Handle the Jandal

In New Zealand we call Flip Flops: Jandals. On the East Coast of America there is a rumour that they were called Clipper Cloppers.  (I really like that name). Boots the Orange kitten just calls them A Pillow. kitten

As usual some days Poppy looks pregnant other days not so much but there is no arguing that there was a small animal kicking my hand from inside there and those teats are dropping down.

pregnant pig

What do you think?


Tane is still active and well some days – not so much other days. Yesterday he was having trouble getting up. After an aspirin he is fine for a while.  And trots to and fro quite happily. I think there is a vet visit in his future.


Mr Flowers’s first set of babies have been sold. Or at least have been reserved pending payment and pick up.  So soon we will say goodbye to Carlotta, Carlos and Charlie.


Look at Carlotta’s feathers she is going to be a beautiful bird – if in fact she is a “She” It is hard to tell when they are little. They are beautiful little birds but I am glad they sold so fast as there are more in the incubator!  The turkeys are doing well outside so far.

pig in a bowl of water

If in fact Poppy is pregnant, she has arranged to have her teats thoroughly washed.


Poppy being Poppy she is still being completely unmanageable as far as keeping her IN anywhere – when she is loose in a field she simply goes under all the fences. She cannot get out of her farrowing pen though. (I don’t think) but she hates it over there  on the other side – she wants to get back into the barn. And she cannot farrow in the barn because she tries to JUMP the gate when I am milking so I have to lock her out every evening. She has to be somewhere quiet. I am just waiting for the hinges to go on the gate then we will work on getting her used to her new area.  She is due in 1o days. So it will not be long before she can go in there: to clean up and get ready.


She certainly needs the clean UP!  Though if there are piglets in there I cannot imagine that this could be comfortable.

Pigs! “Can’t live with them Can’t live without them.”

After the most beautiful dinner of quinoa and sweet potato rissoles and a glorious salad from the garden Kim the 1040’s Kitchen Mama presented us with a lemon pound cake topped with a lemon scented drizzle. Just divine. aaa-005

I hope you have a lovely day,

Your friend on the farm


51 Comments on “Handle the Jandal

  1. Well they say mud is good for the complexion, but I think Poppy has gone OTT a bit! I was thinking the same as you “that can’t be comfortable’ but not being a pig what would I know?
    Hope your weather is settling down. Still bloody hot here, and me with a broken heat pump and no AC! And the bugs are driving me crazy – jap beetles doing a job on my plum trees!!

  2. Ha ha – Poppy looks cute! I wonder if Tane sprained something (no not that, I mean a leg) when he got excited… 🙂

  3. Maybe Poppy is hinting at a getting a water birthing like humans do….she is one big pig and a dirty one to boot…but she is so sweet. I think Mr Flowers is such a lovely bird and even more beautiful when he displays his feathers..Maybe Tane put too much effort into his armorous advances and has done himself a mischief….. yep a vet I think is needed

  4. I love your story updates and have to admit to a bit of jealousy now that I only have the peafowl and guinnea fowl!

  5. Kim’s dinner sounds divine! You all are certainly doing some ‘good eating’ there on the farmy! 🙂

  6. Lovely to see your internet issues have been sorted! All looks happy and peaceful on the farmy. I must be dyslexic though, because when this came up in my reader, I thought it said, “handle the jackal” and I thought, “oh FFS, don’t tell me she has to deal with one of THOSE now..” 😀 😀

  7. Oh, that cake looks divine! A friend brought me Tuscan White Beans with rosemary yesterday and they were lovely. I’m trying to get her recipe, but she keeps telling me it is a family secret and she can’t share it. 😦 I ate some hot for dinner and will try them cold today for lunch. She also said they can be pureed into a hummus dip, thinned into a soup or added into a salad dressing to thicken it. Very versatile dish!

  8. Poppy must be soothing an itchy belly or something the way she is laying in the water “dish”. Those are great pictures of her. Can’t wait to see how much poppyness her babies will inherit!!

  9. My mother ( 82 ) calls them “go-aheads.” I have no idea where that comes from. We grew up in San Diego.

      • YES! Just going to type this same thing. I grew up with the term thongs as well 🙂

      • You beat me to it…I was going to mention the same thing, that we called flip-flops “thongs.” (Also “go-aheads” before that.) I still have to stop myself from calling them that sometimes and when I don’t I get all kinds of snickers. Sigh.

