Rated W

I have always felt a little sorry for the letter X.

X rated of course is probably its worst job and then there is X and XX  and even 2XX clothing.

Most unfair. bobby

And the X is not even the beginning of anything. It is not the beginning of a word. Except maybe for the clothing as in Extra Large. Why then does the label not read EL.  E is a much nicer letter? Don’t you think? Why do the Larger amongst us (my husband being one of those) have to wear X rated clothing?

Why can’t they be J sized?


Then there is Xmas. Xmas? This makes no sense either. How can Xmas be short for Christmas.  It is not a cross like Cross your legs – (I mean: T’s) and Dot your eyes?  It is an X for goodness sake.

You don’t see anyone hanging a sign saying X-IT. No, they write Exit. Because it is a Safety Issue. Now how safe is Christmas? With an X.


So, We of the Fellowship are now officially W Rated.  For no apparent reason!  W for the World. We love the world and are of the World. And we are World Famous in our Own little minds. WorX for me!

W Rated.

What is in my coffee this morning. I sound Drunk!


Carlos IV can give the best bad faces. Hey Jean! Does this remind you of anyone? Your daughter maybe?

Love celi

45 Comments on “Rated W

  1. Maybe we should name Alexs’ calf Xavier to correct this situation 🙂 Imagine if large sized clothes were marked H and 2H or 2HH 🙂 🙂 Laura

  2. Aww, little Carlos and his Grumpy Moo face… And don’t forget that X marks the spot where treasure is buried. I booked my February flight and hotel in Melbourne today, hurray hurray, gloat gloat! It’s going to be Xtremely good fun to meet you, Miss C!

  3. Ha! Love it! She does that face.

    I have always sized hats in “pin,” “normal” and “pumpkin.” I have always hated “X is for Xylophone” in children’s books. They do it to paint a color of the rainbow on each key. Xenophobia didn’t make it through the edit.

  4. ha ha! don’t know Jean (not yet, anyway…Hi Jean!) but I have been teasing my daughter for years for making “bull” faces…or toro faces as we say over here. When she was very small, she would lower her brow and positively glower at you like a bull. Still does it. Fantastic!! I love being W rated. I feel reborn. Thanks for the rethinking.

  5. It seems to me that Queenies Booby’s eyes are looking sad now. So sad.

    XXXXL symbolizes the greedy, never ever being content people and world, we are living in. – There’s a shop here called XXL, selling furniture and life style products. Ha!
    No, X is not even the beginning of anything (so right, Celi), but more – X used in that way IS the very end. Hm, you said it too: X-IT. – X often means “cancelled, erased, extinguished”, too… isn’t that – oh no! What a thing! Whew!
    And yes, X-mas. What is that?! But here the X stands for “Ch” what is written with an X in Greek writing (pronounced like “ch” – Xristos). OK, so far. But it sounds so weird in my ears, that X-mas…
    Ok, in my language there are few words, beginning with an X. No really bad words. And X is not the very last letter in our alphabets. – How interesting though: It’s followed by “W” (why?) and “Z” (sad?) – oh my, my phantasy goes through with me……… Haha…
    Oh, what a philosophical post you brought up today…
    It was nice to follow your thoughts! And I do agree with “W” for World. The Farmy World 🙂

  6. Ha ha – I’m off to a cheap Catalan lunch which will end with a carajillo – strong black coffee mixed half and half with Carlos brandy. Bon dia 😉

  7. I loved this post! I hate it when they write Xmas…horrible. I was so happy this week as I needed a new waterproof/windproof warm winter jacket (that’s a lot of W’s!) but objected to paying £150 or more which is what they charge here for a decent one. I found the perfect jacket for dog walking, perfect fit, super warm and only £4 – less than 10 USD! And the best bit that (because it was a man’s jacket – I don’t mind at all) I didn’t need a ladies XL, it was M!!! Happy days 🙂

  8. I’m sad to see the goodbye photo of Queenie’s bobby with his curly forehead just itching to be scratched.

  9. I sound giddy and drunk most days with no booze in sight. 😆 I think Carlos IV knows that being a bull is serious business and is practising the look!

  10. Irmi is correct that the X in Xmas stands for Christ (and has for nearly 2,000 years) and should be pronounced ‘Christmas’. It’s not an infernal plot to remove Christ from Christmas, just the opposite. I think all letters should be embraced equally…except maybe the letter ‘j’ which is a recent (15th C.) invention. Pollyanna that I am, X just makes me think of kisses! So, XXXXX everyone 🙂

  11. How safe is Christmas with an X? Evidently not very safe at all. Has it been, as I suspect, only in recent years it has been spelled as ‘Xmas’? Because it does seem only in recent years the true ‘Spirit’ has disappeared. Very sad, but I guess inevitable.
    I’m with you on W-rated! We are the World! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9BNoNFKCBI) And we even have a theme song already written and performed for our benefit….. lol
    Hope your day is a great one! ~ Mame 🙂

    • Beautiful, I love it. Must be the performance in honour to him after Michael had died or around his funeral, I think…

      • That video was posted to youtube in April 2008, and Michael passed in June 2009… so his appearance in that film is legitimate and not dubbed in, I guess.

    • Nope, it’s at least 1000 years or more that it has been Xmas (see my post above), because X in Greek represents Chi, the first letter of Christ. I don’t think the true Spirit of Christmas has disappeared but I confess I am biased because I’m a devout Catholic and sing in the church choir, so most of my friends and family celebrate the birth of Christ. I suspect that many Christians of all denominations around the world still ‘keep Christmas.’ I feel sad for those who have lost their faith and pray it will return to them.

      Time to start another Christmas carol CD (but don’t tell Celi, she hates that bloody music and the awful memories it dredges up).

  12. Dear Celi: methinks you do not play Scrabble, ’cause you would have had to learn dozens of ‘x’ words to get those lovely high word scores 🙂 ! I am too late to be the first to mention that sad and ugly term ‘xenophobia’ or the happier one of ‘xylophone’ . . . . And there would not be a single Australian unaware of ‘XXXX’ [pronounced ‘Forex’] of which at least half the population regularly partakes!! And Australians must be even more obese than Americans ’cause no problem here accessing 4X clothing. Now I do not use abbreviations if I can help it and do not like ‘Xmas’ myself . . . but when one is multitasking at a 100 kms/hour it does at times slip in . . . . . do not normally use the term, but many friends do, so xoxo to you 😀 !!

  13. Big ol’ bunch of goofballs today. You all fit very well in my world. Much love,

  14. Chi-Rho “is one of the earliest forms of christogram. It is formed by superimposing the first two (capital) letters chi and rho (ΧΡ) of the Greek word “ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ” = KRistos = Christ in such a way to produce the monogram.” – Wikipedia.
    See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chi_Rho for the rest of the article and images, including a most stunning illuminated one from the Book of Kells.

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