Mr Flowers – the long awaited display.

And all is right with the world.  Just for that moment of yesterday afternoon in this corner of the world.

peacock train






Both my guest worker and The Cadet spent a considerable amount of time yesterday standing in the loft looking across at Mr Flowers. Open mouthed. This display lasted more than an hour. man gardening

Then they both went back to their respective tasks. Help has arrived.

girl and calf

The Cadet had endured such a hard day at school that she literally lay down and went to sleep in the straw cuddled in with the calf, Naomi. I can think of no better place to recover, so let her sleep.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm,



65 Comments on “Mr Flowers – the long awaited display.

  1. The theraputic value of the Farmy – even just reading about it – cannot be over-estimated. I’m so glad the Cadet has the Farmy for R&R.

    Mr. Flowers is just gorgeous. Jock’s been asking me when there would be pictures, so when he’s woken from his after-lunch nap, he will enjoy the feast of fotos.

    ViV xox

  2. Breathtaking. Mr Flowers has waited and assessed and observed. And now he’s ready, sure that the Farmy is safe for Peacock Family life. Mrs Flowers had better look out – Mr Flowers is Displaying! Wonderful photos, Celi, and my favourite calf is looking particularly adorable in her fetching red necklace. Lucky Cadet…

  3. Mr. Flowers, just absolutely, positively gorgeous. Glad the cadet found a good spot to rest. I hope she felt better when she woke up. Ton seems to be approving of the new arrival. He is a good judge of character. Welcome Frederico (?)!!

  4. That tail is a marvel. But so are the cadet and Naomi together. What sweetness. Wordless togetherness. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  5. Stunning. I can’t wait to show Evie, who is sleeping as she was up during the night with a fever of 103. I am so sorry that the cadet had a hard day at school. I hope her stress left as soon as she was with the animals.
    I have to say Naomi is the cutest calf I have ever seen!

  6. Wonderful pics! So happy to have Mr. Flowers on the farmy! He will be able to fill the footprints of The Duke of Krupa, who was also very wonderful! Just love the pic of Ton Ton and the guest worker. It looks as though Ton is carefully checking to make sure he is doing the planting just right! 🙂 And I just went back to check and nobody has a heavy coat on! Now that is exciting!!! 🙂

  7. I am so glad because that has the farm to come too. Being a teenager is no easy business. That just melts my heart. Naomi is already working hard and she doesn’t even know it, being a therapy calf. I have certainly come home from long days in court and needed nothing more than a good snuggle with my dogs. Mr. Flowers was kind to serve at the large dose of beauty, also a powerful elixir.

  8. I am having trouble posting. I don’t know why. I was just going to say how jealous I am of the Cadet. She found the perfect spot to let all her cares drift away!

  9. you are so lovely and kind letting The Cadet sleep, she must have really needed it ,,and what a lovely place to sleep cuddled up to Naomi, all smelling of baby and milk. And as for Mr Flowers…that just took my breath away…so absolutely stupendous, what a proud bird he is

  10. Oh Myyy!! He is spectacular! ❤
    I wanna lay down and sleep in the hay with a cute calf too!!! Sounds like bliss! I so need to save my pennies and head around the other side of the globe for a visit {I don't have to bring the hubby n kids do I ?!}

  11. Celi, I love that you host the farm prodigies – they are getting the experience of a lifetime and inspiration for their lives. We so desperately need the small family farm to recover from the blitz of big ag biz with its huge soil crushing machines and its chemicals and earth destroying practices. Everything you do is an inspiration. YOU GO GIRL! Di

  12. He’s beautiful without doubt, but I can’t wait to see your ‘angel’ display!

  13. Mr flowers is a majestic bird wonderful. What a lucky girl the cadet is to have such a great place to recuperate from a stressful day at school. I hope you and your helper have a fab day x

  14. Is it the light or my imagination, or does Mr. Flowers have 6 or 7 white tail feathers right in the center? Stunning shots of your beautiful boy.
    I’m glad Fredrico (?) went right to work. He must be amazed at all he sees.
    As for the Cadet, you knew exactly what she needed. What a good teacher you are!

  15. All seems to be perfect in the farmy world. Maybe Godot will follow suit and try to out impress the pea hens now that he has an example to follow from the amazing Mr Flowers.

  16. Mr Flowers’ display is so beautiful, but it was the shot of The Cadet and Naomi that took my breath away…they are both so fortunate to be a part of your world.

  17. What a handsome peacock. Spectacular. Good morning to you all, c, and greetings to your new friends. >

  18. You and the Farmy are a blessing to the Cadet. My heart just ached when I read about her hard day at school. But then to read that she snuggled and slept next to Naomi, well, my spirit soared. Thank you, C, for your love and care of the Cadet.

  19. Oh C. that is just stunning that Mr. Flowers has that streak of white feathers interspersed in the center of his magnificent tail. I’ve never seen anything like it! And that looks like a handsome young man out there being supervised by Ton! Cinders, that photo of the Cadet and Naomi just speaks volumes. That is pure comfort for the soul for her….

  20. That first picture of Mr. Flowers literally made me gasp. And think of our dear Duke of Kupa. Please let the Cadet know that I too have been having very hard days and am so very glad that one of us has a calf to snuggle in the straw with to recover at day’s end.

