Good morning. I am in Portland,  Oregon for the Press Publish Conference. I have my itinerary, name tag and my goodies bag. I am thinking I might wear my “I Love Sheila My Big Fat Pig” T shirt. I will try it on with my skirt right now.  I think it might work with this colourful crowd.

Last night, by the time I arrived, Portland was turning the lights out. So the only shots I could bring you were from my lovely, lovely hotel room at The Embassy Suites, downtown.

kids of street

But I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open so off to bed I went.

Once I have sent you this I will go off down to have breakfast (I am starving) and very soon this day will unfold. It might be just another day for many people, but I am the kind of person who is easily entertained and excited by ordinary events so I am sure to find some new and interesting things to tell you tomorrow.


And because of the live streaming you can be there too, if you want to. My talk ( 1.45 Pacific Time) including question time is 30 minutes.  But I am thinking – what if people don’t ask me questions. Do you have any questions for me? That is a useful thought. I could put a few of your questions up my sleeve in case of uncomfortable silences.


It will be fun though.  Now I had better go, iron my skirt and wrestle my hair into some semblance of order and find some food.  Now that is not my usual morning is it?!

I shall report back tomorrow.

Lots of love,

Your travelling friend


72 Comments on “Portland

  1. I won’t be able to watch the live stream, so I hope we get some photos of you on stage (or wherever it is you will be speaking from!).

  2. Planning to watch you this morning from MN. My question for you would be how do you stay so organized? thanks for sharing Portland with us!

  3. Enjoy it well, so we can enjoy it, too! You are sure to come out of it with new Fellowship members!

  4. Good luck, and I really can’t imagine there will be no questions or any awkward silences. You have a wonderful way with words, and they should be riveted.

  5. I’m sure that you’ll get loads of questions! Unfortunately, I can’t get the live stream which is a shame, I would have loved to watch it. It probably has something to do with the steam-driven internet here on Skye!

    • Christine, I’ll admit I was reading kind of fast, but I was sure you had written “stream-driven” internet – and I wondered why that would give you a problem. Someday I will remember to slow down my reading, but “stream” vs. “steam” gave me a good chuckle this morning. Chris S in Canada

  6. I’d ask the questions – What gave you the idea to start blogging about your farm (your inspiration)? How did you get started? How did you handle the increased traffic on the blogsite – did you contact individual people or just let them join and see what you had doing? How much time a day do you spend on your blog? What is the biggest or are the biggest personal benefits you have gotten out of blogging? What drives you to continue doing it? Has it been a financial success? How do you see your activities in the next few years? What would you like to do more of or expand?
    Well done and continue!
    I won’t be able to attend your live cast but if you could put it on your archives so we can listen later, that would be so good. I’m doing my own presentations this weekend doing 1700’s re-enacting in Winder, Georgia at Fort Yargo State Park historical site of our 1790 fort. Diann

    • Whew- Diann has some questions, so pressure’s off for me. (How do you get all the animals to look so cute. Are you going to do more audio/sound tracks for your blog?) OK I’ve tucked in a few questions – can’t have our Ci feeling out there all by herself…like the animals’ spirits are chuckling and jousting behind you
      Already checked out to make sure the streaming is working – and ditto – they should provide a video copy for your blog.
      HAVE FUN! You are you. You’ll be great.
      (and yea with good luck for your own presentation at Fort Yaro, Diann!)

      • I only wish I could have listened. I had a presentation for about 35 people talking at our Rondezvous of 1700’s re-enactors and public attending on medicine of the 1700’s. Went 2 1/2 hours right when you were giving your talk. I hope we can hear an archived copy of the talk Celia because I know it will be wonderful. Diann

      • And i gave them all your questions about the desktop changes and you will soon be in touch with a fantastic enthusiastic girl who is looking forward to working with you.. so sharpen your pencil Viv. The cavalry is coming.

  7. Such exciting stuff C! Wonderful! Hopefully for those of use who will miss the life streaming there will be a recorded version…
    Have a beautiful day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  8. How much does Our John pay Camera House to miss him all the time? 🙂 Laura

    • ps just received my ticket ….. it is a video link and it works!! Celi, how about waving hello to the fellowship sometime in your talk? Laura

  9. best of luck I shall take my laptop to bed so that I can tune in at 10.45 pm

  10. I bet you’ll get loads of questions and interest in what you do. How could it be otherwise. Do you think your subject matter helps in always having something to write about; do you ever want a holiday from blogging; one piece of advice for someone new to blogging, what would it be? So looking forward to this livestream.

