Hey! HAY!

The sweet scent of hay in my barn.  And it was not rained on.  Finally I am beginning to stop fretting about getting enough hay in for the winter. Yesterday we loaded all the hay we bought on the weekend into the barn. We now have another seventy two bales  that were baled yesterday ready to go up today. peacock on car

My car has been demoted by Mr Flowers. He much prefers to pose on Amanda’s car now.


The mud is drying up though you would not know it from looking at Tima and Tane. Sheila’s feet are better now, all trimmed and being stood on nicely though she is quite wheezy when she walks about now so we are still working on getting her a little fitter. This is an endless problem with pigs. They much prefer just to lay about. Sheila has fields to walk about in but just lies in the corner quite happily. cats on a walk

The cats on the other hand love to walk and are seen here following us on our evening stroll.




Tomoyo is here and working much too hard already. She will  be here for two weeks. And she has already taken over watering the gardens and weeding the flower beds.  We have brought the turkeys out into their outside house. I will take a photo today – you will see much more of them now that they are in the sun.  Our new lot of meat chickens are due next week, Jake has been raising them in his brooders which saves me a lot of trouble.

We have another heavy day today so I had better get a wriggle on.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm,



31 Comments on “Hey! HAY!

  1. Hayray! I’m glad you got the hay in without rain.
    My parents had a Burmese cat that used to follow me when I walked the dogs in neighbouring fields. She’d gladly come in the truck if I took them to the beach, but she wouldn’t get out to see the sea 😉

  2. Your pictures make me want to live where you live! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hay Yay! glad it is all dry and packed away 🙂 Welcome back Tomoyo. Laura

  4. Glad the hay is coming along so well! That must make you feel so much better. Glad you have helpers as well–both animal and human.

  5. Give Sheila a pat and tell her I empathize greatly…so many lovely places to walk and explore yet plopping down in a quiet corner can be so inviting. Glad that there is happy hay news, and might I just say- Mr. Flowers is really rather vain, isn’t he? Oh to be a boisterous peacock and rule the farm with your splendor…

  6. Love all the images today – animals, landscape, flowers. And hay. Well done!

  7. Wey Hey for the Hay (a transliteration of the Geordie expression for “That’s great”) You will sleep better with a full barn.
    It’s amazing but your view of waving corn is the twin of the view from my chair – which is pictured with today’s poem, the first I’ve written in quite a while.
    Enjoy your helpers and get a little rest yourself!
    lots of love,
    ViV xox

  8. A recent article in the paper featured two brothers who raise bison and the one said the hardest thing about farming is worrying about hay….will there be enough and what will be the expense. So I know you are really relieved to have dry hay in the barn for winter.
    Beautil pictures as always. Cats with tails UP.

  9. Reading the comments I kept thinking, “Hey! Hay!!!” And then Viv beat me to it. That IS good news and the beautiful scent is most definitely heaven sent. I LOVE to drive through the countryside when hay has been freshly mown.
    While reading your post, I somehow clicked on the photo of Queen Anne’s Lace and note you have titled it ‘Weeds’…… and I wonder why ‘weeds’ and not ‘wild flowers’? And now I am wondering what constitutes a ‘weed’. I always thought they were simply a plant where it is not wanted, meaning that technically a rose can be a weed — but perhaps that’s not so. Do you know if there is a more accurate definition for ‘weed’? Can you tell I LOVE Queen Anne’s Lace?
    I once had kitties that came for walks with the dog and me; it was lovely, the entire family out to enjoy nature together. Your photo of them with their tails raised up is gorgeous!
    Hope you’re having a great day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  10. I have not left the fellowship, I am still away from home but preparing to return tomorrow and back to daily visits and comments. Glad the hay is ‘saved’ as we say in Ireland.

  11. Nothings is more wonderful than that hay smell especially once it’s safe in the barn.
    (the flowers of the 5th picture contrast lovely with the corn and tan foliage – beautiful shot)
    ah, the Guardian of the Cars

  12. Whenever I said HEY! to my sister she’d tell me to save my hey/hay, I might marry a jackass. All’s right in my world when I have the winter’s worth of hay tucked into my barn.

  13. Absolutely amazed you still find time and energy to go for an evening stroll! But am so glad that you must have a lot more peace of mind to know the larder is filling for all for the prairies winter!!

  14. Happy hay! so glad to hear it. That must be a huge relief, and to have the rain stop at the right time. Wow.

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