The Boys are Back in Town

Yesterday John and I brought the two steers Daisy’s Bobby and Queenie’s Bobby back from the West barn so they could munch in the Daisy Mistress paddock. It is deep and lush and perfect for fattening these two. The boys are back!

stormy sky

stock trailer

The stock trailer will stay in there for shelter and shade.

cat in basket

Just when you thought it was safe here is another sleeping kitten. She slept like this for hours. It was a sleepy kind of Sunday afternoon.


Tima is still showing no signs of imminent delivery. Just taking her time. She goes out to her summer house in the daytime and sleeps at night in her special pen, just in case.

oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal cookies made with golden syrup. The secret ingredient.


This is the view from my kitchen window. If you look closely you can see that the wind is blowing fiercely. Here is a shot Federico took that shows the wind.

clothes on windy line

We are still working hard at getting the grounds in shape.  Mowing to do.. gardens to wrestle into shape. And of course we will have all the girls here by the weekend then we really will be off running.  It will be interesting – thi is the biggest group I have had since the young people began to come.

Good morning. today we will go back the West Barn and start the clean up there. The grass will be topped and put to bed until late summer when it is really hot then the animals go back to sit under the trees.where it is cool.  Then back into the vegetable gardens. More planting and sowing today.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farm,



44 Comments on “The Boys are Back in Town

  1. I love the big, windy sky in your photos today, a lovely contrast with warm, sleepy kittens and calm contemplative Tima. And your cookies look wonderful!

  2. Cuddly pig and lady in waiting.wind look strong

  3. I have heard of Wind Socks, but Wind Jeans LOL.
    The ‘boys’ are looking good. I am sure they will soon cut that grass down to size. Do you have a big map on the wall to show where each animal is at any given time? You seem to have so many ‘spaces’ and move animals around I was wondering if you ever forget where you put them LOL

  4. Would you look at those little kitty paws sticking out the bag! LOVE IT!
    Oh I don’t enjoy it when the wind blows so fiercely – it blows me right out of sync.
    Have a wonderful farmy day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  5. I hope your windy day calms down a bit. Do the animals get skittish when it’s windy? Our ponies used to go barmy with the wind up their tails. Nice to see the Bobbies, and Tima with her legs almost disappearing in her ever-increasing body.

    I’ve pinched that wonderful washing line photo as I feel a story coming on!
    Enjoy your day,

  6. I would have been tickling those little toes….couldn’t resist. The bobbies are huge! At least the wind keeps the flies down. A side shot of Tima…she let her guard down. Have a wonderful day.

  7. If Timas’ legs get any shorter those little piggies will be playing hopscotch as she walks along 🙂 I still inhale sharply when I see those two Bobbies together in a field, they look so like their mamas. That sleeping kitten pic is calendar worthy. Don’t blow away. Laura

  8. The jeans shot is my favourite today, but I wonder if that’s really a belt in those loops or if it’s an optical illusion. Do you dry jeans with the belt in-situ? Goooood morning farmy!

  9. The photos are beautiful…I always the colors of the land under that semi-stormy sky. It’s like a lightbox that intensifies every hue. The jeans are hysterical. They look like my jeans on a “fat day.” With me in them, of course.

  10. Baby Bobbies no more. You grow them well Miss C. I am glad that these cows are not those that have been racing around the TV lately–poor sad things standing in a field while a tornado whirls right behind them. Your herd is much too smart for that sort of adventure, I’m sure.

  11. Okay, so for me, the secret ingredient in the oatmeal cookie is brown sugar. A rare find in France. I wow friends and family with this. … or it might be the Armagnac vanilla extract. I’m still trying to get my head around Golden syrup. I have a little can in my fridge, like a little kitten that has lost its mum. It sits there in the corner mewing. I don’t dare go near it, for I have not a clue what to do with it.

    • Ooh! Pancakes & golden syrup were one of our favourite treats when we were young. I will have to go and make some now, I’ve made myself hungry…

    • When I was a kid, the golden syrup (and corn syrup when we didn’t have golden) was drizzled over good vanilla ice cream. That was an awesome treat – if the syrup is at room temp it flows over the ice cream and then sort of hardens so you have soft and sort of chewy/crunchy in the same spoonful. Delish! Wow, that makes me really miss my Mum and Dad.

  12. The kitten in the basket may just be my favorite shot of all time. So peaceful.

    Federico’s wind shot made me laugh out loud.

  13. I want to know where you get your clothespins! With that much wind, I’d be harvesting my laundry from the woods behind the clothesline.

    • I know! So every time I go to New Zealand I buy the plastic ones that stay on much better..(funny the things you will find on my suitcase on my return) they are called clothes pegs, plus I use three or four on a day like yesterday! c

  14. Can’t get the song out of my head now! Love that photo of the jeans….it’s like an invisible person is pegged onto your line!

  15. The steers are enormous! Very well fed, for sure. And the cat in the hat is priceless. Purse. Well it looks like a hat at first.

  16. I have heard of chicken in a basket, but never kitten in a basket! 😉 The Bobbies are looking well and I am sure they are glad to be back in the Daisy Mistress paddock. My clothes line runs parallel to my house and the clothes often wave from a horizontal position, all I need to do is open the kitchen door and they would blow right in…. but not today the rain showers are frequent and at mines in the form of hailstones.

  17. Those cookies look yummy. Never heard of them made with syrup!! I hate wind but it makes a grand photo. I wonder if animals ever get struck by lightning? I know you have lightning there but you only hear about people being struck. Guess that’s why I love it here. Almost no lightening. And minimal winds. Loved the kitten in the basket. So sweet.

    • My great grandmother’s cow got struck by lightning. My mom was visiting and great grandma was holding her while they watched the lightning out the window when the cow got struck. My poor mother was never comfortable during a thunderstorm again, didn’t help that a ball of lightning rolled through the attic room she was sleeping in years later either – she was awake and saw it sail in one window and out the other.

      • I too, am terrified of lightning like nothing else. I always worry about the animals outside with no shelter from storms. I drive myself crazy that way. Seeing an animal get struck would scar me for life too. If it went though the house, I’d be gone. I am such a coward. 😦

  18. You likely addressed this on one of your posts, but did you find these young people through the WOOFER program? Thank goodness you folks have some helping hands and therefore some time for playing , Celi! XO

  19. Song stuck in my head now too! Ah well at least it is from a good Irish band! I’m going with the crowd – dirty kitten toes and wind-belled jeans are my favourite pictures today! Where can you get golden syrup?

  20. The sleeping cat photos lately are adorable. And I can’t believe how big the boys are and they look just like their mothers. The farm is kicking into high gear! I just wanted to comment on my Sheila Tee. – It gets softer with every wash and I love that it is wash and wear. I only put it in a dryer for 2 minutes max . I love wearing it.

  21. Don’t like the look of that sky at all with the rain you have had and hate wind . . . oh it’s teeming here at the moment but not a leaf stirring 🙂 ! Am just curious: of course clothes pegs are plastic!! Aren’t they so in the US? Some of mine are the ‘pinch together’ kind and others push-on-three prongs . . . . ? Just curious !!

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