In for coffee

When you add another code to your day. (I added five calves and 50 meat chickens). One needs to add more time!  The time is added at the beginning and ending of each day.

So we are in the flux stage, the reshuffle. Then yesterday we had to add a trip to the vet for Boo. He has a staph infection in his foot, up his leg and into his mouth. He is terrified of the vet and refuses to sit like a dog on the floor when he visits. He sit on the chair next to me and stares straight ahead.  There is no talking him out of this.

Until the vet comes into the room and then Boo slinks right off his chair, slides under the chairs and comes to rest under where I am sitting.

He is on massive doses of antibiotics and already doing better.

The Vet said with the humid wet summer we have been having he has seen a few of these cases in dogs.

Plus we had another 100 bales of straw to stack into the barn before it rained. We ran right out of cooking time so we all trolled off to the pub and had pizza and beer for dinner. Sometimes this is the only way. 112b

Here is a Miss C shot for you. The calves are still doing well except for the tall skinny one. She is called Difficult. We are getting the required amount of fluids down her throat but she has an odd sucking motion and gets tired fast.  So she is drinking tiny bits often and I think she was better this morning.

This is the only shot we got yesterday evening from Amanda’s phone. Today I will do better. We are dripping wet from rain in the night and sopping wet from the humidity!

We were running yesterday.  Tomoyo has taken over the meat chickens and the corn stalk chopping which taken a lot of the work off me.  (The sweetcorn and the stalks are fed to all the animals, though Manu is still in training!)

But today will settle down a bit as these things do and by tomorrow we will have adjusted the schedule  and we will be trucking along.

I am inside for my coffee now, still in my nightie with yoga pants on underneath as I  was over feeding the calves at 5.30 this morning and am still going!

Do you want to see sorry Boo again?He does make me laugh. No-where else does he sit on a chair!

dog at vet

I am going to zoom out and help Tomoyo shift the chicken caravan (she is a tiny wee thing) then breakfast and coffee and a shower then we will start with the list!

I hope you have a lovely day.




65 Comments on “In for coffee

  1. Love this photo of Boo – that’s so funny! I’m glad to hear too he is doing better. I enjoy/LOVE reading your blog! 🙂

  2. Oh my. Poor Boo. That shot cracks me up. Hopefully things will all get shifted around today and you can get a new schedule all set. If I know you it will happen sooner rather than later.

  3. You make farming look so glamorous dressed in a skirt and muck boots:-)

    I feel bad that we haven’t been out to the farmy in such a long time, but you have so much going on that I don’t want to detract from all the work that you need to get done. And I know we would most definitely detract. So for now, we enjoy the farmy thru blogland.

  4. Poor Boo Boo give him a hug and get well kiss from me XX At last a calf I recognise, like our Freisan (dairy herds in SA), they always look bony and underfed to me 🙂 Laura

  5. My god you do sooooo much. Thank god you have the help you do! I so appreciate reading your blog with my breakfast every morning!

  6. Poor, poor Boo. I really could feel his anxiety at the Vet. You described it so well. Oh my. – Glad, that he’s better now. But when I saw the header photo first I had to laugh out loud. Sorry. But it looks so so great him sitting on a chair with that paper roll next to him hanging on the wall – it looks as if he was sitting on a toilet seat (or on the loo). Oh no. Great shot.
    Love the Miss C-shot too. But you had a very hectic day yesterday and would sure have needed much more help. Please take care, Celi, and settle down a little, as you yourself said.

  7. Boo on the chair is so special. My Luc, all aquiver, sits under me the whole wait for the vet. He is as big as Boo or bigger German Shepherd mix but a just a Scaredy Cat at the vet’s. I’m glad for Laura’s comment. Those skinny calf bones sticking out worried me. Pub nights happen. Hope you have a Drying Day on The Farmy.

  8. Poor Boo, glad he is feeling better. My dog was sick last week, but doing better now, he also hides under the chairs an shakes at the vet. He also insists on sitting and staying on the scales. Funny animals!