        • Yep, thongs here too….Oz. My daughter, who has lived in the USA for over 20 years, forbids me to call them thongs when I visit, because of the new meaning of ‘thong’. But when my grandkids were younger, I’d take them to buy new thongs, and my daughter would shush me when I said that word, but the kids would gleefully sing and shout it all over the store….’Nanna’s buying us thongs’. We got some odd and disapproving looks, since they were all probably 10 and under.lol

  10. I am with Patrecia (with an E)…a lovely water birth with some lavender oil in the water will be soothing and keep Hop & Pop Poppy calm.
    Also, I want to eat at your table and have a small taste of that lemon wonder.

    • Oh, yes. 🙂 And I’d like to go ahead and send in a deposit!!

  11. Snorts! “Pigs!“Can’t live with them Can’t live without them.” My mom says that almost everyday. Too funny my friend. You know I can’t wait to see the piglets. XOXO – Bacon

  12. Hope your face is healing, Celi. That gorgeous lemon pound cake had to help! Hilarious Poppy pictures.

  13. I wonder if Poppy’s litter is just very small.

    Hope you are better today after your encounter with the not-so-lady-like Aster.

  14. Yes, a day later are you in a badly bruised way? I didn’t leave a comment yesterday but I was cringing from the idea of a direct kick.
    Well, you asked what we thought and, given that I have never to my knowledge seen a pregnant piggy, I don’t expect you should give much credence to what I say… but, to me, that sure doesn’t look like she’s got a tummy full of babies.
    Mr Flowers’ display, even when not raised, is a real show stopper! He’s a beauty, for sure. Poor wee Tane, hope his ailment is nothing serious. I wonder about the aspirin — I once had a cat that was in pain and asked the vet if I could give her an aspirin and he said absolutely not, it was likely to kill her and that a cat’s system is unable to deal with aspirin. However, that is the extent of my experience or knowledge on the matter and perhaps piggies can handle aspirin.
    Hope you’re having a loveRly day ~ Mame. 🙂

  15. what are rissoles? veggie patties? any chance of you posting a recipe- I love sweet potatoes ! Poor Poppy…..she must be uncomfortable!

  16. I bet that Poppy feela like she is a whale – I know I did at her stage! A single or twins is enough for her first time round. I still think Tane’s problem is a hernia. If it is the vet visit shoulds be sooner rather than later. Dinner sounds Yummy, I might have to find an excuse to arrive at mealtimes!

  17. In Australia we have hung onto the term ‘thong’ for flip-flops etch but Havvies (short for Haviana’s) is making inroads into the vernacular but as Boots the orange kitty demonstrates, they are so handy regardless! Love these summer photos from the Farmy 🙂

  18. My childhood name for Jandals/Thongs/FlipFlops/Havvies was Daps, followed by the more common Flipflop. I have no clue where the name came from, but perhaps it’s from the sound they make when you walk in them on a hard surface. Thongs is the common name in Australia, which cracked me up the first time I encountered it on my first ever visit, in a shop in Far North Queensland, where a sign requested “Please leave your thongs at the door”…

  19. * big smile* Language ‘issues’ across the Pond!! Have never heard of ‘jandals’ Miss C – have always and will always call them thongs whatever other English-speaking nationalities say!! Don’t like the fashionable ‘Havaiianas’ . . . well, they are our national summer footwear: thongs!!!! The other ‘thongs’ are a wee too brief for me . . . Absolutely love you last night’s dinner: actually have to put both ingredients together as use quinoa a lot and love sweet potato!! Well in NE Europe we call any such ‘kotelid’ or ‘kotlety’ or whatever which does translate to patty in my language: they are pretty and oval and quite high and very appetizing!!! Meat, fish, vegetables . . .

  20. In India, Eha, your ‘kotelid”, our pattys, rissoles etc are cutlets…the same, meat veg whatever. Language is fun.

    • Isn’t it just!! And in this international and warm forum it is such fun for us to learn!! [Actually managed to misspell: ‘kotletid’ – virtually a ‘hamburger mix’ including heaps of finely sliced and fried onions and made ‘pretty’ with a criss-cross pattern knife on top ere putting it in the pan!! ]

  21. Mr. Flowers is one handsome dude. Cute little peafowl, too. Poppy–what can one say? She is her own story.

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