Party Hats

Merry Christmas, Mad. Says Sheila.

Sorry the  Santa Hat is purple but it was a last minute aquisition.

What about me? Says Timatanga Moana.  (Who wants everything that anybody else has.)  Where is MY hat?optional-078

Here you are then. A Christmas party hat for Tima.

pig in a hat

Bet you wish you had never asked for a party hat.  Says Tane.

Shut UP! Says Tima. I like this hat! optional-062

It has antlers and everything!


Good morning, says Sheila. I hope you have a lovely day. A lovely Christmas Day. We have been promised extra carrots if we smile whilst wearing our hats.  Poppy ate hers. More carrots for me! Life is good.  Celi says to tell you that she would never have thought of putting a Christmas hat on my head if it had not been for MadDog. So thank you Mad Dog.  Thank you very, very freaking much.

Find something lovely today.  There is always something.

Love your piggie friend on the farmy


ps. Miss C has decided to sleepwalk the day away. She is always better on Boxing Day. She is never at her best at Christmas. Me? I love Christmas.. the leftovers are fantastic.

60 Comments on “Party Hats

      • Happy Christmas, TonTon. Firstly, get your mittens on a saw. Then cut a long horizontal slot in the front door. That’s where the postman throws stuff at you to fetch. Tell me when you have that whole sawed in the door. Until then …. woof! Molly

    • Mad, Celi says we are coming over for Goose and sloe eyed gins, but I am a little concerned about the seating arrangements, do you think it would be ok if I ate mine on the couch. I am a couch potato kind of pig. . Poppy is not coming. I have locked her in the back. You don’t want her in your house – she is a menace. See you soon. Sheila.. ps I am old enough to drink!

      • Ok Sheila – you are very welcome to the couch. I can see that the vegetable shop across the street is open today and can get some extra pumpkin and vegetables for you 😉

  1. Oh!! FABulous party hats! Sheila, I am wearing your t-shirt at a big family Christmas celebration in Dallas, Texas! Sheila rocks Dallas!!

  2. fantastic party hats, you all look very beautiful Happy Piggy Christmas Day

    • Miss Whip it is Son of Neanderthol man here, may I please borrow your whip to move these cats along, they keep hogging the roosts! c

      • Oh dear Mr Son of Neanderthol I am so sorry to hear of your predicament and I do understand the anguish that you are experiencing but hitting cats with a whip is not a good idea. I think that you should chatter to them in a friendly sort of way and explain that cats should not sleep in roosting areas. The farmy is large enough for you all to find a spot of your own to call home

    • Morning Deb. It is Godot. I told Sheila she should wear more fur, as it shows off her eyes and she said she is off to skin a cat. I told her that was not acceptable behaviour and she laughed at me and said Just Kidding! Give me a white feather for my hat. Well. Deb. Naturally I was appalled! A pig wearing feathers.!. What would the neighbours say.. Tara! Godot.

  3. It is just me and my husband and our pups this Christmas. He resents the aloneness and I love it (but then I about always love it). I’m going to do my Christmas walk with the dogs walking around my garden and then the state park to log all the plants that are blooming today.

    • Dear Lacey. This is Queenie Wineti. Can you please take me for a walk in the park too. Miss C has put me on a diet which means rubbish hay. I hate this hay. I would not even waste SPIT on it. Let Elsie eat it – I am not – I said to her. I want a walk in the park I said. Miss C said I was a little rotund,( ROTUND! The cruelty of it!) and needed to eat a bit less anyway. So can I come for a walk with you? I am sure there will be something nicer to eat in your garden. I will be waiting at the letter box, can you send a car? .. c

  4. Love the festive hats and to tell the truth Tima reminds me of one of the Swedish Christmas dolls in hers. Gave me a good chuckle this morning.

    • Morning Vesta, Tima here. Thank you SO MUCH for getting the doll reference. I AM a doll. A Living DOLL. The sweetest of all the piggies here. Oh wait. Tane is running off with my bowl. Wait there I will be back. TANE MAHUTA YOU FAT BOTTOMED THIEF> JUST WAIT TIL I CATCH YOU! PUT MY BOWL DOWN ! DOWN I SAID. YOU HAD BETTER NOT SPILL ANY OF MY CHRISTMAS PORRIDGE YOU MISERABLE EXCUSE FOR A PIG!

