At Last

An ordinary day. But a long one. This is the first time in a long time that I have been working all alone all day and I did not get the chores done until 8pm. However I WAS taking my time and everyone was fed and watered,  even Our John, eventually.

I have ten more days before Hugo arrives and twelve days until Our Friend of the Fellowship come for a farm stay week in the Coop.  .

For now I am just going to try and keep up until help arrives.

The header is Little Bobby. He has finally brought his head up. His chest is still very rattly but I am feeling cautiously optimistic.

manu the boar

Manu the Hereford Boar gallops across his field when he sees me, with great big woofs. I have to be careful to feed him before going in there so he is distracted as he is very heavy already and prone to those playful sideways swipes with his head. No-one is allowed in with him but me.

delivery man

This is what I see when the UPS man comes with a delivery. He leaps out of his truck and plays with the dogs at speed. They have a whole system set up, the dogs simply abandon me when they hear his truck arriving. He trow for them both at the same time it is like a wild ballet. He is kind enough to deliver my shopping so that I don’t have to go anywhere. I use Amazon Prime and it saves me hours of time.

And lest you think Manu is a big boy here is Sheila sauntering over there to rattle his cage, she gets him all riled up then wanders off again.


I hope you all have a lovely day. Today, if I am blessed with another ordinary day, I am going to REALLY TRY to clean all the floors and get the laundry put away, but I might be outside all day anyway. I do need to work on getting the other calves outside now that they are better. And there are fences that need fixing and a broken gate and the pigs water needs fixing again.  I love farm life. I love that you love it too!day lily

Lots of Love,

Your friend on the farm



45 Comments on “At Last

  1. I would abandon the floors and laundry to be outside with the calves and piggies 🙂 Laura

  2. Wonderful to see a picture of an alert Bobby Little. Your life on the farm is great to read, though I could never hope to have lived like you – I really admire your strength and resolve, as well as your all-pervading kindness to those around you, animal and human.
    Lots of love,
    ViV in gloomy, damp Normandy.

  3. I love farm life too, specially through your eyes (or lens). I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about Little Bobby…really hope he’ll make it!!
    Have a lovely day C, enjoy it while I’m sitting here at my desk 😉

  4. What a sweet whiskery little face Bobby Little has, and his perfect little heart on his forehead. Enjoy your day with all those lovelies.

  5. This is my reward for getting up in the middle of the night…only #5 on the list of comments. Celi, I just love reading about your life on the farmy. I (City girl. I used to live right across the street from a firehouse. I’d hear the sirens in my sleep and mumble “fire trucks” and never truly regain consciousness.) However, you are awakening a country mouse inside of me and I love it ! Thanks so much for being you with your beloved animals and humans. Not many things are as gracious as I rise from bed for a temporary peek into your world. Love, Gayle
    in sunny Sacramento, California. I lied a bit. It’s still dark out.

  6. Little still has a tiny expression of uncertainty about life in general….but has been blessed with *outrageous* eyelashes! I’m so happy to hear that you are finally able to slow down, breathe and look about you (at least enough to notice the laundry!). Please devote at least 10 minutes today to Miss Celi, who appears to be the only creature on the farm you are not taking care of!

  7. Whoa, Manu is already turning into a ‘Big Daddy’!!! Our boar, Jethro, is about 650 pounds and humungous! He is a sweetie, but I’m always very careful around him, as he likes to throw his head around too. And with tusks on each side, he could be harmful! That Sheila is just too much! xo

  8. Oh thank you for the photo of Sheila and Manu! I have been curious of the size comparison. Manu is such a handsome guy!

    I absolutely love Amazon Prime! I have converted several people recently but my biggest convert is my friend from Kenya. This weekend, instead of getting out in the 105/106 heat, he did all the kids school shopping via Amazon. Tax free weekend didn’t lure him out like it used to. Save 8.25% and melt in the heat – or stay in your A/C home and get the same sales prices with free shipping. Hum….. I know my choice.

  9. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Manu in nature – he looks a bit like a guinea pig in the long grass. It sounds like he’s got a best friend in you 😉

  10. There is always so much to do… the secret is to enjoy it. I have often thought that productive people have the best and happiest lives. Little Bobby’s heart mark is sweet… what a love he is.

  11. the floor and the laundry will always wait for you unlike all your cows, piggies etc! Have a lovely day- I love your farmy!

