Tane Mahuta

Yesterday Tane Mahuta was loaded into Kim’s car and off we went to the vet. Thank Goodness for Kim and her car.  After another 79 dollars we discovered that he has thrown his hip out a bit and developed a secondary infection. He  has a temperature of 104 degrees (between 100 and 102 is normal) so he has had antibiotics and I will give him three days of an anti-inflammatory.


By yesterday afternoon he was able to get up by himself, without crying. So let’s hope this will be sorted out soon. (For the record his testicles are perfectly normal). Thank goodness.

big pig

Other than that the day proceeded in a genteel fashion. Repairing buildings, scooping old barn floors, weeding the garlic, cleaning. I was Kitchen Mama and we all had a lovely slow productive day.



Look at Freya’s little ridgeback. Isn’t that sweet.

peacock on car

Every day lately it seems to have rained.  For weeks now. Just when you think we are waterlogged it rains again. I have given up on trying to keep the basement clear of water – the pump will have to deal with it until the water stops coming in then I will sweep it all through. Even the well is overflowing.  The lawns and the fields are sloshy. My gumboots are wet from hauling Tane up out of a puddle he was stuck in, the verandah is a continuous farmy mud heap and I think we are all growing webbed feet.


The fields are so wet that the nitrogen is fast being leached out of the soil. Do you see the yellow in field in the distance? That whole field is just about dead.  There are many fields like this now. Late plantings are taking it hard. What a mess.  We are going around our own vegetable gardens fertilising with fish fertiliser. But we need sun too. We have had very few good sun days.

But there you are. There is no  lid on this job – we are at the mercy of the elements. And the plants that are established are growing like triffords. The sunflowers on the South side of the property are as tall as me now and still growing. It is an incredible growing year.  So wet and so warm.

Have a lovely day

Your friend on the farmy


45 Comments on “Tane Mahuta

  1. Poor Tane – it does sound like he got overexerted when he found his special purpose – bless him 😉

  2. Oops poor Tane – I second Mad Dog, seems he got too enthusiastic with his ‘play’ time!
    Know what you mean about the plants this year being either growing crazy or not at all. I keep sowing lettuce, but it is too hot to germinate and the storms keep knocking my peas over. Strawberries were poor, got mouldy very quickly, but beans are going great guns. Loads of tomatoes, but they are all green. Sigh as you say we can’t control the weather.

  3. So pleased you now have the answer to Tane’s discomfort. Now to the next injured chick … How is your face? I hope it is healing well. It has been wet and muggy here for the past few days, but just now daylight improved and I see a narrow blue stripe and the sky heater is peeping through!

  4. Bless his furry face and huge Wookie ears, he is so very endearing, our Tane, and clearly has a huge enthusiasm for his work… It does bode well for a future dynasty of Farmy kune kunes.

  5. Send some rain our way. We have the sun, but we’ve only had a quarter of our normal rainfall so far this year. No doubt it will pour with rain all through harvest now. Love that little ridgeback.

  6. Tane seems to have posed for his picture for full on sympathy for his plight…that face is amazing. Glad to know that you have the info on why he hasn’t been himself and can go forward. Webbed feet might be quite useful, but I would begin to worry a bit if the fingers begin to get webbing as well…

  7. Always a joy to see a Triffids reference! A common phrase in our house 🙂

  8. That Tane is such a cutie pie! So glad you have worked out what is up with him and that he is on the mend!

  9. Beautiful pictures, Celi. I love that all the animals are allowed to move freely where they want to go or stay. Just paradise, isn’t it? I’m glad for Tane that his suffering has been able to be fixed, it’s a pity that animals can’t tell what’s wrong with them…

    And sorry for this huge amount of water you have… Not good at all when fields are dying. Nevertheless I love that Greens everywhere, it looks all so juicy green (no pun intended, I love ‘sap green’ as a color very much) – and it must be heaven for all grazers, isn’t it?

    As I am behind a day I just want to add for the “Thongs”: In Tunisia I have heard them being called “Sayonaras”. I loved that term very much, because it reminds me of the footware of Japanese Geishas.

    A question, Celi: Do you really love that fish fertiliser? I once had (organic grown) tomatoes as a snack at noon, no meat, no fish alongsides. And in the evening I suffered from a hiccup with a very unpleasant taste of fish. I was wondering about and then googling that and came to know that they use lots of fish fertilizer for tomatoes. Fishy tomatoes. I did not like it at all after that experience. So maybe I just own a super sensible stomach?
    BTW – how are the tomatoes doing? Did you (or they) overcome that disease of recently?

  10. wonderful post- good to hear that Tane will be ok- poor piggy. Hope your face is also on the mend. I wish our wells were overflowing- we’ve had to cut back on what gets watered and what can just go brown this year. It’s always something isn’t it! Have a lovely day.

  11. So glad Tane is on the mend, poor guy. At least he had some fun getting himself into this predicament. BTW, I made a version of Allison’s Shakshuka the other night, inspired by hers and Mario Batali’s and it was amazing! I wanted to post a wee pic in a comment reply but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Thanks to you and to Allison for the good eats! 🙂

  12. Oh so glad you have figured out little Tane’s troubles. He looks like a miniature Wookie to me! 🙂
    You with all that rain and us with the hottest, driest Puget Sound spring and early summer on record. Our climates have flip flopped.
    At least from the sounds of it you all are eating like Queens! Oh and King John too! 🙂

  13. The world is going crazy! We in the rain forest have a drought and unbearably high temps this weekend, and you in the dry flat lands have rain storms. I think the fellowship needs to do a rain dance and set the world to rights again. 😀

  14. Very few sunny days for sure. Not one of my Gerbera daisies plants have bloomed.
    Thank goodness Tane’s ailments are treatable, poor little sweet, furry-faced fellow. He is such a heart-breaker.

  15. There’s something really lovely about the old car and the peacock. Nice you snapped that one
    Could muse over it with wild beauty contrasting with human’s effort and pride of products?
    Hope the day goes well

  16. Am thinking along Viv again: just in case some are too young, part of that song says:
    ‘ . . . the rain may never fall till after sundown
    by eight the morning fog must disappear . . . ‘ in film Richard Burton sang it well . .
    Hope the antibiotics are the correct ones and work fast And I shan’t make any ‘funny’ comments re the possible reasons for a certain hip replacement 🙂 ! Glad your face healing and there is no cheekbone fracture . . . Keep well . . .

    • Oh thank you Eha, I could not remember who sang it, all I could think of was Robert Goulet (who was no slouch). I can hear it in my head right now, the voice, the tune, the timing of the words. This is going to be my current earworm, I’ll be humming it for days.
      Chris S in Canada

      • Chris – methinks Robert Goulet sang Arthur on Broadway and Richard Burton in the film: I don’t actually like ‘musicals’ very much but loved the lyrics of many of the songs 🙂 ! Love the wording of this one as most of us would like the rain to come, but when we are asleep 😀 !! Camelot indeed!!!!

  17. Do you have an animal chiropractor nearby, Celi?
    Anti-inflammatories may make him feel better, but if he’s actually shifted something out of place…

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