I sat down last night to look at this paltry assortment of images ready to tell you about my day yesterday but too tired to write it all down.

Slow down. My neighbour said when she came over to drop off egg cartons.

Are you mental? I called out.

She laughed.


Whose nose is this? kunekune nose

Oh that was an easy one. What about this one?

pigs nose

And who is this?

pigs nose

Alright Sheila – you win!!

pigs smile

Sheila likes to win. And she still has all her own teeth.

Yesterday the nice young couple who now own Elsie and Potter (who they are renaming Ana which is just lovely) came to collect their girls. As you will remember I am very careful about loading animals in a stress-free way.  I talked to her new owners after they had backed up the trailer and instructed them to hold the panels to cover the potential escape routes then hide their heads and their feet so as not to give her a fright.  I had a very good plan. She was standing at the ready on the other side of the gate.  I had her baby in the side room. The trailer was backed up close and I have discovered that Elsie is addicted to Molasses. I have been showing her the molasses jug for the last few days letting her lick it as it seeps out, she loves it so I just placed the jug in the trailer and seeing nothing amiss she just walked straight in and started licking her molasses lollipop and I shut the door behind her.  It has to be fast. You do NOT want a cow to balk and back up – if that happens you are in for the long haul. So I plan thoroughly for one shot.

I loaded her calf into the second compartment right next to her and the man towed the trailer back out to the drive then we discovered that the tire on the old trailer was flat as a pancake. With a  cow inside.  And I was not going to unload her – you can only pull that kind of trick on a cow once.

To cut a long story short  I ran between the buildings gathering everything we needed to change a tire (all the good stuff is in Johns truck at work with him of course)  they had a spare but not much else but we managed. A tractor is a useful jack.

Then the Postmistress texted that the chicks were here. I was going to be a while so she put them in the Post Office bathroom and turned the heating way up.

And so  the day went. I raced from one thing to the next.  Ran all day.  It does not take much to get behind. I ate my lunch at 4.30 standing up, went out to milk, then carried on and did not get to bed until 10pm.  But I got everything on my list done.

But I am ahead today and that is a good thing. Today will be busy too but in a different way as I orientate our first guest worker of the season.  Then things will be easier – I will have help.

And now I had better get a wriggle on, the sun is rising and you know that that means. After chores there is the muesli to make the bread to bake, thebedroom room to prepare and then at the train station to pick up Federico by 11am.

I hope you have a lovely day,

Your friend on the farm,


47 Comments on “Slow DOWN

  1. Funny that during the winter months I was sooooo bored, and now I don’t have the time to even think! LOL but it is great to be busy again, not as busy as you my dear friend. Hope your new guest/worker settles in and takes up some of the load for you so you can get to bed earlier.
    Big Hugs

  2. There used to be a product in Uk called Phyllosan….and the advert used to say Phyllisan fortifies the over forties…now I don’t think that you are over 40 as you look to young but you carry on living life at speed you will surely wear yourself to a thread and then even Phyllosan will not be of use….so YES…SLOW DOWN….

    • I remember Phyllosan! I once bought some for my relatively new boyfriend’s dad, MANY years ago, as a joke on his 40th. He was not amused!!!

    • Amen to the slowing down.

      When I was about 5, I was reading the ads on the London Underground going to Grandma’s. My mother was utterly mortified that I read aloud in a very piercing voice: “Phyllosan, Fortifies the Over Forties. That’s what you need, Mum” (who must have been about 30). I was never allowed to forget it, and neither was MuM.

  3. A smile from Sheila. What else does you need? Glad Elsie/Ana and her calf are on their way to their new home. Hopefully, the train will be on time, take a book. 🙂 Have a good, busy day.

  4. The thing about working with the land, plants and animals, is that sometimes things can wait and other times they can’t. When things can’t wait, not doing them has consequences that are often worse than just digging in and doing them. I totally understand about racing from one thing to the next. But we can celiabrate (spelling on purpose) that you did get it all done! Hooray! Welcome little chicks today! Time for a cuppa with the new worker/visitor and sit for ten minutes. Like you, I started a new intern yesterday and life goes on! Vitamin B – sub-lingual – helps most of all for me when I hit the wall. Better than coffee or tea, and healthier too. The Garden Lady of Ga.

  5. You totally personify the saying “If you want something done, ask a busy person”. But even you must make time to sit and enjoy the contented smiles of your animals, and by inference, the contented smiles of the Fellowship as we read our daily dose of Farmy Fabulousness.

  6. At some point, a few years ago I might have advised the ‘slow down’ as well, but now that I have I don’t enjoy the process. I suppose being forced to cut back by healtdh issues is what is causing me to rebel. I did not get to choose the slowing time, my body did and that seems too unwelcome right now. Sitting in chairs is fine for a time, but busy hands doing happy work is better.

    • Deb .. your comments are so honest and strong, you have been on my mind lately.. your support is one of the things that keeps me busy and happy.. thank you..I am so glad you are here with us,, c

  7. Thankfully the young couple had a spare tyre. Celi, I love the way you think outside the box and find solutions for every problem. Every item has at least two uses! Sheila is a winner in the nose photos. I look forward to hearing about Federico’s stay at the farm.

  8. I can’t imagine a flat with a cow inside!!! I feel for you!!

  9. Celie, I am exhausted just reading about your day, specially as I was awake before dawn and getting more and more stressed about banking difficuties and my passport running out, and, and, and…!

