Boxing Day

Though Poppy did get some Christmas left overs her manners leave a lot to be desired.  This is her latest trick. To rear up and plant her feet straight on top of the gate or fence snorting and shrieking and drooling. Not a pretty look HopandPop Poppy.


She does not stand like that for long so the picture is hard to get but any minute now this pig will be climbing right over the hog panels.  She is going to be bred in January when I come home from New Zealand, and when she farrows I am going to put her in a very quiet corner with three days worth of food and not go anywhere near her. This is one excitable pig. christmas-day-004

In the day time the kittens and their Marmalade mother sleep in one of the water barrels that sit on the verandah all winter, lined with wool and cushions these barrels are favourite sleeping possies.

Here is that same image cropped again. christmas-day-004

Isn’t that such a COZY image.  Wearing ones mothers tail as a scarf.


The sun came out for a few hours yesterday and the wee glassroom positively glowed. There is kale and lettuce planted. Cilantro and onions. Every time I cut a spring onion I take the end with its trimmed roots and pop it into the soil in the glasshouse, they grow again without fail. You can do it in a pot on your windowsill if you like. There are even radishes growing in there.


Because it has been warm enough for mud but not warm enough for real grass growth there is a lot of mud developing in the KuneKune field. So tomorrow I am going to throw down lots of grass and wild flower seed, the pigs will push it into the ground for me and in the spring we will get some interesting germination.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day. Today is Boxing Day. We would Box up all the left overs and send them home with the servants, except there are no servants and no left overs either for that matter. But the thought was there.

I hope you all have a lovely day!

your friend on the farmy


28 Comments on “Boxing Day

  1. Happy Boxing Day to the farmy! We grow wild flowers under the apple trees. The silly neighbours complain that we’re growing weeds. I say, “Yes, of course, they’re weeds. Lovely cornflowers and poppies.” The neighbours may not like it but the bees surely do. 😀 xx

  2. It looks like Poppy’s in the dog house – literally with Ton Ton in the background. Perhaps being a runt, she feels she’ll be left out if she doesn’t speak up 😉

  3. Happy Boxing Day! You’ll be surprised how many times I get asked “what does that mean?” LOL Glad you put the explanation on your blog.
    Weeds are just plant in the wrong spot – so everything is a weed or a wanted plant.
    Loads of leftovers here – live alone but still sometimes cook for a family of four! Oh well I will be eating leftovers for quite some time I suppose. Shame I can’t box it all up and send it to the farmy animals – have some love fresh brussel sprouts!

  4. Tima and her Rooster are a lovely splash of bright colour in the winter field. And the sooner you introduce that Poppy to motherhood, the better. She’ll find out how it feels to run around after a small noisy creature or two!

  5. is there any way to run a strand of electric along the top of fences/gates?
    that may stop her from climbing, and future escapes
    my uncle had a pig that could jump 3 ft fences, the only way he could break her of jumping was rather delicous

    • She only does the jumping INSIDE the barn, otherwise she just goes under fences, hot or not..However she never goes far and seldom actually gets right out and comes when she is called so it is OK, she is a breeder and a beautiful looking specimen so she might get sold with her piglets if she is too wild.. c

  6. We’ve scattered a lot of wildflower seeds around the house, but we lack pigs’ trotters to tread them in. Here’s hoping.
    Isn’t Poppy copying what Sheila used to do?
    You were a hungry crowd, for there to be no leftovers. We have none because we didn’t eat here yesterday, so it’s bread and pull it for us (my Mum’s wartime saying: we kept looking for the chicken in the sandwiches!)
    Happy boxxing day, Celie.

  7. I love the onion pot idea. I must try that. Let me see if I’ve got it right. When you cut off the little end with the root bits dangling down you shove that down in dirt and it grows again? If that’s all there is to it, I should be able to do it, right? An onion garden in Milan sounds like a good idea! I never knew what Boxing day meant. I’m so glad to finally know. Lots of love to the farmy.

    • Yes that is exactly right, they usually trim the onion root and you will pop the bulb and root int he ground, I have usually eaten half the bulb but they do come back, i will take a shot for you today.. remind me!.. c

  8. Wow! Ive never seen such a close up of a pigs trotter. Amazing. They are so unusual looking. And how did she manage to so subtly get the wire between her ….toes? Thank you, Cecilia. I’m thinking too of that great shot of Sheila yawning.

  9. ah the mere thought of Miss Poppy clambering for her food makes me laugh..after all she is a pig…and as a pig she has to make sure that she gets more than her fair share.
    Beautiful photos of Marmie and the kitties but then all your photos are wonderful..just like you !

  10. Isn’t it funny. Boxing day is actually what it says it is, I suppose Leftovers Day is not as good a name is it? I always thought it referenced some grand British historical happening, but no, just a simple act of cleaning out the cupboards and the icebox. I think that is a good idea about leaving Poppy to her own devices once she farrows. Keep the hopping and popping to a minimum if possible. Hopefully, the mum hormones will take over.

  11. I had no idea that New Zealand celebrated Boxing Day but it makes sense, we’re all from the Brits. Boxing Day in Canada is something like Black Friday in the US. We all stay clear of the chaos in the malls, it’s madness. Some places open at 6am! Happy Boxing Day to you too.

  12. I think a field of wild flowers would be beautiful! I do hope the chickens don’t think all that seed is a present for them…..

  13. I do the same thing with my spring onions, and have also taken to planting a seed for each onion/carrot etc I use, they seem to grow all year round here, but a glass house or room would be wonderful. Can’t wait for the wildflower display in the spring I expect that the colour will be very heartwarming after months of sunless winter.

    • I do hope so, windflosers sometimes come up and sometimes just Don’t. i think the cold helps.. so fingers crossed.. c

  14. What a great and simple idea about ‘recycling’ onions. And thank you for explaining Boxing Day. AND a big thank you for the darling pics of Marmalade and her babies. It is like a balm to my soul to see kitty pics, watch their development and read about their lives. So touching. As I write my dear old friend, an American Shorthair black and grey tabby, Jack, is standing in my lap pondering. Just staring off into space thinking about who knows what. I don’t even care because his company and affection are so treasured. Thank you again for sharing life on the farmy and your varied travels.

  15. Christmas well and truly ‘over’ here . . . hope yours has left a warm afterglow!! Now, Miss C, instructions please as am most interested in the ‘recycled onion’ business. Live on them and always have ‘roots’ to spare. How long a piece do you put in the pot and do you initially totally cover it with soil or leave the top 1/2 cm bare? We have four months of warm weather ahead and lots of empty pots: would love to try!! Boxing Day: OMG somehow did not realize everyone did not ‘celebrate’ even if at the ‘Boxing Day Sales’ – I did well: broke tho’ I was managed some 13-14 cheap as chips wonderful biographies for $46 including freight!! Can’t wait 🙂 !

    • I just poke them into the pot, with . yes.. about 1/2 cm above ground, the new spring onion greens will grow from there.. it is an excellent way to grow green onions for the salad.. c

  16. It’s the thoughts that count! Today, 27th, I’m going to box up the outdoor lights before the storms move in for several days – early, I know. There’s still wreath, and lights around the window inside over the door….there’s something about having clutter all up before New Year starts…probably comes from a tired mother who worked.
    I love those little green onions – they do grow well. (But not out dormant grass in the backyard – Molly and the German churned and plowed it up really well…could plant onions, but they simply delight in eating the tender greens)
    Cute barrel of cats!

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