train delays

Tomoyo missed her first train last night and the second one was horribly delayed.   This happens often with the railway system here. So we did not get home until way too late and now I have over slept and  poor you have a shortened version of yesterday.


John had the day off yesterday so he picked up my one hundred bales of hay. I paid for them with some cash some frozen field raised  chickens and  eggs. I love the country!  Today Jake will come over to help load them into the barn. Three girls and one bloke – we should manage one hundred bales!


It was a perfect summers day. We gardened.  Showed around visitors. Played with piglets and Naomi the calf. Laughed at mud covered piggies and thought about doing a post on the ugly sights of the farmy.

gardening tools

The hay in my field is drying, the tomatoes are finally beginning to ripen and still I cannot find a cucumber amongst all those vines.

girl on farm

But we are rocking along at the moment.eggs

And today I have even more help so we will have piles of fun and good food and some hard work to boot!

I hope you have a lovely day,

Love your friend on the farm






24 Comments on “train delays

  1. Our tomatoes are just now ripening, and they’re delicious. Cucumbers are growing, but still small. Wishing you all a lovely day!

  2. I have cucumbers coming out of my ears! Picked one yesterday and it was 18 inches long!! Trying a new type too – if picked whilst young it is eaten like a normal cucumber, but if left to grow it can be eaten like a melon. Luckily my chickens like cucumber so they are getting lots of treats.
    Hope you get your hay dried and baled soon.

    • Would you please share the name of the cucumber variety? It sounds very interesting 🙂

      • it is called BARESE. “Sweet, bitter free Italian heirloom novelty. Harvest fruits young for use as traditional cucumber or allow to grow larger and use as melon. Spineless fruits have a downy peach type fuzz. Very productive.” Got the seeds from a company called ‘Totally Tomatoes’

  3. Sorry about your train problems. I empathise! Wonderful pictures today, specially Mister Flowers. Jock’s 2nd peacock embroidery is coming on beautifully.
    Good luck with the hay.

  4. Ugly, where’s ugly … The farmy still looks like paradise to me. Laura

  5. What a horrible journey for both of you, I’m glad she’s arrived safely and hope you and she will both enjoy the visit.

  6. The peacock is splendid! And so are the chickens and their eggs…nothing ugly here. What a beautiful, rich existence. Late trains and all.

  7. Train delays can be tricky, especially when you have a plane to catch. My brother is always willing to share his hay. Have a great day.

  8. I doubt there is anything truly ugly as we have come to unfortunately understand it from a global perspective, but rather there is utilitarian, which has its own beauty… and regardless there’s always the photogenic Mr Flowers on hand as a prop 🙂

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