You Saw it Here

PAN. In my barn. goat-kids-2-025

Though Pan has a pretty bad reputation around goats. So I told Freya to watch out for herself.


But she didn’t listen.



Too funny really. Lets look at that again. I am still laughing.


Freya looks so intent.


Marmalade playing with her kitten.



The girls come in for dinner.


Look at that. Must have been an apparition. Butter would not melt in his mouth. What does that expression mean anyway. I have never been able to work it out.


And now for some exciting news. I am going to call you the Squeaky Wheel. For all of you who asked about the Portland Press Publish Conference Talks being recorded. Andrea announced yesterday that they will be Live Streamed. Free, but you do have to register.  So if you would like to watch some of the talks. Go here. Mine will be in the Fireside Room at 1.45 American Pacific Time.  And  there are many wonderful speakers and workshops for you to pop in to visit if you choose.

If something is streamed live, can you then watch it again another time?  Or does it disappear from the interwebs.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm,




59 Comments on “You Saw it Here

  1. ‘Morning Celi ~ yeh ~ that’s great! I get to listen to you tell ’em all about the farm as you come on to the stage in your “Pants Pause” outfit and background music of all of the characters!! I love these pictures this morning!! what a riot!! Those Kids keep you entertained!! Maybe just put a video on them all day long!! Put it on YouTube and laugh all the way to the bank!!! have a great one!!

  2. To watch the live streaming at a later date, someone would need to record it. Someone more geeky than me!! Go talk to the guys livestreaming, nobody says ‘No’ to our Celi! I should be well finished dinner by the time you begin to speak. I am seven hours ahead.

  3. Do you ever sleep?! Or maybe you are in a different time zone to Portland? So, if I have this right, Portland is 7 hours behind UK time and I should be able to watch live. Yes! Kids bring a whole new level of entertainment. Dancing goats. I’d be watching rather than working…

  4. Celi, I’m not sure but unless sound is captured in a ‘podcast’ the live streaming is only available while it is happening. I think the live streaming will include video pictures (?) . I just checked the time difference and it seems SA will be 9am 🙂 Saturday morning for me. However, is this only for bloggers? I will follow link and go and see. Will the kids be so entertaining once they move out to the fields I wonder. Laura

      • Ok registered … will be there 🙂 close to midnight for me (used my brain the 2nd time to calculate time difference) Laura

  5. Great! We’ll all be watching who can. So you’ll have your cheering section, whether you can hear us or not! That is a marvelous picture of Pan and needs to be considered for the calendar.

  6. Great Pan picture! Needs to be considered for the calendar. You’ll have your cheering section in Portland, then, whether you can hear us or not!

  7. Giggles! Silly GOATS!

    Look at Ton’s face in the picture of Marmalade playing, he looks intense and concerned. That boy needs to take a lesson from Boo and smell the roses! Such a worry wart that one.

    I love the rooster pic in the banner! I need to find out how to borrow that one and put it in my desktop rotation….

  8. Just registered Miss C, and as I am just north of Portland I cannot think of a better way to spend my Saturday afternoon than with you, almost in person 🙂
    BTW, the animals are a hoot this morning.

  9. Carl Gustav has quite the wee beer belly. Yust like the guy he is named after. Happy to see that!

  10. Registered! YAY! Right time, right place for that wonderful photo of the dancing goat or Pan. Freya looks ready to defend her mountain of bales. i had to stare for a while at the cat picture to figure out what was going. A kitty puzzle. 🙂 Are you packed yet?

  11. Registered yesterday ASAP. Was hoping you’d be in there. YEAH! (now that the Fellowship will be huddled close, you know there’ll be lots of positive energy with you.) And please, ask WP to record and make available for later – you have many followers in different time zones. (Will the animals get to listen in?…it’s their story too. Obviously they are dancing for joy…giggles)

  12. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth – he’s too cool. Seriously. Here’s a link: Nowadays we use the phrase to imply false innocence, but that connotation certainly derives from the coolness factor. I think goats, and pigs for that matter, do this kind of cool quite well. Lovely pictures today, as always, and Pan is priceless.

