Our new Dutch Belted Mama Cow is on her way.  She is coming today! She is still tucked up in her truck travelling across Illinois so while we are waiting we will  have to amuse ourseves with cute kittie shots. They are awake a little longer each day now and have started to play.



Another smiling animal. They kind of push at each other then fall over backwards. They play as though they are in a gravity free zone. Pushing and falling at the same time. Marmalade is using a different voice when she is in with them, she is using a reproving tone as they swarm and tussle around the box.


I heard her calling to them to ‘settle down for goodness sake and just go to sleep’ and went into her room, she looked up at me and gave me such a beseeching look . Marmalade is an exceptional mother.


TonTon has taken over minding Tane. Tima has gotton louder and more demanding since he came. She does not to share.


The Clatter Box is a kind of highway in the barn, going up from ground level to the loft, the chickens and cats are often seen passing each other as they go up or down. Pushing pasteach other as neither will give up their track.


Now where is my cow?

I think I might go down and wait by the letter box.

Your friend on the farmy,


Oh and I meant to tell you. My experiment with crowd funding was a wild succcess and we have sold all 50 of Sheila’s T Shirts.  There are still four days left and you can still purchase one but now that we have reached our goal the T Shirts will definitely be printed and Sheila’s account will be receiving a cheque soon after that. Isn’t that grand.



38 Comments on “News!

  1. enjoy your new cow.
    perhaps ton is happy to have a buddy with the same colors as himself.

  2. I feel sure that you have shown us a pic of belted cow but cannot recall…due to advanced years…so I shall also look forward to seeing her…what name will she have?

  3. Now you have us all waiting again, right along with you. I hope you post to FB right away when we get our first look at her!

  4. Yeah a new milk cow! My local farmer has stopped his share program, so I can’t get any milk anymore. Nearest other farm that does it is 40 miles away, so no more good milk for me 😦
    Kitties look wonderful an so healthy, good job Marmalade!

  5. Good mama Marmalade with her six soft wrestling kittens. They are discovering their muscles and soon they will be wrestling all day long and chasing one another and then falling down right where they stand and napping to do it all over again when they wake. The fun is just beginning for Marmalade. ha We will stand with you at the letter box and wait, discussing the weather and what name she will have and her feed and her future milk output. Queenie Wineti will have a new friend soon. Won’t that be wonderful?

  6. I am SO excited to meet this new cow! I have always thought Belted Galloways (Oreo cookie cows) were awesome! But, you can never go wrong filling some space with cute kittens photos. Tane is quite handsome.

    • Hi darling. This is not a Belted galloway, though similar looking they are not the same evidently. The Galloway is the result of crossing with a Dutch Belted. The Belted Galloway come from Galloway in Scotland. The Dutch Belted can be traced much further back and are Dutch and were often grazed in Austria, if I remember correctly. both are lovely .. c

  7. How does one introduce a new cow to the existing herd? Do you have worry like with horses and pigs and cats and every other kind of animal? Have you named her? I can’t remember!

    • Her name will be Elsie and she is here now! She is in the corner pen in the Barn, where she can talk to Aunty Del but they are still seperate. I will do the same with Queenie when she comes back.

  8. Ohh a new cow exciting! The paws of the kittens look so soft. Thank you for the carrot cake recipe, the pineapple is a nice addition, I will have a go and make this x

  9. Lovely pics as ever. Well done mama Marmalade – your babies are beautiful. Is Tima jealous of your attention, or just her food? Maybe a bit like new baby arriving on the scene with an older sibling. But perhaps I’m doing that animal/human thing we shouldn’t… Safe journey for your new cow. I’ve just Googled her too – very striking, and looking forward to meeting her. And well done everyone to fund Sheila’s tshirt. I shall have to save myself for the calendar.

  10. Yes the kittens are adorable with those little ears. And Ton Ton, ever-responsible. So cute him and Taney. Oreo cookies themselves.

  11. Any corner of the barn will be wonderful compared to a ride in the frigid temps you’re enduring! Elsie is a bright and happy name! I can’t wait to see photos. All of the photos today are sweet and happy – they bring smiles! 🙂

  12. Can’t wait to see photos of Elsie, but I’ll have to wait, I’m climbing on a plane in 2 hours and won’t be able to log on till late tonight (Australian time), once I’m back at my sister’s house down south. I think Ton and Tane look like Tall Ton and Round Hairy Ton in that photo. A bit of bloke bonding there, I think, and maybe Tina’s nose is out of joint.

  13. I am smiling at the imge of little miss c, sitting and on a wall swinging her little cotton sock legs as she waits for the mail man to being a very large letter containing a cow! May Elsie be fruitful in her new life at the farmy!

    Do you think ton is playing big brother and giving Tane some advice on wooing the lady Tima?

  14. Ton and Tane look like “brothers from another mother” ! Good to have Elsie on board 🙂 And the image of chooks, cats on the “highway” are funny but Marmy and her brood steal the show.

  15. The farmy is filling up! Hello Elsie – looking forwards to the first photo: hope you bond with Miss Del OK, then we’ll see about Queenie. Kittens gorgeous now: those eyes – if I remember back there were two marmalades and four rather pale beigeish? So wonder who the seducer in the barn was 🙂 ? And Boo is returning to nanny duties obviously getting ready for those gorgeous six still inside!! Happy days!!!!

    • Yes, Queenie will stay with the bull for a full month to ensure she covers two heats and then home again. Lets hope that works! c

  16. How exciting about the cow. I know that you feel the farmy is not complete without one. Boo is so predictable!

  17. Wait at the letter box–too funny. I know you are excited about her arrival.

  18. Elsie’s there!!! (Was my favorite cow name as a child – Elsie was the Borden Farms milk logo cow here)
    Ton-Ton looks very serious and business like, Boo is probably counting minutes until he can watch the kittens. Marmalade is picture perfect.

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