  9. Boo-Boo! Please tell that doggie to get better! I am already planning next summer’s ball games and he is an integral part of the game. 🙂

    Thinking of you all and wish I was there to help with your growing list of chores!

  10. I think Boo is trying to disguise himself as a person sitting in a chair. Maybe he won’t be noticed there. 🙂 I’m taking a deep breath for you since you obviously don’t have time for it. I shouldn’t be sitting here in my pj’s either. We have another heat wave and everything has to be watered and readied. Oregon is getting not enough rain in the summers anymore. Something is very wrong. I’m hoping your Difficult will revive from the stress soon and perk up.. Pizza and beer make all long, hard days better. Think I have a dinner plan. 🙂

  11. Oh that skinny little calf does look like the food just isn’t getting to where it needs to. Poor thing. Boo has the right idea. I think he’s trying to let the vet know he is HUMAN. No dog to look at here. No sir! I’m going to sit just like Celi and maybe the vet will find some other animal to poke. Then poor Boo’s ruse crumbles and his bravado disappears before he can pull it off!

  12. I am gathering up all the creatures in need of care into my head and will send out strong thoughts to the universe. Which sounds all sort of wafty and alternative, which I am not, but I am a great believer in the power of positive intentions in making things happen. So, healing for Boo, health for Difficult, strength for all the very young in their first precarious days, and above all, Time for Miss C. I shall sleep on it. Night night, Farmy.

  13. Awww, poor baby. Please don’t tell him but sitting up on the chair as he was made me laugh out loud also; that is hilarious. Am so glad he is feeling better today. A staff infection is not a laughing matter.
    And, as someone else mentioned the glory that farm life must be if you can wear a white skirt, had me wondering too — who would have thunk it!
    Yes, your schedule seems to have grown in leaps and bounds with the feeding of calves multiple times a day. Hope you can keep up and get all the list completed without too much delay. Have a great day! ~ Mame 🙂

  14. oh, baby boo….. yes, the vet is scarey and I don’t blame you for sitting in your chair.

    Sad news, our very close friend is putting her A. Shepard down today. She is 17 and looks very much like our sweet Boo of the blog. Hug and pet your pups today in her honor.

  15. That is a dog after my own heart. I behave the same way in the doctor’s waiting room. Poor thing. The calves are beautiful. And so are your girlish knees! ; )

  16. Here’s to a better feeling Boo, calves who grow and thrive and figure out proper food rituals, moderate temps, and well organized schedules that allow for good, home-cooked meals and bits of wind-down quiet time. Best wishes Miss C, for a lighter load ahead.

  17. Look at your lovely little legs! And poor Boo 😦 mine both sit on my lap together (which is a bit of a lapful) when we go to the vet. Has the calf that has problems drinking perhaps got a deformity in her mouth or tongue which prevents her from sucking properly? Just a thought.

    • She sucks well for a while.. Once she iis stronger I am considering getting her to drink out of the bucket, i don’t like to do that too early as a rule but this may be better for her.. Mostly I think she was a pulled calf, she is a twin, probably little or no colostrum, the mother may have died, who knows – weak..she does drink though, just little bits at a time! but never say never to me – I will keep working with her.. !

  18. Ahh poor boo hope he gets better soon. And I hope the little calf perks up x

  19. awww Boo is so adorable- good to hear he’s doing better. Sure wish the rains would stop for you! Take care.

  20. Darling smart Boo. I feel the same way in going to the doctor. This infection is nothing to mess with so it is good you took him and please keep us posted on his progress.

  21. You write before coffee. You amaze me. How do you do it?!

    Is the poor-feeder an animal for fattening? Can the vet show you how to tube-feed?

    Poor Boo! He looks like such a gentleman. I hope he heals quickly!

  22. Thank God you caught Boo’s infection in time. How did you know he was sick? (I’m just back from our cat vet myself this morning.) I’m a regular there. So is my cat. Oh I hope the little calves do well, especially the weak one. They’re in the right farmy though!

