Off again

I leave at lunchtime today. No, you are not coming Tima. Put those dogs down and behave yourself. kunekune

So I will do a fast change after the lunchtime baby feeding and off we go.


You and I – to Portland Oregon. I have never been to that part of the country before so I am looking forward to seeing it. Naturally I will be blogging every day.  We will see what we will see. At the very least it will be a bit warmer. But rainy evidently.  My plane gets in at dusk there so hopefully there is still enough light for a few shots as we cross the country.  It is a four and a half hour flight.

There is a list on the kitchen board for baby feeding. And Jake is back to run the weekend. The Dutchies are looking settled. thursday-057

Poppy is bonkers as usual. Sheila is already sulking in her room


and the chicks are being watched closely by Boo.


who are watching him closely back.


Tomorrow is the conference but there is a two hour difference between here and Oregon so I will be up super early. Plenty of time to bring you up to date from my lovely hotel room.

Good Morning. Thank you to all of you who have already signed up to listen in on the talk for Press Publish. Live streaming will be interesting.  I have had to change a few of my photographs at the last minute but you have seen them all before so that won’t make much difference to you.

After this weekend we will settle down to some good solid farming and writing about it.

Have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm and in a plane,



45 Comments on “Off again

  1. Celi – have a grand one!! Take Boo n Timi with you for a grand entrance on to the stage!!!

  2. It always amazes me how vast America is. A four hour flight from the UK would take me to Tenerife! Good luck and you go girl! And have a safe journey. x

  3. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful, I wish I was going too. I hope you have a little time to explore. There is a lot of great food places and amazing good carts. Good luck have a great trip.
    PS no geese yet! They must have made a pit stop.

  4. Good Luck, will be there listening! Hopefully Tima and Tane will get themselves pregnant while you are away 🙂 Laura

  5. Jake has the Farmy in hand, we are watching from the wings. Go forth and knock their socks off. Enter Celi, stage left, to riotous applause. I can’t watch the live streaming, so I hope someone will do the YouTube thing some time. Such a shame you can’t do a show and tell, with Tima, Boo, Marcel, Sheila, Elsie and Godot to make life exciting.

  6. So excited for you and those bloggers who will get to see and hear you speak, and for us on the farmy, as now we can hear and hopefully see you too. Have a fabulous time!!!! xo

  7. Safe travels! Enjoy your time away and I am eager to see that area too……

  8. Best wishes for a good trip & a successful weekend. I will be at my post at the Earth Science museum where I work Saturdays, so I’ll have to miss the live streaming. I join Kate in hoping someone will capture it for youtube. I would love to see & hear your talk. All of us will look forward to reports the usual way. Bon Voyage again! Judith

  9. I hope you enjoy your visit to my fair city! The forecast looks good–70 today and 63 tomorrow, with clouds and sun. Do be sure to sample some of our amazing food here–there should be lots of food carts nearby wherever you are. And don’t forget the wine, beer, and coffee! I’m so sad your talk is not going to be recorded. I’ll be in a workshop during the Livestream. 😦 I know it will be wonderful, though!

  10. That Tima is some girl, and poor Sheila missing you already. Enjoy, safe journeying, and you will be brill!

  11. Those cowgirls love their new feeding pen! Have signed up for the podcast and am looking forward to it tomorrow at 10:45 Eastern Daylight. Good luck and have fun!

  12. Bon Voyage today C! Can’t wait to see you on Sunday! xo~ Chris
    ps. What is a brolly?

  13. I have a ticket! I think I’ll set up my laptop( oh that’s an old term)in the barn so that all the critters can watch. Photo to follow. Howz dat?

  14. Enjoy your time in Portland. We lived in the Pacific Northwest for 10 years. Hubby was in the Army at Ft. Lewis in Washington. After he was discharged, we ended up moving back to Tacoma. It’s beautiful country.

    I plan to sign in to the simulcast.

    Safe travels!!

  15. I look forward to hearing your presentation. You will be crossing the sky toward the west as Howie crosses the sea and skies East, from Melbourne to L.A. When you return to your home farm, he will be returning to me and ours. Break a leg!

  16. I’m so embarrassed. I missed a post and didn’t realize you are now in Portland and will be streaming live. So I tried to register and because my husband is on Word Press, I was not allowed to register as equus2. I don’t know what his password is and he’s not home. I’ll have to wait. Also, what time will you be “on” according to CST.? I’ll try to figure that out in the meantime.

  17. And here I am about to leave Seattle and return to Sussex! Bon voyage, c. xx


  18. Ah, an umbrella! No, you will not need one! The weather is supposed to be beautiful in Portland this week-end! Because I said so!! See you soon!

  19. Managed to open my own account and anxious to hear your speech. I think I should tune in at 3:45 p.m. tomorrow. Hope that’s right.

  20. I am sure you are well on the way now, safe journey and have a ball! I will crack open a bottle tomorrow night as I listen to my own personal after dinner speaker! You wow them, girl>

  21. Safe flight and good luck in Portland (not that you’ll need it); you will knock their socks off. I shall be listening in.

  22. Twenty-one hours and I hope to hear your voice from Australia! All of us in the Down Under contingent surely hope to! And Madam: I’ll get up very early on a Sunday morning just to clap and clap and clap!!!

  23. I’m behind, too. I also hope video turns up somewhere for those of us who missed you!

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