    I’m sure Elsie and Potter/Ana will be just fine in their new home.

    I hope your day today is easier and your help proves helpful.

    ViV xox

  10. Whoa! Quite a day! Do you have a daily ‘To Do’ list Celi? I try to make them daily, but sometimes become overwhelmed by the amount of things to do on them! But then I just write those unaccomplished jobs on tomorrow’s list! The most fun part is checking off what I’ve done!!! 🙂 Very excited about your first Woofer!

  11. My sisters daughter was watching Faye one flying about the house doing many chores all at once and she said that her mom was just like a hummingbird. Ever since then we call our business hummingbirding or humming for short! You my dear were humming!

  12. This time of year I would imagine that you fall into bed, exhausted, every night. Spring is very busy for every rancher and farmer. Glad your help will arrive today!

  13. I often eat my lunch standing over the sink, and I don’t have anywhere near your workload. Bon appetite, and as long as you can manage it, enjoy the pace. xx >

  14. A friend once told me, “People with busy hands have the most productive minds and bodies – their lives flourish”. I find that to be true. And isn’t it wonderful when you have a plan and something happens to foil your efforts, but your common sense kicks into gear and you prevail?? These daily happenings, your photography and your candid writing – these are the things we are drawn to each day. I love the “Who’s snout is this?” contest. You have a brilliant mind, my friend. I am delighted each day to see what is on the table… food for thought! 🙂

  15. If anyone could handle a flat tired trailer with a cow and calf inside, it is you, Cecilia. And with second-best tools–no–improvised instruments–(you’d make a great jazz musician! )

    When the day comes you must meet your Maker, you can say with absolute confidence you didn’t waste a single moment on this earth. You gave 1000%. Yeah, you’re my hero too!

  16. I never quite know what to do when things are slow. I tend to fill less hectic times with less hectic things like digging in the soil at my own pace, or thoughtfully pulling thistle, or carefully burning the burn bin. I don’t know if that’s slowing down for others, but it’s the best kind of slowing down for me.

  17. It is my body that is telling me to slow down. I don’t like it but I better get used to it. Changing a tire with a cow in the trailer is priceless. My brother would do something like that.

  18. You’re so right to make sure you get the move right on the first go. We had a bit of a misfire the day we were moving one of our rhinos, and it was three months before they were able to crate her again. Animals don’t forget a fright very easily. You are a resourceful woman. You make things happen. Now you can slow down.

    • That is probably one fo the funniest comments! I knew a guy, well i knew his son, and his dad was up on a drunk driving charge and did not turn up to court, was frogmarched in by the police later that week the judge said where were you (the old fella was a frequent visitor to the court) the old man said My elephant went into labour your honor. Boy or girl the judge said. TRUE STORY! I had a dream the other day that an elephant walked up the drive.. but I have never had to crate a rhino!.. c

  19. I will have a lovely day, Miss C, thank you! You’ve given me an added adrenaline spike just reading of yesterday’s activity. On the other hand, I’m feeling a bit like a slacker! And I thought I was busy! LOL! You’re a gem! ox

  20. “The day we were to arrive at The Farmy we had to wait in a bathroom because there was some cow named Elsie and her calf being moved off to another farm. This sure is a busy place!” said the chicks to one another! Love the pig noses today and the guessing game.

  21. I often wonder about life’s invisible patterns and rhythms- was there something in the air yesterday? Here in our sleepy little valley many little things happened yesterday that added up to a BIG day of small jobs, just like yours, unlike you I didn’t finish everything on my list.
    Guess who was up at 4am today. After the possum fell onto the roof and scared the cat there was no going back to sleep…..
    So it’s 7:30 am and I have already done three and a half hours. Love the nose game! That made me smile.

    • It is curious that phenomenon, I have encountered this though we are all connected by some web.. glad you untangled yourself.. days like that can become quite knotty..

  22. A quietness of grief has descended here overnight . . . . for some days until I can come to grips with state-sanctioned murder by our closest neighbour ‘whilst we were sleeping’ . . . At least Australia has recalled its Ambassador from Indonesia . . . . we pray for a more just world . . .

  23. I would love the leisure of reading all the comments but like you, I’m in a race against time. I love how you say you had better get your wiggle on. That made my smile. It’s good when all the hard stuff happens in one day and gets it over with for a bit. Hope things go easier for now. You are so wise about how to get a cow into a trailer. Impressive.

  24. Treacle for Elsie, a name change for Potter to Ana, a flat trailer tire while they’re in it, using a tractor for a jack, chicks at the post office. Heavens, girl, you had a day. I spent mine crawling under the dining room table to empty the hutch and pack it all up, untangling yarn for a shawl being knit, shifting two pair of dogs around, and then a long, unrestful night broken by smoke and a freaking out dog trying to climb onto the shelves in the top of the closet. Got up to discover the spouse was burning incense that got rather out of hand (it was resin in a hunk of aluminum foil) while messing around sorting things in the kitchen. I’m off to bed now and hope for a restful sleep with no smoke or frightened dogs. Glad you got some help there today.

  25. Kiwi ingenuity at work! Brilliant that you got the tyre changed and the animals safely loaded. Do you think your skills are becoming even more finely honed now?

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