  23. Sometimes someone else cooking dinner, at the pub, seems like the best idea ever, and pizza can be very therapeutic 🙂 Love that Boo has a ruse for dealing with vet visits, clever boy. Adding positive thoughts to Kate’s!

  24. Poor Boo. Glad he feels better already. Some calves which are big boned get stuck being born and oxygen deprivation can cause a bit of brain damage, I had one like that last year, over the years a few, mostly they come through in a few days but goodness me they are time consuming! Do you have one of those five teat buckets? They really save time feeding the calves that are sucking well. I can feed ten calves in fifteen minutes all washed up and done! These –

  25. I sympathise with Boo’s aversion to sitting on the floor at the vet’s – yuck! Heal well and quickly, dear boy!

  26. Molly sits on a chair at the vet just like that. So much like proper people. Molly had such a rough time and was so injured when rescued, she somehow knows the vet is there to make her better, but you can still see her fear and search for reassurance in your face. I usually end up putting a hand/hug on her if I can. Dogs are so remarkable in their understanding. Paw waves and feel better, Boo!
    Got a smile at all of you off to the pub. Well done and well deserved!

  27. Love that Boo dog! He looks like a good patient until you tell the story. Glad the 2nd picture was posted. Hope he gets better soon …along with Difficult.

  28. Poor, brave Boo! Trying so hard…”Nothing to see here! Just a fellow in a chair in a waiting room. Move along, please!”

  29. The Boo photo is hilarious and I hope he has a quick recovery. We don’t want to be worrying about him.

  30. Trust Boo to act more human than dog once again!! Great photo to hold and keep . . . Am grinning at you wearing a white skirt for farmy tasks: must need an awful lot of bleach once it reaches the washing machine . . . and love you using the word ‘pub’: surely that is not part of the usual Prairies parlance 🙂 !!

      • Laughter: and I don’t wear skirts at al! Was known around Sydney for three decades for wearing a male ‘dinner suit’ to all formal ‘do’s, shiny stripe down the side of the trousers and all!! SO damn feminine!!!! But shorts: no – my having put on a pound or two sitting behind the computer doesn’t allow it in the first place!! Have a good night all of you . . .

  31. I love Boo’s trying to look like a human so maybe the vet won’t do anything to him. Such good news to hear he is already getting better on the antibiotics. Difficult looks like she might have a significant health issue causing her eating difficulties. I hope she can overcome whatever the issue is & start gaining weight to match her height. Pizza & beer is sometimes necessary when everyone at the farmy is extra busy. We may be doing the same thing for dinner tonight as it was already over 100 degrees today & 104 is predicted for tomorrow, I do not enjoy this prolonged heat & the fan just blows hot air around, I am envious of people who have AC. It used to be rare that we would get many 90+ day in the Summer, but now we are breaking the records for number of 90+ days. There is such fear of more wild fires with the ongoing drought making everything tinder dry. It looks like the heat wave is headed your way, Hope all the animals stay near their fans. I feel sorry for Shelia and Poppy w/ all those babies to feed. The heat must be hard on the chickens & other birds. Life can be so fragile at times. Please take care of yourselves as you have so much work to do in the coming heat – Drink lots of H2O!

    • We have the fans going already.. I do hope we do not get your heat wave.. ah well.. Difficult drunk her whole bottle tonight. It took a while but she stuck at it.. I really think she had never been fed.. but tonight she was up first for her drink.. c

  32. Glad Boo is on the mend. He looks so grown up sitting on the big chair. Kind of like a king on his throne. Maybe he’s hoping the vet won’t realize he is the patient and skip to another.

  33. Chin up and best of luck to little Miss Diff—she couldn’t’ve landed in a more provident spot than in Miss C’s capable, caring hands. And please give poor Boo a chuck under the chin and a good scratch behind the ears from me, for encouragement.

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