Sunday Light.

Geraldine has forgiven me.  A little bit. But is still giving me a look as she breezes past.


Hugo got a wee fright when he was sitting in the garden and Geraldine flew up from behind and landed on his shoulder – he walked around for a while with her there before she flew off. It is quite cute when she is a small bird but when she is a big bird this will be interesting!


The turkeys and Geraldine stayed around their turkey house and did not get into trouble once. In the afternoon while they were sleeping I noticed Pania sleeping with them too.   Do you remember the turkey chick who could not sit up after he hatched, well he is still a bit wobbly and now I have noticed that his tail feathers have not grown straight. I think he is the only Tom too which is a bit of a worry.  Can you see? he is the third one back in that picture. His wings droop a bit too.  It is interesting how much of their balance and movement is governed by their feathers. Like rudders.  Or sails. He sits down a lot. But they are nice birds, friendly, un-bothered by much.


The light was low and cool yesterday.  It was Sunday so no-one was exerting themselves.  Our new girl came late last night and today we will all drive over to have a look at the little Llama. Then when we come home I will divide the piglets up so that the three Plonkers can move permanently into their Get Fat field and Molly and Tahiti can stay in the barn close to me and Sheila and Poppy and go on the slimmer diet.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi



32 Comments on “Sunday Light.

  1. Love the sunlit field photo. We have drenching rain today, although yesterday was gloriously sunny. There’s a llama farm about 5 miles from my house that we often drive by. They also run a small petting zoo there. Sweet little creatures. Good morning to you, and all, c. xx >

  2. Yup, that’s definitely a Look she’s giving you. But she’ll forget all about it soon. Beautiful golden light, coating everything like warm honey. What will your Llama be called, do you have something picked out already?

  3. You might have to train Geraldine to come, invited, to land on extended forearm, like they do with Falcons and big birds. Otherwise your visitors may need to be warned of the ‘peacock hat’ they might find themselves wearing 🙂 Are all these turkeys destined for the table or will you keep a couple to breed with? Laura

  4. Good Morning, Celi. – Oh, how I miss a Farmy surrounding in my life. Love seeing the turkeys grazing. So calm, so natural. What a great sun-day-light shot you’ve made!

  5. Morning Celi, love all these pictures every day and here’s another calendar shot ~ the beautiful golden sun set picture!!!! On our way to southern Kentucky to visit relatives. Have a great day ~ cheers to all of the farm Kids and animal buddies! Carol

  6. What a weekend! I’m catching up as I was quite busy all weekend here. Geraldine the Pea-key….. 🙂

  7. HAHA! If Geraldine had fingers she would be wagging one back and forth at you along with that look…

  8. Goodness, Tane in the header photo is looking quite portly!!! He may be a candidate for the slimmer diet as well! 🙂

      • Oh my gosh, she is looking very big!!! I don’t want to get too excited yet, but she certainly looks big!!! Do you have an estimated time of arrival? Sometimes it seems like we are not really sure until only a week or so before delivery!

  9. Oh my … I can just imagine the character that will arrive on your farm in the form of the little llama. When they are small they seem to be all eyes – all big brown full of feeling eyes. Good luck!

      • Isn’t the name Dolly for now and ever reserved for that clone sheep?
        Llamaste is great! But in my opinion a more than a disyllabic named animal is a bit difficult to call, especially on an farm…

  10. Are we sure Geraldine is female? I hope you can catch a shot of her perched on a shoulder…what a sight! Does she think she’s a pirate’s parrot? If you take the llama, I’m going to cast my name-vote for Rama Llama.

  11. That is some look that Geraldine is giving you. I can almost feel the coolness while looking at that sunset, autumn is really on the way.

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