Musical Chicks

Today or tomorrow my broiler chicks should arrive. They left McMurrays yesterday and will be delivered by the Post Office truck to the Postmistress then she calls me. So everyone moves along a chair – the Accident Chickens have been shifted out of the Halfway house and into the tin chicken tractor, the Easter chickens have gone to live in the top half of the Halfway House (the warm snug side) and the little brooder has been prepared for the next batch.  Musical chicks.

The broiler chicks have chosen a cold night to travel but the drivers are pretty good at looking after the boxes of chicks so I hope they get here OK.  We are still dropping below freezing every night – But at least the next few nights do not have rain and wind as company for the cold.

The water barrels are full. Evidently the barrels carry the tastiest water.

All in all we had a busy but lovely Sunday, with friends for lunch and a beautiful sunny day for farm work.

In the end I made Russian meatballs in a cream sauce. With Russian meatballs you add a cup of cooked rice per pound of ground meat, an egg, garlic, half a small onion – make nice big meatballs  and roll them in flour or cornflour. I always brown them first then make a white sauce using lots of lovely fresh cream, (add sour cream too if you like, pour over the meatballs and cook until done. These were served with home made egg noodles and a huge green coleslaw from the garden, and freshly baked  sourdough rolls.


Good morning. Yesterday’s comments were wonderful. I love it when you all rise up and share who you are with The Fellowship. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of women and men in the Fellowship of the Farmy. I say ‘We’ meaning you and I.   I find the  Lounge of Comments to be one of my favourite places to visit during the day.

I hope you have a lovely day. Today as well as the usual chores I am preparing for my first guest helper. He comes tomorrow.

Love your friend on the farm




42 Comments on “Musical Chicks

  1. You must be up early! I was about to go to bed but couldn’t resist being the first to comment, instead of the last. Musical chicks indeed. I still have to chuckle when I hear of chicks coming in the post. Your Russian meatballs remind me of a favourite recipe I made for years (back in my meat-eating days), with mincemeat and long grain rice. The rice grains would stick out of the meat balls when they were fried in a pain; hence the name ‘Meat porcupines’. But your Russian ones sound as if they behave with more decorum. Have a great day – I do like to see the grass growing well.

    • That’s funny. As C described the Russian meatballs I was thinking about the Porcupine meatballs my mom made when I was a kid. We ate them with red sauce and noodles. Guess it wasn’t just my mom’s name for them… 🙂

  2. I like the sound of the meatballs and I am sure I could use my usual version of sauce. Great calming photos today.

  3. Now that you’re incubating chicks, would you not consider having broiler eggs posted to you rather than live chicks? I don’t know, I just guess I don’t like the idea of live anything travelling by post!

  4. did I miss yesterdays post? I hope not..anyway I come from Bulgaria……It is intriguing as to why barrel water tastes so much better than clean tap water, like licking water from a rain must have some good taste.
    I love the way everything plays musical chairs on our Farmy…it is a wonder that you can rememeber where they all are,
    Have a lovely day, not rain, not cold but just right

  5. What a delicious lunch you enjoyed with your friends. Sunday lunch always was special for me. My son was a weekly boarder at school, but I would bring him home after chapel (he was a chorister) together with sundry other scruffy boys who had no family nearby. My mother was staying with me, and she was horrified that I roasted a whole leg of lamb and a couple of ribs of beef, and it all disappeared. Mum was still stuck in the austerity days of the war, when one thin slice of meat each was all we could have.

    Good luck with the musical chairs/chicks, and I hope the brooder chicks arrive safely.
    ViV xox

  6. Your lunch sounds really nice! I think I’m going to have to try that. What is your green coleslaw? Sounds interesting. Hope your chicks arrive safe and sound x

  7. Meatballs…yum. I visited a local blogger’s farm last week and came home with the most wonderful ribeye steaks and ground beef. I am thinking meatballs might be in my near future after reading this.

  8. Your meatballs sound fab, but I’m still licking my chops after tonight’s supper – I made Chinese potsticker dumplings from scratch, with leftover minced roast pork, finely shredded cabbage, minced onion, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, sherry (I didn’t have rice wine) and a little sesame oil. I’m quite proud of my gluten free dumpling dough, but it still needs a little more work, and I have leftover filling, so the Husband is agitating for the same again tomorrow night – and this time I’ll make double the quantity!