  11. I think that it is so wonderful that you get to experience some of my Pacific Northwest…Portland is so…….eclectic? They have an amazing Saturday Market that you might like, so you will have to visit again just to take in more of the sights. I hope the conference supplies some lovely Voodoo Donuts for the speakers…they are amazing 🙂 Best Miss C, you will be wonderful.

  12. It’s bizarre to see pavement on your blog! My question/observation is that anyone can take snaps but your photos are exceptional. What is your training or background in photography and how do you manage to juggle Camera House and (say) a pitchfork? We’re with you, dear one!

  13. You’re in Portland! How exciting. I think the Sheila shirt is a good choice. My test stream worked this morning so I am good to go. You will have your very own cheering section in the Fellowship, clapping and cheering like mad. Enjoy meeting all of the people…network, network, network! 🙂

  14. Printed out the programme, Starred the talks I want to listen to, between 15:50 & Midnight, my time….. I have given myself a late pass! 😉

    A question?

    “What one piece of advice would you give a greenhorn, thinking about starting a blog?”

    Have fun and enjoy!

  15. Celi, have a great day!! we’ll be with you going on to stage!!!

  16. You plan ahead for everything – including there being no questions asked live! Wow! That is why the Farmy works so well. I am going to wear my Sheila Tee today in support and plan to be at the computer late afternoon in Michigan. You got this!

  17. You have a great way with words and the audience will love it. Unfortunately I can’t listen to the podcast . Have a great day.

  18. Gosh Celi, no doubt there will be lots of questions, even without those from the farmy! Maybe, and you probably already have plans to talk about your initial start-up and how friends helped you, like Chrissy Hellyer, and how she and others did and continue to spread the word about your blog. (I can never thank Chrissy enough for putting me in touch with you way back when you started writing!) Also, how the ‘guest posts’ help you when you must go away. And they are a treat for us as well. What else…? Diann has lots of great questions, and I think those in the seminar will too! Looking forward to seeing and hearing you live!!! xo

  19. How do you define success in your personal life, your blog life and life in general? What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years?

  20. And, I told you.. Portland is where people in their 20’s go to retire.

  21. C. so glad you arrived safe and sound in Portland last eve. We are heading down there today and are so excited to finally meet you tomorrow for our bubbly brunch! 🙂 You will be amazing today…I know it!

  22. My question would be how you manage to make every single blog every single day not just interesting but inspiring and a learning experience. I personally would love to know how you managed to make the major transition from city life to farm life. I know you read a lot. Lots of luck, Celi. Ivegot my ticket. I hope I’m able to tap in, not being apt at streaming.

  23. I’m sure it will be fabulous. I can’t believe the one time I could meet Miss C. right in my own hometown, I’m in California. I hear the weather is terrific up there, enjoy!

  24. You’ll be wonderful! I so wish I could see the live stream, but have an appointment. Good luck!

  25. I-heart-your-blog and photos. it’s one of a handful that I run – yes, run, muddy barn boots just now and all, to read every day. because it’s educational, inspiring and so loving of your farm and animals, without being pedantic. and thank you for sneaking us into your suitcase for your trip. am loving the street-life photos, but I know i’ll enjoy no matter what you send out to us, because you just have the touch/knack for it. no wonder you were asked to be a speaker. congratulations, clapclapclap, and have safe adventures in portland, fun and a safe trip home. —-suz in ohio

  26. Wonderful talk, Celi! You’re doing a great job! They love you! 🙂 As do we.

  27. Celi! You sound English!! Lol – not what I expected, though I know you worked there a while.
    The live stream kept cutting out on me and was very jerky and difficult to watch. I do so hope it felt better for you.

  28. YOU are doing great! How fun to hear your voice and beautiful New Zealand accent! I bet the fellowship is going to gain some new members today. Welcome to the newbies. Bravo Celi!

  29. Rats. I totally forgot to stream this. One of my friends here was on around 11:30 this morning on a MSP radio station and I caught her and it totally left my mind that you were going to be on. I am sorry. I planned to listen! I am sure you rocked it. Is it a podcast?