  12. Oh my, dear Little. His eyes are not the same as they were the day he came to the Farmy. But they were and are still looking so sad. Poor guy… being so ill.
    I feared the today’s news a bit by the title – how to take “at last”? So I am happy, nothing bad has happened.
    Manu is a very special one. I like him anyhow. Still a teenager compared to Sheila.
    Egoli has a look as if she suffers from little cat sorrows. Such a serious expression.
    Wish you to get done all your duties, chores, plans in a very well way. May it leave you all over content and happy.

  13. I will continue to keep thoughts of Little Bobby as a well and happy calf. I think of him several times a day as I go about my own work. You have full, long days that I could no longer do but admire so much. The floors will need cleaning again so they can wait but I’m with you on the laundry. Put away makes everything feel better. Amazon Prime is a great thing. Well worth the annual expense. My son is ordering parts to rebuild the deck that caught fire this weekend from Amazon. You can buy anything there and never get out of your pj’s. Have a wonderful day yourself.

  14. Sheila is looking very svelt, she is a big pig but no longer a fat pig, Manu is vey handsome. I was alway taught to be wary of boars but of late I have seen several well behaved boars that all live within the family groups. A friend of mine keeps all of his pigs together, he has three sows, two boars and numerous offspring all in together and they all seem pretty good natured. I think the difficulties occur when pigs from outside the family group are introduced to each other which obviously has to happen once in a while with boars. It is very good news about Little.

  15. At last, a photo of little Bobbie Little! His coat is not the luxurious richness that Naomi sports but that will come with some good food, sunshine and tlc. In the meantime it is just such a pleasure to see him up and ready to meet the day and, yes, his heart marking and eye lashes are endearing.
    I had to go and check out just what Amazon Prime is. I do a lot of online shopping — even weekly groceries through a firm in the city here that has a wonderful system of ordering online and a nice man delivers your order next day into your kitchen, and they supply everything a grocery store does. Amazon Prime looks very interesting; thanks for mentioning it!
    I was not aware that domesticated piggies (or, at least, farm piggies) had tusks. I knew about wild boar tusks but that’s about it. Will Manu have them also and do all male piggies develop tusks?
    Miss C., even though you are thoroughly over-worked, it is a great relief to hear a more relaxed tone from your musings. No question, I guess, as to why that is but it is just so nice to be back on that ‘keel’, at least for now. Hope your day goes well. ~ Mame 🙂

  16. So happy to see Little Bobby up and so happy the delivery man plays with the dogs. The kindness of strangers! I am ditto ing what Viv said.

  17. Just reading that has made me feel tired…I must go for a rest!

  18. So glad little is doing better his eyes look really clear to me-that’s a very good sign.
    Love the flowers you have all over, yellow iris are so beautiful.
    I’m with sun dog enjoying what your doing is so key…yeah I get to clean the corral !

  19. Help is on the way! I am really looking forward to my week at the Farmy, I’ll bring some elbow grease with me so maybe you can get a nap or two in.

  20. I value each and every “ordinary day” and the rhythms that come even with housework. My floors could use a little TLC right now, too, but summer seems to be my outdoor chore time, even in a climate that doesn’t challenge me too much in other seasons. I’m confident your “Friend of the Fellowship” is going to be delighted to be a part of your world for a week. 🙂

  21. What a fragile little creature Little looks! I have this vision of him starting to frolic… Soon…
    Egoli is such a lovely name for a cat (wonder how you came up with it?). Hope you have a successful, wonderful day!

  22. In spite of all the ‘extra’ work am glad you have a few days to yourself before the next ‘visitors’ troop in! Get your thoughts together and whisper sweet nothings into Big John’s ear 🙂 ! Do things by rote without having to explain what and how!!!

  23. Hi C, I presented your farmy animals in a presentation yesterday and the city folk were disgusted I chose photos of live animals and not a butcher’s or supermarket display of meat………grr! My vegetarian lecturer who keeps chickens to supply the family eggs thought it was an excellent idea to let the class see their food is not a slab of meat, it has a personality and should have a good life. I was told unofficially I passed the subject with the presentation……..E.

    • Disgusted?!??! How utterly appalling and sad, depressing and discouraging. You, however, deserve congratulations – in more than one respect.

    • Wow. Brave of you. I truly think that if people saw where their meat came from they would EAT LESS and that would save a whole pile of problems. I am thrilled to bits that the images helped you pass! That is just grand. Well done.. c

  24. Love Little Bobby’s heart. He wears it out for all to see. Funny Manu and Sheila. UPS is great–and always in a hurry. The golden kitty has gorgeous eyes. Glad even John got dinner!

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