I was teasing you. Growing up in a house where six pounds of butter minimum a week was used, I learned to butter bread for sandwiches by the loaf full, bake and cook with it for the hungry hoards, but could no eat it. I was asked to write a short story (true one), for a book in aid of Charity in Ireland. In it I recall a farmer delivering warm raw milk to a friend’s house. Sixty years later, I can still smell it! Each time you talked of milking your girls, I was back in that place surrounded by the smell!

        My plans for the week ahead are to finish my craft project, the Letter for my little girl, and the final part of a longer story I have been playing about with on my blog. Inspiration be my friend, pretty please!

        PS: I loved the idea of a cranberry, apple and walnut cake, especially made with oil. Sorry it turned out dry. Is it a tea cake – short life of a couple of days, or a richer variety, such as Christmas cake? If it is the latter, put half an apple in the storage tin with the cake. Think Dorian Gray, the cake will absorb the moisture and the apple will dry-up and decay. I used this method when storing Christmas and wedding cakes.

        • the apple is an excellent idea, I have never heard fo that before.. the cake is quite light.. and very tasty, I honestly think I should have taken it out earlier.. You have a lot to do this week.. looking forward to the results.. c

          • I think your right about the timing C, if the recipe says moist, I don’t do the skewer thing anymore because if its dry so is the cake. I usually check if the cake has started to shrink away from the cake pan just a little and its done.

  22. The kitties gave grown! I blame the walnuts for the dry cake… it seems every time I attempt cake or sweet bread with walnuts it turns out dry. Slathered butter is the perfect antidote. Have fun defying winter… we’re trying to hang onto our cool for a little longer, we’re in for a hot dry summer.

  23. Ok I’m at my mom’s in Germany and the weather is not bad. There is still some color on the trees. I told my mom about the letter to My Baby Girl and she couldn’t come up with something but I remember the advice she gave my niece when she lost her first love to another woman. There is no need to cry when you break up because on the next corner somebody else will be waiting for you. I’m sorry I didn’t put that in my letter.
    I have an excellent german apple cake if you’re interested .

  24. I think I’d rather bake the butter into the cake… But then, I’m not a great one for healthy recipes. I bake gluten free stuff for a couple of local coffee shops. On the basis that people who need gluten free often get stuck with bland, boring, dry or no goodies at all, I make mine as lavish as possible. Lots of butter, free range eggs, heaps of fruit, chocolate, ground almonds, whatever… Life is too short for virtuous cake! Love that photo of Mama Marmalade and her babies, kneading away with their little paws to make the milk come faster!

  25. All those little Marmalade-look-alikes! Too cute. It is frustrating when baked items don’t turn out quite right, but, thankfully, you have butter! LOL

  26. Back again! Just received an email from Teespring announcing Sheila’s t-shirts will be printed! We reached the goal 🙂 Yay.

  27. I have that recipe book, its more a ‘list-of-ingredients-that-potentially-could-work-this-way-or-maybe-that’ type of book. Mine is so old its literally falling apart and is probably a health hazard. 🙂 (The Mushroom Strudel is delicious, btw). When I have cakes that go dry, I make a sort of bread and butter pudding out of them, sliced into a pie dish, spread with butter and doused in fresh egg/vanilla custard then baked, you eat a little of that in your bowl of cream 😉
    Also I got my Teespring – Tshirt confirmation email today, woo hoo!

      • I’m glad you got your total. I would have purchased one otherwise, but I have a close acquaintance named Sheila, who happens to have NO sense of humor, and a suspicious nature. I’m sure you’ll understand! 🙂

  28. So love the idea of ‘Winter Defiance Fiesta’ especially since the coldest day, or should I say morning, here in some 20 years has been -2C midwinter!! Ah, but yesterday was a rather uncomfortable 41 C and I am afraid a large bushfire some 50 km away had a lot of people evacuated: and it is still spring! So, which is worse!!!! Love those little kittie paws . . . cakes: totally ignorant – have not baked one for at least 30 years: no sugar, no butter, no white flour in this house I am afraid 🙂 ! Yes well, comes with the ‘territory’!!!!! Hope all the littlies behaved and you are not totally worn out . . .

  29. It’s so disappointing when after all that work and salivating, a promising recipe fails to deliver. I always like lots of apples in a cake to keep it moist. Maybe, as you suspect, it was just coded too long.

  30. Oh dear, that spell-checker was too fast for me. I meant ‘cooked too long’.

  31. I guess it wouldn’t be a good idea to do it with nuts, but when my Mum and I have a chocolate cake or other kind of sponge that’s dry we toast it and add butter. 😀

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