  5. I laughed while reading this. Oh MadDog…thank you so very very freaking much for suggesting it!!

    • Connie, Godot said to tell you that he saw the letter box man throw sticks for BooBoo.. He said he does not mean to be a tittle tattle but he did not think that was professional behaviour. We need to discuss the conveyance of the mail. Pania and I are considering applying for the Letterbox mans job. We could just fly over the houses and drop the letters straight down the chimney. What do you think?.. love Tui

  6. Sheila, you look maaaarvelous! And Timatonga Moana looks rather smug in her Christmas finery. Excellent idea, Mad Dog. It is 40 degrees Fahrenheit this morning in central Texas with a few cotton candy clouds as the sun comes up. Looks like it is going to be a lovely day. The cats woke me up to alert me to an urgent problem this morning, empty bowls! All is well again after a few kibble pours. Merry Christmas!

    • Dear Kim, I am typing this for The Rooster in the Hen House. He is sat at the window calling these words out to you. love .Elsie.

      Kim when next you come to visit I am to be placed in Kims Chook House with these three big hens, miss c has come up with the idea of hatching our eggs in an incubator that she has not bought yet. The problem is that these three big hens are Deeply Boring. I am not sure i can bear to be locked in with them. Plus this whole breeding program sounds a little suspect to me. Why does she want so many fat chicks. It is all so – not nice. Anyway. I was wondering if you are bringing your sewing machine. Maybe you could make a wee curtain so i could have a private area in the chook house, somewhere to get away from the Deeply Boring Hen natterning. What do you think?
      Love the big handsome rooster with the double red comb.

      • make sure to tell miss c to get the incubater with the fan to circulate air inside , it will improve your childrens hatch percentage. then you will be free to chase the hot chicks, and pretend you never hooked up with those boreing old biddys

        • i get yelled at for not being polite to those boreing old biddies in my flock, but ron does not understand the bantam hens are pretty hot.
          from badass bob, the rooster

      • Dear Handsome Rooster with the double red comb…you need a proper name, will think on that. A proper length of burlap could do just the trick for your private solarium. It’s a definite possibility, tho I believe that Miss C has a very nice sewing machine gathering dust in the Coupe. We will get it out and put it to work. 🙂

  7. Sheila and Tima are sure rocking those hats! I read this to my husband this morning. And then read aloud your Christmas post from three years ago. Your writing is still so true and honest and powerful. WE are alone this morning for the first time since our babies were small. They now have their own families and traditions to create, and we will all be together later, but for now, its unusually quiet here. Change is good. I spent some time reading all the comments from the Fellowship in that post too. Amazing how much we share, yet are so different. From my own comment back then, it seems that post was among the first ones I read when I discovered your blog. It has been a wonderful journey along with you. Merry Christmas darling! I love Boxing Day too! A nice traditions for Boxing Day is to take something from the Old Year that we don’t want anymore and throw it into the bonfire. It doesn’t have to be a “thing” it can be anything, even a bad habit, write it a on some paper, put it in a box, watch it go up in smoke. Very satisfying!

    • I think I will adopt that tradition! It sounds like a good one! Thank you, and Merry Christmas to all!

    • A FIRE! I love Fires! Boo here. Thank you Maggie. I know exactly what I will throw in the fire. That damn electric fence can go for a start and the other day i almost FELL THROUGH the ceiling in the west barn, so that can go too.. oh and can i throw the wheels of the tractor in, they terrify me, i have to keep biting at them to stop them getting away.. Oh Oh and my dragon toy, it has lost its squeak, if I throw that into the fire will I get new one? Will I? WillI? Will I?

    • Egoli: I have always wondered Snow-woman. How do you manage in the summer? I am deeply concerned about the possibility of Melting.

  8. Merry Christmas you wonderful farmy critters. Much love and happy carrot munching. XXX

    • Veronica, in my mind i always call you Vonnie.Miss c LOVES your angel picture I have asked her again and again to hang it in the barn buut she is being quite mean and will NOT let us have it. Maybe you can talk to her about it. Egoli, Lulu and I would like to hang it above the cats work bench where we all hang out looking out the windows.. What do you think? Isn’t that a fair request? Have to get back to the kittens – they are so demanding.. who knew! Have a sweet kitteny day Vonnie.. love Marmalade.

  9. Merry Christmas, Cecilia, and the same to all the fabulous farmy critters. Don’t you wish hats would make a comeback? They make quite a statement for Sheila and TIma.

    We are waiting for snow. The sky has been laden (leaden) for weeks now with the stuff and we want snow! If we can’t have sun at least give us snow.

