Hay is Down

Today the hay man came and mowed the hay down, something a hay man is wont to do. 

I will rake it in a couple of days and then he will return to bale it.  All we need is a few days of dry weather.  It is interesting being a woman farmer – I employ a number of men for different things and I enjoy great satisfaction working alongside them. When I was a young teenager my father taught me to weld and often I would work alongside some pretty rough characters.  But as long as I pulled my weight (sometimes literally) there was a gentle respect from them, those hardened and weathered fishermen.  It is the same with these farmers – especially the younger ones, I have always felt at home working alongside men.

hay mowing

After we cut the hay  there was  a short shower (of course) but now I am hoping we have a few clear days ahead to get it dried and in the barn. The air is damp it might take a little longer than usual to dry. The moment the hay is down I begin to fret about the weather.

cow in mist

It was misty yesterday morning. It is a little cooler this week.


Naomi is living in the kunekune field at the moment. What with Sheila taking over her corner of the barn.


rose of sharon

It has been a stunning year for the flower gardens .


Just a few more days and I will start making the corn relish.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm


43 Comments on “Hay is Down

  1. We will cross our fingers for some dry hay! Dampness and fog here in coastal Maine makes it rough for haying. Hope yours goes well!

  2. Good morning, c. I reckon a man that doesn’t respect a woman isn’t worth his bones, so a woman is wise to never stand next to that sort. I, too, am crossing fingers for hay-drying weather.

  3. Tastes of summer -corn relish with corned beef and or cheese… or a blast from the past, corn relish dip and Jatz. Fingers crossed for good hay drying weather 🙂

  4. What a lovely portrait of Miss Naomi, who is growing up into a very pretty little heifer. Strong drying breezes being wished your way, to dry the hay and chase the rain away.

  5. I know what you meanabout working with the men – I enjoy working with our builders/plumbers etc and have learned a lot from them. Oh my that corn looks so good!

  6. Have you given us your corn relish recipe? The weather man says dry and low 80’s thru Friday for us……..lets hope they are right. Hoping for good hay drying days!

  7. Hay Hoe, holding thumbs for 4 dry days for the farmy. That picture of Naomi is calendar worthy for sure 🙂 Laura

  8. What a nice mix of photos today. Fun to peek into corners of the garden then pop out to misty fields, sunny color spots, and into the kitchen for a hunger inducing check of the sweet corn. No rain for you Miss C, at least until you order it up again.

  9. Cheers to the hay man! That’s great, Celi – one big sorrow gone, isn’t it? Nearly. But fingers are crossed for the wheather! – Cute picture of Naomi. She’s as nice as she’s been from birth. A beautiful cow. And super shot of – hm – Tane, Tima (?) strolling through high grass (must be Tane – sorry, I can’t keep them apart yet).
    Have a lovely day, too, Celi!

  10. I have noticed that the flowers have been amazing this year as well. I guess all the wet came at the right time for pretty posies.

    • Have you also noticed that the blossoms seem to be lasting longer than usual? It seems I’m spending less time dead heading so far!

  11. That picture of the sweet corn made my mouth water. Humidity is suppose to drop today so that should help drying. I’m thinking you are going to need to turn it more just because the ground is so wet. Just to roll it onto ground the sun has hit for a day. Love the flowers. Wild rabbits are trying to eat my gladiolas so I think I need to build a fence today or the kids’ solution is to get a dog. Since they want to start with a puppy I don’t think that will work for this year.

  12. Good luck with the hay. I rember when I was helping my father with the hay. The smell of the fresh cut grass and then the drying hay still lingers in my mind .

  13. I’m surprised your flowers are blooming so beautifully. I’ve had very little luck with mine although the Rose of Sharon is blooming. Such a beautiful bush.
    Naomi looks huge to me.

  14. Please send me one ear of corn. Overnight delivery, please and thank you. Please disregard my usual order of one bale of hay. Heheh.

