The Evolution of a Blog

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When people ask me what my blog is about, I often find myself pausing to think a moment. My little blog has developed and blossomed in a number of unexpected directions. Like a bloggy middle-aged spread. It is not only about my big kitchen-garden anymore. It is so much more. It has a personality of its own. But to describe it in a couple of words is difficult.

Is it a sustainable farm blog? A farm food blog? A homesteading blog? A lifestyle Blog?

Many of us blog straight from our eclectic hearts and our blogs evolve during the journey. So after a while it is hard to pin us down to only one genre. Has this happened to you? Has your blog evolved, and changed over the years? Has it come very far from its beginnings? Is your blog a toddler, or a teenager or maybe even All…

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16 Comments on “The Evolution of a Blog

  1. My own blog started as a vehicle to keep my recipes… evolved into a gluten-free recipe collection when I was diagnosed as celiac. It then changed to being about my efforts to help my sister as she battled cancer. My blog died when she did.
    Along the way though it taught me a couple of valuable lessons: – that I am not a writer (I am, however, a damn fine reader); it taught me about the immense kindness of strangers – and that kindness can save a soul.
    It found me friends all over the world – most of whom I will never meet (and that’s just fine).

  2. My blog started as a way to share pictures of my garden with my aunt but turned into my passport into an amazing community of gardeners from around the world. As a writer, it gave me the outlet I needed for my writing since I’m not interested in writing a novel. But it also helped me discover other blogs such as yours. 🙂

  3. My blog has most definitely evolved, and continues to do so. My blog’s subhead is ‘surrender to yourself’ which is what I’ve tried to do, let the energy of the blog lead me to new places. Lovely post Cecelia!

  4. My blog started as a cooking and traveling blog to share and organize my recipes and I enjoy doing hat. But I also love to visit different blogs and learn about life in different parts of the world. One of my favorite blogs is the Kitchengarden. It is wonderful to discover and learn.

  5. I think it’s a good point you make about evolving. The person behind the start of my blogging was disincentivized because she thought her product-output had to be perfect straight up. I simply went onto WordPress to muck around and get a feel for it…

  6. I believe blogs do evolve… people evolve, and for me it was quite unexpected. My blog started out as a way to write about my life on ten acres – the gardening, yard work, raising chickens, clearing in the woods, repairing fence – whatever is done on a small ranch day by day. It was about the practical life of a farm girl. Then orphaned Daisy deer came along, and I became a deer mother… my life changed forever. Now I find myself hiking on treks to the nearby river in search of my “herd” and I enjoy time photographing wildlife and nature. I have added wildlife rehabilitation to my list of duties. Sometimes I look back and wonder how my blogging mushroomed into a fantastic writing and photography opportunity.

  7. I see your blog as a warm place to visit and listen to stories. I see myself sitting at your kitchen table while you make soup or bread and listening to you talk about our Shelia or the heartbreak of our lovely Daisy. Nanny Boo wanders in with kittens following. The sunshiney days are lovely but I enjoy sitting by the fire (woodstove?) with you in the cold, too. I follow you out and help feed the wee kune kunes or gather eggs from under broody hens. The picture in my mind is probably romanticized. That’s okay.

    My own blog was started as a way of working myself out of the swamp of depression. It’s changed over the years and right now is kind of drifting along. That’s okay, too.

  8. My blog started to help our visitors discover the delights of Bagni di Lucca, but it soon developed a life if its own and now I talk about all my travels and things that interest me. I had to start another blog to talk about the village.
    Making friends has been the best part…and finding other blogs.

  9. Never gave it much thought…I have changed the name a couple of times,,but I think basically mine is about my thoughts and actions in relation to animals

  10. What is your blog? My blog is in fetal postion. I don’t know what it’s doing or where it’s going. I need to get these thoughts swirling in my head on ePaper so I can carry on doing this thing that we do. Also to shine light on grass-fed beef production. When I was a choreographer, I would say, ” I write dances because I’m not a great writer. ” Now, with cows and kids and the realities of farming the land for profit, writing is all I can muster. Plus, “muster” is only something you can use while writing. I can shuffle, I can chasse, but I can only muster through words. Though, I still tap dance and make dances, I can’t help myself. Thanks for making me think about that!

  11. My blog started to share my recipes with friends and family, and also keep a sort of a relaxed diary of what goes on in our life – travels, some work related stuff.

    I cannot say it changed that much over the almost 6 years, but one thing I notice is that I am a lot more relaxed about what I write – and continue to be adamant about keeping my site ads-free and not accepting a single product or book to review.

  12. I left my comment over at Press Publish. I kinda got carried away and it is far too long to transport back to frozen Illinois! Stay warm.

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