Tima and Poppy

I am willing to bet now, that Timatanga Moana is pregnant. There is a certain angle from behind (- so rude) where you can see the  pigs belly drooping downwards with the teats quite prominent. Like a bulge. Usually looking at a gilt from behind you see nothing. Now I can see the curve of her belly sinking earthwards.

All she wants to do is cuddle. And she is not a little pig anymore. Short and small but not Light. She is a Lap-Full that is for sure.  So now I am taking both of them back to Tima’s original pen for the afternoons, so she can get used to being there again.  And if this pregnancy trend continues,in a few weeks I will separate them and leave Tima under the apple trees.kunekune boarThis is getting exciting. I don’t actually mind if the kune kune breed or not. They are pet pigs and cost so little to feed. But wouldn’t it be great if they did.  Fingers well crossed please! pig and dog

I don’t expect to see very much belly action with Poppy for a month or so yet. hay

The hay field is growing like crazy. And hopefully this week will warm up and it will grow even more.  I aim to begin baling mid May.


Naomi and I are sharing milk very nicely… mainly because of her mothers lovely tight udder and this calf’s gentle nature. Dutch Belted Cow

Do you see how she has two pink teats and two black ones. Of course this means nothing at all. So far this is going very well.   Naomi is taken into the barn late morning and I let Lady A out into the Dairy Mistress field. She misses her baby Not At ALL.  In the evening Lady comes back in, I milk with Our John in attendance and then baby goes out the back with her mother. Poor old Daisy, with all her troubles, with the detached udder, chronic mastitis, teat injuries and that massive production –  she taught me an awful lot and now I am able to manage Lady  easily.  But Daisy loved me and I don’t get that from Lady.  She is a mans cow  – she loves John and if Our John stands beside her at milking time she is improving every day. Without him she is a toad!  But love is love.. I milk once a day, when John gets off work. Which is nice for us. It is good for a couple to do something together.  And I don’t mind if she likes him best. Aunty Del loves ME! The ginger cats love me Big Time! cats-005

Good morning. My guest worker weeded the entire asparagus patch yesterday then laid thick straw on top – all ready for the season. I forgot to ask him if he even liked asparagus! Now that the weather is warming up we should be able to start picking again.  Thank goodness!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


44 Comments on “Tima and Poppy

  1. Can’t wait for the next instalments of this long-running family documentary…. and the idea of miniature kune piggle-lets is adorable !!! they will look like wind-up clockwork toys gliding around the farmy !!!! Is a herd of pigs called a piggle ?????

    • Oh, oh, many tiny Timas and Tanes to look forward to! Valerie asks a very good question: there are several collective nouns for pigs, but my favourite is a Drift of Pigs. Timatanga is about to live up to her name: Beginning. She is going to be the piggy Matriarch of the Kune Kune Drift!

  2. It’s nice that John has someone to love him now that there’s no Big Dog. Beautiful, beautiful ginger cats!

  3. Exciting. I suppose the kune babies will be tiny. They’re making silage here for the first cut, which is probably just as well|: the weather has been too wet to leave cut grass out to dry. So the lanes are full of big tractors and machines, which makes going anywhere a bit of a trial, but I’m thankful the farmers are doing so well. The maize is sewn and everywhere looks beautiful. I just wish they’d vary the crop, rather than growing the same old same old every year: I’m sure it can’t be good for the soil.

    Have a lovely day.

  4. My lesson for the week – ginger cats, black coffee and laptop is a recipe for disaster. Aah well, all fixed now. I missed the farmy so much and Mr Flowers first display – he is impressive. Looking forward to all the new little piggies. Laura

  5. So exciting about Tima and the unknown-ness of her due date makes it all the more interesting. Groups of pigs seem to be called a lot of different things: A Sounder of swine, a drift, a drove, a litter of piglets, a parcel of pigs. Lovely pics today, Naomi with her ears forward. I have noticed her ears back a lot too in the pics. Her “I’m not sure about what is happening right now” look? Have a wonderful day. So glad you’re getting some help. I hope he is enjoying his stay and working on his water design. ::-) Enjoy.

  6. And how does John feel about the love of a cow? 🙂 The cats are adorable, of course. My favorite picture of the day but the piggy picture are pretty darn adorable as well.

  7. Ok so my first comment disappeared. Laptop away in hospital, all fixed now. Mr Flowers is magnificent, looking forward to all the new piggies. Laura

  8. No! Surely the pink teats are for regular milk and the black teats are for chocolate milk. Please say this is so!

  9. Lady A reminds me of one of our chimps – an indifferent mother at best. When she finished nursing her baby, she would lay him on a blanket and drag him around that way. No helicopter mothering for her. Naomi will grow up to love you more than anything in the world. And no doubt, you are Sheila’s favorite.

