Dirty Windows

Dirtier windows. Do your pigs make a mess of your windows?

And how about your kittens? Do they sleep in your feed bags?

Does your cow have a fringe? (They call them bangs in America). Elsie is about to go Bang if I take one more shot of her.

Do your Big Fat Pigs smile with you?


Are your gates frozen shut?

snow and gates

Does your Marmalade cat rudely point out the cobwebs in the barn?
cats and barns

Do your chicks have imaginary legs?

Are you ready for March the 1st. The first EVER kitchens garden random chook house incubation hatch date? abceggs-1804Does your sheep dog match your cows?


Can your LuLu cat do this?

Why, yes they can and do and will. Lucky us!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


PS. For the next few days I am hosting the conversation over at Press Publish.. if you have time: pop over – click on Community and join the conversation!  Many thanks..




59 Comments on “Dirty Windows

  1. Been there, clicked that! How lovely to see the cast of characters again, I’ve missed their naughty, silly, furry, fluffy faces….

  2. Love your pictures today! And why are they called ‘bangs’ ??? LOL Good to have you back my friend. Your guest writers did a great job though. But miss your vocabulary!

  3. sometimes there is a hatchee a day early or day late
    usually not everybody at once

    • I think that I only have two eggs that never started, well they lit up like light bulbs when candled. .. the rest look a bit like this one here, the air bubble, etc. Most are brown though and hard to read. Anyway this coming Sunday is the day they are due to begin, i will watch out for any early risers!.. Hopefully we will get a few chicks.. Thanks Ron!. c

  4. Aahh happiness is … being back with our favourite critters 🙂 apart from gates frozen shut! So now I can surmise the egg comes before the chicken? Laura

  5. all of those things could only happen on the Farmy…others might have one or two but you have the lot! Yes You are lucky

  6. No pig nose smudges here, but definitely cat nose smudges…aka snot. ha Lovely pictures today. The farmy looks well in order except for Elsie’s frown. She is a somber one, that Elsie. I will ask for a fringe cut the next time I go to the beauty shop (just like my mom called it). 🙂 March 1 is circled on the calendar with a little beak in the middle. Good morning C.

  7. Love your piccies today. I can match a couple – doggie smudges on windows; our cows have curly top knots; and our cows and dogs are colour co-ordinated practically (charolais cows (creamy colour with muddy knees at present) and golden retrievers (with muddy paws at present). The chookies are a close match being Isa Browns who are light brown fleckled. Joy

      • Charolais are somewhat large, especially beside me at 5ft.4in. but lovely calm characters, cute looking, apparently nice meat (if you are not vegetarian like me). We only have five – our lawnmowers. Isa Browns, or Lohmanns, are a very popular breed of chook around these parts, very good layers and not flighty or prone to cluckiness.

  8. I can’t top your pictures today for sure as I have no pig nudges on my windows or frowning fringed cows. I do have cat fur everywhere if that counts!

  9. My pathways to the various places I need to go every day are a couple of feet off the ground this time of year. Packed snow. Dog and cat prints on the door. The chicken windows are filthy and the frozen shit-cicles under their perches are a foot tall. -25C for the past few weeks 🙂

    • I read your comment before going out onto my own skating rink of a pathway this mornning. We had a few almost melty days while I was away and it is polished! But i am not complaining. I have been to your site and seen where your oven is and baking in -25 for more than a few weeks must be bloody cold!.. c

  10. Well then, I feel much better about my Bloodhound windows and the temperature.

  11. Such a fun, and funny post today. I can personally add cat nose prints and spit from where my old, senile lady sits and hisses at her arch enemy Little Kitty Tom. Oh…and balls and balls of cat fur…everywhere.