  30. BRILLIANT! Our Celi did us proud! She had the audience eating out of her hand and YES, they did ask questions! Congradulations, You are a star, Celi.

  31. I just watched! Celi, you were a natural, it was a wonderful talk. Love your kiwin accent! I could hear the murmurs and laughter from the audience which showed their absolute engagement with you and what you were saying. I loved the questions at the end, what good questions. And the info about old barns, how good was that? And I found myself nodding and laughing as you talked about naughty Poppy and Tima, and had tears…I know, big sook….when you mentioned Daisy and Kupa, and Boo Nanny. Everything you said was so familiar…..I think if I’d been in the audience, or someone was here, I’d be nudging with my elbow, saying I know all of them. Well done Celi. I wish I could watch again.

  32. I think that if you’ve missed it, and its still the 28th and the presentations are still going on, you can click on the live stream and watch what was recorded earlier (scroll back to 5 hours 10 or 11 minutes or so). That was just lovely, a real treat. Thank you Celi – you did great – and thanks to Press Publish for the streaming. Lovely to hear you speak, as opposed to reading you speak! Do hope you enjoyed it as much as we have.

  33. Celi, you were great. Lovely to have a voice to the face at last 🙂 Laura

  34. i thought you were great. you could see the teacher come out in you again as if it had never left. it is nice too put a face and voice to a read. everything reads a little different now and better. i agree with the others you were wonderful.

  35. Applause! So nice to see you actually move and speak! (Considering we only see animals in scenery – it was great fun as you showed us how large the farmy livestock if they stood next to you!) Such great fun. You charmed them all!
    (You’re pretty small to be muscling all that farm work – and with a lovely hairstyle!)

  36. Congratulations on a ‘job’ obviously well done!!! Am peagreen with envy! My test result worked just fine but your session refused to stream : probably too ancient software! No use being told to switch computers: only have the one 🙂 ! Shall try to get the panel show but . . .

    • Best lines of the day from Portland: ‘I don’t have piles and piles of readers’ . . . that from our Celi: huh????? Yes, somehow got thru’ for most of the panel discussion before being cut off again a few minutes back: Eureka!!! Fantastic, even if the others had individual book offerings and you presented ‘The Fellowhip’!! Loved your hair [what a very feminine observation!] . . . found you not so much Miss C but more a gorgeously feminine Celi . . . . what a privilege, even if but a short one in my case! God bless: have a happy trip home!!!!

  37. Loved your segment. Your pictures were stunning and your farm and pursuits sounds awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  38. What a wonderful talk. You rocked!! They loved you! Have a safe trip back!

  39. I missed just the beginning of your presentation (my computer is slow to crank up) and your intro on the forum (ditto) but was fascinated with seeing you live. What fun and I loved it.

  40. I saw you and heard your voice! You are lovely, and it was so much fun hearing you describe us and the Farmy, and the Fellowship. You did great! I loved the photos you chose. I didn’t realize how similar your NZ landscape was to your current landscape. Cool! Alas, I lost the feed maybe a little more than halfway through, disappointing! But it was so much fun to catch what I was able to!

  41. I am so disappointed that I had to work through your livestream. I was looking forward to hearing your voice. I do hope it went well, and I know just where you were in downtown Portland, and I so hope you enjoyed all the green and that you got tons of questions.

  42. It was so much fun to listen to you talk about the animals! You did a great job – Sheila has no idea what a superstar she is!

  43. Congratulations Celi, your presentation was fabulous. You looked great! and came across very real, warm & engaging like you’d just met up with a group of people and were having a chat about your passion, which of course you were but it was also apparent you had prepared and structured the discussion to cover it logically and fully.
    As for me, well, that tells you I did it 🙂 Managed to livestream via phone with the G.O. driving the car along the NSW, Australia M1 freeway in between family appointments early Sunday morning, with phone held between us in one hand and coffee in the other!

  44. I’m sorry that I missed your time in Portland. 😦 I signed up for the live-streaming….then my day fell apart and I could not watch. Will there be a way to see it elsewhere…..after the fact?

  45. That’s good news about there being tapes! I’m so excited you are able to go and have this experience.

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