  21. What a gorgeous fella Mr. Flowers is! Cadet’s experience reminded me of my childhood. The best way to recover from a bad day of school was to come home and cuddle with our wire fox terrier. Hope Cadet has a better day today.

  22. Wooo Hooo – I don’t read many blogs these days, and somehow here I am, and what joy do I find! xx sending a big hug to you Joanna

  23. SO beautiful! There was a peacock at the Inn we stayed at this weekend. His hens were locked up in the hen house nesting some eggs…. They are hoping to have babies in a few weeks time. In honor of Mr Pea (that is his name) -> we went to the James Avery corporate office and store on Saturday. In his honor – because they have a 60th anniversary piece engraved with a PEACOCK!!! And Mr Avery himself talked me into purchasing it…. He told me the story of how he designed the piece and it was sold during his first year in business. It is a very lovely piece of silver that I will cherish forever.

    I would nap with Naomi in a heartbeat. The cadet is going to really help you with keeping that calf happy around humans, which is a very good thing for a dairy cow! Now if Lady A would just do the same.

    • I have seen that piece in the catalog. it is beautiful. Enjoy wearing it!

  24. Thank you Mr Flowers, my most favourite colours in your tail. I looks so delicate, yet so strong. May your displays lead to a fruitful future! Oh the comfort in that photo of Naomi and the Cadet. It made me relax the minute I saw it.

  25. Wow! Why did Mr. Flowers do that? Does it take them a while to fan their tails? Why for an hour? These are probably dumb questions but I’m farm dumb 🙂

    • The males display their tail feathers to attract the females.. The fact that he had it up for most of the hour of have no idea, maybe they were ignoring them.. he has had it up and down all day today too.. Love is in the air.. c

  26. I can just imagine our Cadet sighing into the hay. My daughter is planning a move to Nebraska, and I am crossing my fingers that she finds a farmy to embrace her, too.

  27. Mr. Flowers is so handsome I just had to post his pics on my facebook page for all my friends to enjoy! He is a truly handsome “Dude”…….Lady Peahens, beware …..LOL!

  28. Wow, Mr Flowers’ display is stunning. Exquisite colours. The interaction between humans and the Farmy cast is heartwarming, Mr Flowers appeared unfazed by the attention, Ton happy with new company and The Cadet & Naomi happy with each others’. Happy sigh! All that was right then and there has now been felt across the globe 🙂

  29. Goodness, Mr Flowers is one Fabulously Fine Feathered Friend! teehee …How beautiful is that? Wonder if he will drop any feathers still in good shape… am sure you will find a good use for those.
    Like Audrey, my heart goes out to the Cadet and wishing for her some easier days ahead. Summer is coming 🙂
    From the sounds of it, appears she’s found a good refuge in you and the farmy.

  30. Your post made me feel fuzzy-warm during a difficult day ahead . . . cuddling alongside the Cadet and lovely Naomi would be very nice . . . and can’t quite believe Mr Flower’s feathers: nature can be cruel, nature can be oh so beautiful . . .

  31. Hi C,I must come to the farm with connie, it all looks so wonderful

    • The Perlman /Israeli Philharmonic version of Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’ perchance . . . . . hmm, can hear the high notes myself at the moment . . .

  32. Mr. Flower’s display was magnificent! What a beautiful bird he is. An hour is a long time to hold all that plumage spread out & standing at attention. I’m sure all the peahen’s appreciated the show most of all. How lucky we all are that you managed to capture his display with your camera Ms. C.

    I am sending my empathy to the Cadet. I remember those not so great days when I was her age. I hope she felt better about things after a nap with the ultra-adorable Naomi. A cuddle with her could make me feel better about almost anything.

  33. This is all well and good, but I must remind you that if Mr. Flowers experiences a display lasting more than four hours he should see his doctor…oh, that’s something different isn’t it. Is it?

    But seriously, what an elegant bird he is; he’ll have all the hens swooning in no time.

    And I have calf-nap envy. I posted a pretty calf today, too, but of course she’s not mine and I doubt sleeping draped over the barbed wire fence to be near her would be anything like as cuddly as the Cadet’s snooze. So I’ll have to enjoy the nap vicariously. And I most certainly will! Thanks as always for the beautiful pictures and heartwarming updates. 🙂


  34. Those white plumes in Mr. Flowers’ tail look almost like someone stuck a sparkler there. He is gorgeous. Naomi and the Cadet is a lovely portrait of them both.

  35. My, what a handsome show of plumage! Can you imagine how it would feel to parade around with such a fashionable display of feathers? The Cadet’s decision to lay down with Naomi was a good one. I often did that while raising Daisy deer. Just yesterday Daisy came to have a few nibbles around the house and promptly bedded down under the trees by the clover patch. I removed my jacket and used it as a pillow, laying down just a few feet from her (I have learned deer lay about 10 feet from each other, facing different directions in order to keep watch for predators), enjoying a bit of a rest myself. It lasted for all of 20 minutes but I think it did Daisy and I both a world of good!

  36. I’m glad the Cadet was able to recover in such a serene environment. Yay for help! Grand display! Obviously, Mr. Flowers hasn’t had to contend with kittens playing with his plumage!

  37. I am so delighted I didn’t miss this entirely. What beautiful plumage! I would stare at it all day if possible. School can be very exhausting and a nap is good for the heart and the mind. I took most of mine – in school. 🙂 Your cadet looks so sweet with Naomi. Warms the heart.

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