  12. No pig noses smeared on our glass doors and windows, but plenty of dog and cat slobber, that’s for sure! Lovely pictures of the gang on the farmy!! xoxoxo

  13. Ha ha! What a funny post! I love your window photographs. All of those pleading eyes looking in the house! We just have dog slobbers. I have seen wild foxes and raccoons on our back porch, feral cats often bed down on our patio furniture, and of course our juvenile squirrels leave their prints and urine all around. I’m afraid I’ll have to invest in a power washer this spring.

  14. I was just thinking this morning that my pigs have made a mess of my windows! Not! But I do love seeing the mess that your pigs (and others) have made of your windows! Welcome home.

  15. Lots and lots of cat nose smudges on our back door! Checked out Press Publish…very cool. So nice to see everyone today. My how those kittens have grown and how beautiful they are. Marmalade “did herself proud!”

  16. Hi, So glad you’re back. Just a hint that I learned the hard way. Don’t mess with your eggs from day 17 forward. The chicks will actually break into that big open air pocket before they hatch and begin breathing. If you turn the eggs or candle them, they can suffocate. Can’t wait to see them!!

  17. Glad you are back for my daily tonic, although I seem to have missed yesterday somehow. The heavenly bins were emptied down upon us today, with rain, hailstones and snow. Thankfully the latter was of the wet variety and dissolved as it hit the puddles below. I distracted myself with soup making!

  18. I have a matching dog and cat, both black and white, muddy chook foot prints on my back stairs and deck and doggie slobber on the window…..glass door like yours. Would love there to be piggie snuffles too, but then I think the neighbours really would complain. It’s good to see the cast of characters again, or nearly all, where is my Boo? 😦

  19. The photo of the troops waiting outside the door is classic! Our glass doors in the city are covered in boring old grime but the windows of our house in the country (and the walls…) are artistically decorated with frog footprints. There are lots of cobwebs, and a sprinkling of cat fur. I’m so pleased to read the comments, the antithesis of BH&G shiny windows and immaculate surfaces.

  20. I don’t have cows; don’t have cats;
    don’t have chicks with or without legs.
    No snow, no frozen gates,
    no matching cows nor hounds,
    nor webs watched by kittycats.
    But I do have a dog who does
    piggy-nose stuff, snuffs-up all my
    windows at nosey levels.
    Such is the way of noses, I’m told.

    Good evening, c, and greetings to the farmy! M xx

  21. No dogs, no pigs, no cats but PLEASE do not look at the state of the windows here: who has time for that 🙂 !! As long as I can see thru’ other matters have priority!!! Over to your link . . .

  22. Dog snot on the kitchen door, from Mac high to Eli high and also on the living room window where MR. Mac climbs up the back of the couch and sits on the window sill, (log walls are really thick). He does this til he hears me coming but leaves evidence of his crime on the glass. The two horses have fringe and Winston the donkey has a kind of sticky up fringe!

  23. A big “YES” on the frozen gates. Also, I have to take a crowbar and clear frozen snow and muck from the edge of the barn doors to get them closed Every Single Night. Then I have to dig more snow away to get them open again next morning. It’s been a cold, snowy Winter here in MA, and as on the plains, it ain’t over yet. One foot in front of the other!

  24. Your incubator experiences sure do stir up some memories, Celi. At one time, Grandpa tried his luck raising 2 pair of Chinese Pheasants.
    Though they laid eggs, none ever hatched. Soon he found a man, a former neighbor, with an incubator and he and I would drive out to the suburbs with the eggs for him to place in the contraption. For the next 2 Sundays, we would return and candle the eggs, looking for signs of life. We never did have any luck but that didn’t deflate Grandpa’s hopes. He was certain that “this egg” was the one.
    As for the dirty windows, my back door and Nancy’s have windows that are the perfect height for Max to sit before and peer into our kitchens. If I’m not at the door to let him into the house, he’ll proceed up the stairs to Nancy’s porch and look into her home, weather permitting. Our doors’ windows, as a result, are covered in smudges from his muzzle. When I send him to doggy daycare, I wash the window upon my return home. At least it’s clean for a few hours that way. 🙂

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