all is well

Good morning. I am finally back in the land ice and snow. It is impossible that I am still in the same country the change is so profound.  I was delivered home to dinner waiting and the fire going last night with champers chilling by the door.  It was a delight. Before I ate I quickly zipped through the barn but in my California clothes I lasted about five minutes. home-010

I thought I would hold off posting until I had done a full inspection in the daylight and all is well. home-012

Each animal is clean and well fed though all are still in the ‘hunker down and bear it’ stage.  This February is cold. I was freezing doing the rounds this morning!

Both the Dutchies are clean,  calm and growing and I think Lady Aster’s udder is starting to thicken a bit. We will see. home-019The man who sold these two cows  to me said they were due to calve late spring so let’s hope he was right. Late spring would be good. home-017

I hope you have a lovely day. Now I am going to rev up my sour dough starter, unpack my bits and pieces, get the washing on and later  I will go out and muck about in the barn.  Plus I am going to candle our eggs again tonight!

It is good to be home again.

Love your friend once more on the farm,


41 Comments on “all is well

  1. Well you have certainly been traversing the globe the last few months, and another trip next month! Glad you are home safe

  2. Welcome back Miss C! I certainly enjoyed the many guest bloggers this past week as I live vicariously through all of you and my own farmy that exists only in my imagination and the realm of “oh…wouldn’t that be wonderful.”

  3. It’s been lovely having the guest bloggers to read, but I’ve missed the authentic Voice of the Farmy… Welcome back, wandering one…

  4. Cats, piggies and belted cows. i have missed them, but really enjoyed the other farms too. It looks like the belted ladies are getting along well, which is good. Welcome home C.

    • morning Kim. yes theses two girls play very nicely together.. it is so much calmer in there without Queenie, bless her, but she was a bully.. c

    • And the last week of February too.. so hopefully it will start to warm up a wee bit in a few weeks.. It seems especially cold after a week in warm California.. c

  5. Welcome home! Sorry it’s to the awful cold. We cannot see out of the library windows at one of my school libraries, the snow has covered them right over! It’s got to get better soon :*)

  6. Home again, Home again, jiggity jog! A saying my mother would say when we arrived home from a long trip.

    It is sleeting and lightening with thunder here (weather people call it THUNDER SLEET) – and the high will be 26 today. I opted to work from home and will probably do the same tomorrow as our high will almost reach 32. We typically have 2 maybe 3 days a year like this, so I shall not complain. (too terribly much) To think a week ago we were at 79…… the poor jonquils were blooming. OH well……

  7. Welcome back…you have been missed…but the lovely guest ladies did an excellent job of filling your post…. lots of love

      • the reason Cecilia is because Misswhiplash belongs to a younger cannot have a 76 yr old just ain’t right so I altered it slightly. You are the first to mention it…does that mean nobody else noticed

  8. Welcome back! The guest posts were lovely but I couldn’t help missing you…

  9. Welcome back and glad all is well. I have a question about the Dutchies…I notice they both have tags in their ears, whereas none of your other cows seem to have had those. What is that for and why do they stay in their ears?

    • They are registered cows, and the breeder tagged them.. They are probably also tatooed inside the ear. The Dutch Belted have a rigorous breeding program with very well kept books.. c

  10. Welcome home dear Cinders! We had a wee bit of fun while you were gone visiting other Farmy Fellowship farms but we are glad to be back to the Farmy we all know and love the best! 🙂

  11. Welcome back to the driver’s seat, you may need to turn the heater switch up… The guest bloggers were wonderful – I’ve followed some new blogs and feel an even greater connection to other lives and parts of the globe. But it’s good to see all is well, and the chilled champers was both practical and a lovely touch 🙂

  12. Welcome back! I see you have decided to share the bitter cold and white fluff with us southern folks. Uh, thanks but (in southern slang), “We don’t need no snow Ma’am”. Ha ha! It is pretty… and I think we will get another taste of ice and snow later in the week. 🙂

  13. Welcome back! It was fun though to see farmies in other parts of the world and meet people on their own turf. Stay warm.

  14. Welcome back safe and sound. It was 20 degrees this a.m. Frost was soon gone with a beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine. Wish you could ship some of the snow from back east to California’s mountains. Love your cows and can hardly wait to see new arrivals.

  15. Glad you are home & safe even tho cold. We feel your pain in CT. Everything is frozen solid. Every day, our driveway gets a little narrower…due to snow plows.
    Can’t wait for Spring!!!

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