    • Apparently we will be getting neither! I thought the clouds sounded snowy yesterday but nothing here either.. I hope you both have a lovely day!.. c

  10. These photos are the merriest of presents. I also dread the fuss and demands of Christmas and rarely enjoy any of it. Simple and quiet sound so delightful and that is what I always wish for. I fear actually saying it, though, thinking that someday when I don’t want to be alone, I might be. Does that make sense? Thank you for sharing your farmy with us today and every day. I wish I had my Sheila shirt to wear today but I am out of town and I didn’t bring it with me.

    • Lorraine. Alone is lovely. I love to sleep all day in my bed of straw with no-one to bother me. I am the alone-est of all the cats and frequently hear our Dear miss c say i am her favourite because I just sit quietly without making a fuss. Because i am so nice and quiet, Sheila sometimes lets me sleep close to her when it is cold. Though Pesky Poppy does not like to share. Poppy hates to be alone. Pesky Pig. Love love.. LuLu

  11. What a wonderful Christmas post! Thank you, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

  12. Merry Christmas to you, Sheila, and everyone on the farmy! Please give Miss C my love, and remember to show her a little extra kindness today.

    • I wil show her lots of love, especially at dinner time. Evidently she is cooking us a proper christmas dinner. No turkey though – as we are vegetarian pigs. Though Poppy IS a turkey i think. She was so naughty yesterday. A baby came to visit and she kept jumping up putting her big feet on the top of the gate and leaning right out to try and EAT the babies shoes. I apologised for her bad manners, and Miss c said you had better move that baby back – Poppy might just climb right over that gate to get to that baby. We have never ever seen her so excited. She is a bit of a climber that pig. Frankly Someone, just between you and me, I won’t mind when she is bred and has to live by herself to get more food, she is way too Hop and Pop for me sometimes.. Have a nice christmas, watch out for hats and cameras! love sheila..

  13. Sheila this is the best Christmas morning ever…seeing you and Tima in your party hats! I always knew you were a slave to fashion…well not really a slave but you know what I mean! I am not home either or else I would be wearing my Shelia T but I will be soon! I say we all send in a photo of ourselves wearing our T’s and our favorite party hats! What do you think Sheila? Brilliant idea? 🐷

  14. Purple suits you dear, it highlights your copper and gold hair. I love left-overs too. Give my love to all the Farmy friends, and Miss C (of course)

  15. How funny! My mother has the exact same look as Sheila when I say something snarky to her.

  16. Dear Sheila, just wanted to let you know that if the leftovers aren’t quite up to scratch, or if Poppy steals more than her fair share, you have a standing invitation to Chiconia, where the fridge is making ominous creaking noises due to the lavish leftover situation inside. How do you feel about a teeny bit of Nutella mousse? Or a tray of roasted vegies? Sorry, but the pavlova’s all gone, and I have first dibs on the trifle. Purple is definitely your colour, my dear, and a traditionally built girl can never have too much fluffy white marabou trim. Happy Boxing Day to all the furred and feathered Farmy Friends, and Miss Celi who watches over all with loving care, from Chiconia. xxx

  17. Merry Christmas to everyone at the Farmy….furred and feathered alike. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. I especially miss seeing the kittens and Boo. So happy, happy day to all of you.

  18. It looks like a Christmas party on the farmy. Joy to all of you.

    Sent from my iPad


  19. Half the Boxing Day gone here and the street is as silent as a church at Blessings . . . hmm: perhaps just as well your four-legged farmy was not here yesterday altho’ it may have led to some remarkable photos!! Huge thanks to Mad for suggesting that gorgeous ‘Sheila hat’ [I pinched and it will remain pinched Miss C!!]. What a model!! So glad to read so many Xmas messages from all those lucky to have a steady four legs!!

  20. I see some Christmas spirit or maybe a little sprite went about with the hats for the piggies! Hope you had a lovely day

  21. Now you’ve gone and done it Tima! Percival Pettigrew has buried himself in his bed in a snit. He has no hat! Not a bowler or a derby or a stove pipe, certainly nothing with antlers! He says he cannot be a proper dapper kune kune without a hat! He’ll probably pout for days.
    Celi, I’m with you, I’m always so much happier when boxing day arrives and I can stop pretending for another year.

  22. Hi Celi……just want to wish you and Our John and all the beloved animals a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year! I so love your blog……everyday I look forward to reading it to see what is going on on the Farm……I grew up on a farm in the ’50’s and so loved those wonderful days of gardening, having “real” chicken for dinner (memories of my Mom doing the hard deed), and then the evenings when the piggies got out and our family had to take our positions to herd them back into their barnyards (after they had rooted up our front yard..LOL)…….I so loved life on our farm so now I love reading your blog to help me remember all those days. Thanks, Celi! Have a very Happy New Year!

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