  10. Will Tane be an involved father, or do male Kune Kune take an offhand approach to parenting? Your picture of Ton and I believe Poppy in the long grass made me laugh. From the angle of the photo it looks as if Ton is prodding that pig along with little rear end nudges saying “move along there piggy, more grass needs to be mowed over this way.”

    • Yes that is poppy, Ton seems to think she needs more minding than Sheila.. As to Tane, I think I will separate them at the farrowing then see, they are not aggressive at all but most mothers like to be left alone when feeding babies.. safer that way.. c

  11. That is a herd of ginger kitties! And I think all of the farmily loves you but John can have one that favors him more. I mean there are more than enough love to go around. 😉

  12. The tone of the shots and the expressions of the animals all say Spring today! I think Naomi may be the prettiest calf I have ever seen. She is well named. Exciting news about Tima and glad that John has a cow of his own.

  13. Can you just imagine the adorableness of tiny, baby Kune Kunes? Swoon… I love that John has an admirer…men need admireres…especially one as big and beautiful as Lady A. Oh the love there…I can just see her staring dreamily at him. 🙂

  14. A most lovely picture of the ginger cats! They all look very healthy and happy!

  15. Ton looks like he is checking out Poppy’s condition for you. I’m surprised Lady A loves John because he was the one lifting her tail every time she went to kick. Maybe she liked her tail lifted! Does she cast cow eyes at him? Does he love her? There’s nothing more painful than unrequited love.

  16. This is so funny. Before Peder retired, Molly was my dog. She followed me endlessly, tailing wagging. Then Peder retired and he was home all day, and Molly took to Peder. Sat beside him, followed him around. Now Molly is blind, and she’s often searching ‘blindly’ (and she’s also nearly deaf) for who ?? Yes, me. Fingers crossed for you, completely!

  17. Goodness Celi, you will have John thinking like cow next! Great news in the piggy corner. I knew Tima had a look of mischief on her face the day you took a photo of Tima and tane peeping out of their sleeping quarters!

  18. Spring is such a lovely time all around… belly’s heavy with life, critters basking in the sun, green plants emerging and flourishing, and much work to be done. Could this be heaven? 🙂 Happy day to you my friend up north!

  19. I’ve been asking coworkers for raw milk – everyone around here seems to have cattle! One fella said yes, and he’d bring me a litre, but that was Monday and no sign of it. I might offer to go collect it myself! Haha! I really want to try it, as I have many odd issues that potentially could be easily resolved. I’ve always been crazy for milk – maybe I’ve been craving the real stuff and the body knows best?

  20. All the waiting waiting through winter is paying off… babies everywhere. I’m sure there’ll be much interest in Tima’s piglets. Oh, ginger cats; the numerousness of them never ceases to delight me. Particular affection of animals is an amusing thing. It’s nice that Lady A displays her preference for John, and that you “milk” it! Our share-cat likes me but loves the G.O., however patently ignored me the day after I shooed her for chasing birds, while sucking up to him… you’re nobody until you’ve been ignored by a cat!

  21. I just have to say how sweet those cats are–all 6 of them–happy as–I was going to say clams–but better yet–cats!

  22. On our local Fb buy sell swap page someone was selling little piglets…not kunes but pretty spotted ones, a gorgeous picture of 8 of them with the mumma. I asked him what breed, he replied was I interested in buying one/some and when I said no, just interested and curious, he rudely told me not to comment if I wasn’t going to buy! I thought prospective buyers might like to know anyway, and a conversation about his pigs might elicit interest …..I see they’re still unsold and he’s added ‘for pets only’……so no eating his piggies 🙂 Nothing to do with your post of course, but I did think of you when I saw them. I love the passel of big sturdy gingers.

  23. Oh, Jean should not have given away the secret 🙂 ! Each of today’s stories brings a smile on one’s face . . . especially lady A liking John’s touch . . . will probably produce just that tad more milk to please him . . . . tell us when the asparagus begins growing so I can turn pea-green with envy again . . .

  24. It would be so lovely to have a place like yours, Celi. I’d have chickens, pea fowl, maybe guinea fowl, a cow, have always had dogs and I would definitely have at least one kune kune. Such lovely personalities, easy keepers and beautiful as well. Dreaming.

  25. Our asparagus has just started to crop – not quite enough for a meal every day yet, but it’s building up. What a productive lot your girls are.

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