Corn is the new asparagus. Because there is so much of it we are eating it at every meal. Last night I made corn chowder and I would share the recipe with you but it was deeply pedestrian.


The stock made from the corn cobs was startlingly good though. calf in car I decided to bring Little the new Bobby back to the main barn. He will also be known as the Little Bobby. (All cattle raised for the freezers or to be sold are called Bobbys).  I have decided not to keep any of the little heifers, I have enough of them already really and this is a dubious bunch at best. And the couple I am raising them for are happy to keep them all after they are weaned.  Mostly I wanted a Play Date for Naomi so they can be raised together. One is enough. calf

So I picked him up and popped him in the back of the car and drove him home.

In a few days I will introduce him to his new playmate. Though Naomi is suddenly looking very big.   Bless her – she is such a good calf and will enjoy the company. hot pigs

The piglets were hot, somehow this is cooler and maybe they are hiding a bit from the flies. Al this rain makes everything damp – so unhealthy.

It rained again last night so the flies are atrocious.  I let the little pigs out into their backyard, where the weeds are almost as big as trees  and so much cooler, naturally they escaped but that is part of our summer fun. They are already trained to a call so they came rushing back in when I called out to them.

pig food

Especially when I am dishing up vegetables!

We have started sowing the late summer and autumn gardens. Summer goes by so fast here.  Now we are already thinking about the fall garden. Maybe it will not be drowned out like the spring garden.  Though today Amanda picked a huge bowl of tomatoes so today I will be making sauce.

Difficult the tall skinny calf ate well last night. Which was a relief. So we will see what happens next.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm


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  1. You can try roast corn. We roast it over fire, rub some lemon juice and sprinkle rock salt and some pepper powder and eat them off the cobs. Similarly, you can roast them and have them with some molten butter over the cob. 🙂 There are just so many Indian corn recipes, but I am a bad cook. You can always look them up online (Corn Pakodas, Corn Salad, Corn Balls, Corn Kebab, Corn Kheer, Corn Vada) and make your version. As always, I love your blogs about country life. ❤

  2. I can’t help thinking that those Bobbies are discards from the dairy industry. I hope the little Bobby gets on well with Naomi.
    I love the seasonal excess of asparagus and corn. I’m currently feasting on broad beans and look forward to it every year 🙂

    • I like the sound of that curried corn and pumpkin soup, Kate. I make a chicken sweet corn and chickpea soup, as my father would say: It would put hairs on your chest! I do think that remark was for my four brothers…. I am clear so far! 😉

      • It’s a yummy one. The Husband gets homemade soup every working day, in a Thermos mug he can sip from while he drives. He loves his soups, and this is one of his favourites.

        • I make my homemade soups all with my own basic stock, Winter lunchtimes are always tasty affairs! Elly gave me one for Roast tomato soup which is tasty and Broccoli & Almond is another favourite.

  3. I envy you, as it’s difficult to buy eating corn here (as opposed to annimal feed/corn for oil) and I do love it slathered with butter.
    I hope Naomi loves her new Little companion.
    ViV xox

  4. The piggies all in a row are so dear, so sweet…but I feel bad for them about those awful flies! I hate flies. And they are just about the only creature I kill. I just can’t fathom what they are here for other than nuisance. I’m curious about the piglets. They always seem to be choreographed almost! Always in line. Always together. Do they move about in a pack? Is that something piglets do? Is there one that leads and others that follow or is it mob rule?

  5. ‘Difficult the tall skinny’ I wonder if my mother ever called me that? 😆 I was after all skin on bone! Sad part is, I was told at the hospital yesterday that I have lost an inch and gained weight I am now 10 stone!!!!!!!!

  6. You may have answered this – but what is the sticker on the wee calf?

    • The sale barn would have put that on the calf to identify the consigner and the buyer. So they know whom to collect from and whom to pay for the sale of the calf. Those stickers have some of the strongest glue around.

      • I can remember taking a scissors and cutting the hair off while the calf is getting its bottle because very little phases them while they are eating. We would have these little calves with circular bald spots and anyone who saw them would ask what was wrong with them. Also I would take a wet rag with me and lay it on the sticker glue to get it to start dissolving, sometimes I would also use vinegar or shampoo or anything that would work on the glue but not irritate the calf’s skin. It is best to keep an eye on the sticker area because sometimes it irritates the skin and that is all the openning the flies need to start laying eggs. Before I realized this we had a couple poor calves with maggots under the sticker that I figured would just wear off with time and with no problems. It was quickly dealt with and no lasting problems to the calves but I sure felt bad for not realizing it could happen.

          • TIP: OIL is the all time best thing to remove anything STICKY….. Gum, glue, stickers. And it is is not harmful to put oil on a calf….. Olive, corn, Crisco…I’m not a fan of canola because of it’s source, but that works too. If the sticker has a thick top on it – you may have to try to remove some of the top layer if you can. But try it!!!

  7. Working pictures of the ladies…love that! Also, I want to smoosh my face around in the Bobby whiskers, milk slobber washed away first please. That boy needs a shave. I hope Naomi likes him. So many flies on those piglets. I remember the burlap hanging from the tree for the cows…perhaps a lower version for the pigs, unless they would simply tear it down.

  8. The first picture of the piglets they look so small and young. The second picture shows how much they have grown and matured. I bet the reason that Difficult was at the sale barn was because of her poor sucking performance. It seems as though some of the big calves have problems at first and take extra time and effort to get going. Those darn sweet corn pictures are making me hungry.

  9. It is so charming that the piglets are allowed to escape then come trotting back home to your call. I’d love to know what that sounds like. Is it a snort or two or a yoo-hoo.

    • Please include the corn cob stock. Spouse is drooling and muttering about when it’ll be made.

  10. after reading everyone’s comments about corn I am lusting for some, but it isn’t here yet for us! Cheers!

  11. I love fresh corn and we used to grow it in Spain just for me (no one else seemd to enjoy it!). I also love the idea of putting a calf into the back of the car….marvellous 🙂

  12. Little Bobby is a very cute thing. I’d like to stroke his forehead… Love his eyes too. He’ll be like a little brother to Naomi, won’t he? He seems to be younger than her. – Boo is better today? – Love that brown piglets with their grey ears… They seem so much being bound together, loving and enjoying each other. Must be fun being part of them. What are that seedlings? Beans? Bell peppers?
    Have a nice afternoon all!

  13. Bobby! I like that name. On this farm we call those animals Dinner. I think Bobby is a little more subtle.

  14. Corn stock… yum. And corn chowder. I love sweetcorn season. And now it’s deliciousness will go so much further 🙂

  15. Have you put your lavender or mint oil on the piglets and seen if it works for them? Insects are supposed to not like menthol and Lavender, all the mints, cedar, pine all have menthol in them which repulses the flies, in theory!

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