The sweetcorn is ready

John anticipates this day all year, it comes in a close second to the Bacon Lettuce and Tomato season (which is imminent).  Finally the big pot of boiling water is on the stove and we are all  (pigs, chickens, cows and dogs as well) munching on cobs of hot corn dripping in home made butter sprinkled with pepper and salt. The simplist of perfect tastes.

running piglets



Geraldine, now the boss of the turkeys is so tame. If you reach down into the run she will very delicately step into your hand.  She is such a social bird. This week we will begin to build the run that comes off their house. They are old enough to come out now.  But they must be kept IN. I could not bear to lose any to dogs.


Mr Flowers entertaining the garden chickens.

My garden is getting positively over grown. Luckily I like it like that.

Sheila is a lot better today, even though every time I tried to work with her foot she quietly folded it back under her belly. This may take some time. However she was up and walking ever so slowly. It is important that she keeps moving whether her feet hurt or not. She is prone to lying about way too much which is very unhealthy for such a big lass. Her back will start to hurt and her arthritis. She does not realise that she needs to move so she gives me very dirty looks when I get her up.  She reminds me more and more of a sea lion lately – cast on the beach. And the less she does the less she can do so I need to get her up and about.  But once she is up and walking she definitely feels better.

Our university student from Japan is coming back tomorrow for a couple of weeks. That will be fun.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farmy,



46 Comments on “The sweetcorn is ready

  1. Good morning, c. Your advice for Sheila, to get up and move about, is good advice for everyone! They now say that sitting is as dangerous as smoking! >

    • You are 100% right about that. My dad had two replaced hips and arthritis in his spine and neck. He still walked miles with his dog and rode his horse. When he got macular degeneration in his shooting eye he taught himself to shoot left handed. When he got it in both eyes he painted flourescent stripes on his golf clubs. He always said ‘you can’t stop, if you do it’ll get you’. I try to remember that every day.

  2. Now I’m feeling hungry and wanting sweetcorn with hot butter melting down my chin. I think I live inside your posts as you describe them so clearly I do I live in them. Hope Sheila appreciates what you are doing for her. Lovely picture of Mr Flowers made me laugh.

  3. When I read “cobs of hot corn dripping in home made butter” I got a thrill chill down my spine. Seriously. Enjoy one for me, please. xxx

  4. …I seem to have become dyslexic …”…Bacon and lettuce ….” that should read, although “Baceon..” might upset a young and sensitive piglet quite as much:)

  5. Cats, don’t forget the cats… one of mine loved to gnaw on the corn cobs, and also loved baby corn spears. We love corn season too 🙂

  6. corn and butter… here in the middle of winter you made me ache for summer… those piggle-lets are seriously adorable … surely too beautiful to eat !!!!!

  7. I have deep sympathy for Sheila. I dislike hauling myself to my feet too. It happens with much grumbling and groaning, and I totter around on my sore trotters for several minutes before the creaking and grinding in my hip stops. But you’re so right. I’d like to whisper in Sheila’ s delicate shell-like ear “Use it, or lose it, dear girl”. I prescribe some lovely strolls through the fields with Miss C and a dog or two…

  8. We just had the first locally grown sweet corn (just the sound makes me drool) last week, and attacked it kernel by kernel, ear by ear, with wild abandon. 🙂
    We are lush, green, and overgrown up here as well – including a good crop of weeds.

  9. Geraldine is quickly becoming one of my favorites. 🙂 How is Naomi adjusting?

  10. I am off to the grocers today for my usual Monday shopping. Since we don’t have corn in our garden, and since you have made me drool uncontrollably this morning, I may have to pick up a few ears, which will certainly not be as good as your fresh picked. Sigh.

  11. Does anything say high SUMMER like fresh sweet corn? I remember buying it from roadside stands in Michigan for $1.00 a Baker’s dozen when I was a kid! 🙂
    How did the sunflower sales go yesterday? I bet it was so much fun! What a life you live Cinders!

  12. Love corn. Made grilled corn salad twice last week. Lucky you to pick and eat it in just a few hours. Glad Sheila is better. Love the sea lion comparison. 🙂

  13. It is the signal of summer when the sweet corn is ready to go. Lovely, lovely dripping with butter and salted and peppered to perfection. Excuse me whilst I drool uncontrollably.

  14. Yes, how did the sunflowers go? How was the F. M. yesterday? Weather here looks promising for the week. I know how Sheila feels, but you are such a good mother to her, she knows she must move about. As Misky said sitting is the new smoking.

    • The farmers market was lovely, I left the flowers there with the boys and have no idea how they sold.. i must catch up on that.. the food was great though.. c

      • Oh Celi – you mean you did not pretend to be Eliza Doolittle at Covent Garden ? Tut! Tut!

  15. I, on the other hand, am really envious of those huge, lush white hydrangeas 🙂 I have tried several times to grow them and they always just wilt and die on me. Enjoy your corn cobs and BLT’s. Laura

  16. I wish our animals understood our language so we can explain that we are trying to help them or let them know what is needed. I also can’t wait for the sweet corn. The grill is waiting!

  17. nothing better than sitting in a rambunctious and overgrown garden while devouring corn on the cob. And aren’t you just the best patient mother with Sheila!
    Big hugs to you and all your animals on the farmy.

  18. We, too, are enjoying the local corn grown just over the hill. One good reason to love July! Bob’s Cobs are in, and the anticipation was palpable! Love the crunchy, pop in your mouth freshness. If only we had homemade butter to go along! YUM!!

  19. Just the sweet corn alone makes me drool. But with HOMEMADE butter? That would be heaven! At the mention of another visitor, my little nine year old friend, who often is reading this along with me, has asked if there is any news on the English exam for Fede???

  20. And I can’t believe how fast those piglets are growing. So adorable.

  21. I’m longing for the sweetcorn now – todays title is like an invitation: Everybody ready? Dinner’s served! – Cute, cute piglets. Beautiful little pea chick with its tiny supernice snowflake-like feathers. Will it be white like Godot? And poor Sheila: I’m so sorry for her. And you are so trying to help her – this is wonderful, Celi.
    Have a very nice and sweet (corn) evening!

  22. Have you ever had a ‘helper’ who did not want to come back the way we all do in a ‘virtual’ way? Absolutely lovely that your Japanese lass will be returning to share farmy life for another few weeks!

    • Am hopping mad!! Have tried to correct that ‘anomaly’ for weeks – Ok, Eha of course!

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