  9. Feeling a bit out of the loop in the post arena. Yesterdays words were wonderful, from everyone, but it is hard to find much to contribute that is positive when touch and hugging and such are aspects that seem so foreign to me. There was very little affection growing up and in many ways, that not-learning transferred into my world as an adult so it often seems forced and even uncomfortable when touch is involved in encounters with other humans…animals however are a different story. How easy it is to devote love and touch so easily to someone who can’t say mean things to, and about you…
    Also, while the recipes sound wonderful and comfortable and often remind me that at one time I was a meat eater, I now am not. It’s difficult to see these animals grow and know that some of them will be dinner. I try not to focus on that part of the blog, because I love the farmy and fellowship and the fact that you Miss C are doing your best to be humane in raising these animals rather they become family or are destined to feed the spirit in other ways.

    • Well there are lots of animals to love here too, thankfully we get to have the pets, speaking of which I had better go out and let Tima and Tane back in, they were all out while I was loading Elsie.. c

  10. Musical chickens indeed? Does Boo know that you will be eating the newest batch of her babies. 😉 I’m certain she understands how farm life works and will be forgiving.

  11. Good morning, I am curious about the new tin chicken tractor…can we have a picture please? Yesterday’s post was wonderful and I thought about it all day off and on. Nothing coherent to write tho. It’s important, touch is, very, very important. Glad your lunch went well. Another heck of a rainstorm in the wee hours last night, but the trip to work this morning was sunny and cool. With all this rain, the yard is needing some major trimming back, got the front done yesterday and will do the back next weekend.

  12. We’ve had a few frosty nights here also but all tender plants survived it. Peder is looking to buy tomato plants this week – still too early, I tell him. We don’t have a greenhouse anymore after the new landscaping, so no planting out until they can survive a drop in overnight temps. Good luck with the chicks – I’m sure all will be fine.

  13. as always your photos are divine- I feel like I am there watching the musical chicks and standing by your stove smelling the yummy meatballs!
    I think my mother called these Swedish Meatballs?
    Thanks for your delicious blog!

  14. Those meatballs sound great. The accident chicks–what are they destined for? I’m afraid to find out–they are soooo cute. I can’t keep straight all the chickens.

  15. I think rain water in a barrel must be mighty delicious or refreshing… something like that. I can clean Daisy’s water tub (the old wildlife bathtub) down below, and catch her drinking dirty puddle water on the driveway. Oh, those meatballs sound lovely. It’s a good thing we are hard working farm girls… or we’d be fat as ticks!! 🙂

  16. Lunch does sound delicious. Since you have cream, do you add cream to your mince a couple of hours before you make them up? It makes them really soft on the inside, rice or breadcrumbs – makes no difference, but the cream does! And I agree with browning meat first. I wouldn’t use cream in Asian style meatballs but European style -yes! In fact that will be my tip for the book – cream in meatballs.
    Funny thing about cats, mine have a nice clean bowl of water inside, and we are on rain tank, so its no different to the outdoor water, but they still prefer the buckets and plant saucers for drinks. The bucket shot minds me of calf feeding, I mix up the milk in a big bucket like that and leave it while I put on my wet weather gear, in just a couple of minutes it has drawn two cats to slurping warm milk off the top of a two foot high bucket. Calf rearing is a few months off yet though….

  17. The water (rain or otherwise) that is sitting outside is always the best when our 2 indoor kitties go out in the backyard. They wander about, but always come back to the little trays, etc. for a drink. We call it “wild water”, there must be something in it that tastes much better. Do be careful about kitties falling in the barrels though, perhaps Our John can come up with a removeable lid that has screening on it? That would help cut down on mosquitos laying eggs also.

    Hurray for new chicks
    Chris S in Canada

  18. There are few things in life as fun as getting that early morning call from the postmistress. Whether it’s the happy call (chicks here!) or the scared one (please come get these bees ASAP). Happy spring!

  19. *smile* How can one make meatballs without fresh breadcrumbs? – sayeth an erstwhile European foodie !! Not specifically Russian or Swedish!!! Some freshly grated raw beetroot more than would love to join!! Heaps of onion and [well the other Estos might not concur!] some garlic . . . . superyum!! Do hope The chickies are happy with their barn dance!!!

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