  15. That’s great your dad taught you how to weld, I want to learn that. My dad taught me construction of all kinds and said I worked harder than any man. But I think he thought welding was to dangerous & I wish I would have insisted on learning the trade. Some day.
    Your animals are gorgeous and the gardens so green and bushy, Tima little cutie.

  16. Celi – I hope you didn’t get the 1 inch down[our at 5pm yesterday! wow! all of a sudden it was pouring!! I had been mowing grass for 3 hrs and just finished the main part – had 2 more hrs to go! Little Naomi has such a sweet face! hugs to her!! Hope it stays dry for your hay – oh the ole days of that fresh cut hay aroma!!!! boy I miss that!!

  17. Corn relish… mmmm. I haven’t had that in such along time and now my mouth is watering just thinking about it. And those flowers are absolutely beautiful. I always find myself inspired when I visit your space.

  18. I just watched Far From the Madding Crowd (2015) last night. When you express your delight in getting into the jobs with the fellas, you reminded me of the star of that movie.

  19. Lovely flowers, corn, cows, pigs, and specially hay – wishing you several good drying days in a row. I’m home, tired to the bone, and worried: I can’t connect repaired Lappy to my wi-fi. The only advance is that I have Microsoft Office back and working, but that is small comfort.
    Tomorrow is another day.

  20. I grew up with two brothers and a Dad and so I’m used to working with men, too. I am not up to the physical challenge you are, but mentally I can work with them and usually feel I get the best from them by communicating well and understanding their frustrations of doing hard work. Good luck with the hay! xx

  21. Oh the corn looks delightfully tasty. We had company on the weekend – both Saturday and Sunday dinner – so I tried to stretch the 4 cobs I had. I cooked, chilled, cut it off the cob, then mixed in some cooked chilled peas, chopped red pepper and a bit of sweet onion. Then mix it all up with a bit of mayo and a bit of dill. Oooooh what a tasty salad to make sure everyone got a bit of the first corn of the year. This weekend we’ll eat corn on the cob as there is no company to share with.

    I do find though that I miss the old-fashioned yellow corn – when I was a kid the best one was Seneca Chief, but I don’t think anyone grows it anymore. I still have one or two farm stands that have yellow corn, not the bi-colour peaches and cream. Yum!

    Hope the days stay dry for the hay!
    Chris S in Canada

  22. During a very long career I have only ever worked with men and have absolutely loved it! But have also been amused by the differences: Aussie guys demanded respect ere one was accepted but were ‘brothers’ once you passed muster ; Germans bowed ‘Gnadige Frau Direktor’!; Italians tried to make a pass; French were amused; English stated ;’ But why, you are so beautiful’ [!]; some US companies refused me entry [yes, Ford, I remember!] but Walt Disney loved my coming in and gave me lunch at the Commissary; and the Japanese were so bamboozled they would send a callgirl into my hotel room . . . darling husband and I were wondering whether he should sometime accept !!!!!!!

  23. Wish I could sink my teeth into some of that fresh corn! Supposedly it is best within an hour of picking – well, I will have to suffice with however many weeks it takes to get to my house, and be grateful!
    I work in a warehouse – currently the only non-male in the place. Today as I threw a pallet into a stack at head-level one of the young lads made a comment about my muscles (a nice comment, rare enough with a group of lads!) and I said, “if I can’t do the job, I shouldn’t be here!’ Being as I’m on my second year in the warehouse, I think I must be doing all right!

  24. I’m here in Missouri and we had a bunch of farmers finally finish planting so they started on hay…then it rained 5 inches. It was a mess. Hope you hay gets put up and everything goes well!

  25. The corn looks good. Reminds me of being a kid again, and dad bringing it in to be cooked for dinner. That was always a favorite day.

  26. Corn is lovely looking in that picture. What type of corn do you grow? Is it an heirloom variety?
    Praying that your weather stays DRY!!!

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