  13. Does the border collie hang out with the belted girls just to fit in? Very handsome he is.

  14. The kids are captivating but your domestic rooster would give many tropical birds a run for their exotically coloured plumage money… I’m sure I once had a broach like him!
    Ah, your time is early Sunday morning for me, where of course normally I’d be conveniently in bed with a coffee tuning but nooooo, this Sunday morning I’ll be on the road/meeting up with family/at markets… hopefully with my nose glued to my phone praying the interwebs are connected ☺

  15. I registered last night after I heard Ella and Eha talking about it, and since we’re on the same time zone Ella, it’ll be early Sunday morning for me too…..I will be here…or there……somewhere anyway watching 🙂 Funny goat babies.

  16. I’m all signed up too C. So now I will see you Saturday and Sunday! 🙂 Those kids are too dang funny!

  17. The rooster in your header is a stunningly handsome specimen….his colours are gorgeous.
    I have registered but wondering if I will get the live stream in in Australia – and if I do, what time. From what I have worked out, I am 14 hours ahead. They send an email closer to the time, so I’m hoping they convert the Livestream to my time. Thank you for the opportunity Miss C.

      • OK, very late but have just had a wretched morning with docs etc 😉 ! For Eastern Australia it will be Sunday am 7 hours before West Coast Time in the US. We are still on Summer Time, the US has changed back. If anyone is registered here in Oz, we should get the info sometime tomorrow: hope that will help. Otherwise be prepared to try both times: do hope they show both Celi’s talk at 1.45 pm local time and her panel appearance [which I would really love to see] re ‘our’ book a couple of hours later. Hope we all shall ‘catch it’ – I have found the WordPress staff awfully accommodating; so just ask!!

        • Thanks Eha. I am in Eastern Australia (Gold Coast). I’m hoping the information in the email some time tomorrow. I’d hate to miss seeing our Miss Celi.

          • Barb – have just received a ‘Press Publish’ – she will be signing copies of ‘our’ book also!!!! Talk about clapping!! Now you are still an hour apart from NSW aren’t you . . . the first and main talk is just before 7 am my time methinks, but then Miss C has that panel talk about two hours later about the book: sheesh I do hope she has a few to take along and make some money for all the critters!!!!!!

            • Where are you in Oz? Yes, Queensland is an hour behind NSW, so I will be having an early start Sunday morning it seems! I’m so looking forward to seeing Miss C.
              By the way, I got my email from Press Publish today. Thanks for getting back to me – the Fellowship is a wonderful thing!

  18. Sheesh . . . that took awhile yesterday pm as WordPress supposedly had an argument with my ‘cookies’!! All done, all dusted: should get my ‘tutorial pass’ tomorrow and then it’s on for Sunday morning for us: Yippeee, oh I SO hope it works but the gorgeous WordPress gal said they’ll do it whichever so I can see you live !!!!!!!!! What a wonderful weekend to look forwards to . . . especially after todays’ butcher, baker, candlestick maker . . . yuk !!!!!

  19. Well, a moment ago I thought all was fixed and proper for me to receive instructions for our Sunday morning: all done and dusted!! So waiting for the weekend and wishing you well! Now have not gotten thru’ to you on the first ‘go’: let’s see! All the very bestest anyways if we do not connect before!! Can’t wait!!!!

  20. I’m signed up but just last night discovered we have company coming for the weekend! Gads! I’ll have to put a reminder on my cell so that I can dash to a computer quick and hopefully my Bro & Sis-in-law won’t mind. I think if I offer Sissy Jo a glass of Prosecco she’ll be good and watch with me!! I hope you have a fabulous time!!

  21. I have been away for a bit, and I am so happy to step back in in time to see this. Bon courage and bon voyage! This is exciting. Off to sign up. xo

  22. The lighting on the rooster really shows his colors. Who needs a peacock, he says. 😉 Silly goats! So much fun to watch. I didn’t realize they climbed up on everything until I saw them standing on the hood of my niece’s car!

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