Sheila speaks. (audio)

Last night everything was quiet in the home barn, the wind had dropped, the birds were roosting  and the cows munched quietly in the background so while I put Sheila and the kune-kunes to bed under their respective covers, I recorded the discussion between Sheila (my big old Hereford pig) and I. Our good night talk. A talk we have every night and have done for years now.  (The Bad Things – Molly and Tahiti tried to help with the straw, though kept quiet for the most part.) So hopefully you will find a little sense of the connection between my big fat pig and her girl.

In the recording Sheila speaks every time I lay another arm-full of straw along her back.  You can detect the shuffling of the straw and the little pigs higher voices in the background and you will hear her saying thank you and mimicking me at the end. Usually her good nights have two syllables but of course when I decide to record her she changes her sentence structure! She is such a dear. I love Sheila.

pig and rooster

Tahiti playing with a rooster!

I hope this audio clip works. Fingers crossed.


I hope you have a lovely day.


Love celi

106 Comments on “Sheila speaks. (audio)

  1. I loved the Podcast and the pictures are terrific, each with a different mood. Today will be good, my finger is healing… I hope, at least the bleeding has stopped and my kitchen no longer looks like a murder scene!

    Hope you have a lovely day doing what you like best!

    • Marie, what on earth did you do to yourself? It sounds horrific. I hope you had someone to look after you, it must have been a dreadful shock.

      • Kate, I was chopping a carrot (in a ladylike manner) on Monday, when the knife collided with my left index finger. Blood thinners and cut fingers are not a good combination. I have never seen so much blood. I wrapped it in a damp face flannel and phoned a friend. She took me to the doctor and they cleaned it up and steri-stripped me. That sounds rather naughty, doesn’t it? 😆 I will be fine, just need to be careful that the wound does not open. Maybe you could come and quilt it back together for me… Whatcha think, Kate?

          • Mostly when I prick a finger when sewing it takes an age for blood to show, but this was immediate, I was sure I had cut a blood vessel. Thankfully my friend was at home to come to my aid.

            • I’m on blood thinners too; so far, due to my lack of culinary interest, the fingers are working! get better quickly

              • I am behaving myself… when I remember, but have self imposed a ban on driving for a few days. We drive on the left and my car has stick shift. I do not want to make any sudden moves on the gear stick. I will live, there are people in a far worse position out there.

          • They do me. Three years ago, after surgery the cardiologist insisted I needed two kinds of antigoaculent plus aspirin, leading to spontaneous gum haemorrrhages that went on for hours until I could persuade the hospital to give me vitamine K. Do be careful with knives Grannymar – the anaemia following a copious bleed is no fun at all. Nowadays I work out my own dosage after each monthly blood test. I don’t trust the doctors!

          • I do not like them, but not as much as statins, which had me nearly bedridden about ten years ago. Cardiac problems are rife in my maternal side of the family. Celi it would take a book to list them all. I do realise that one day I will keel over and not get up, but in the meantime I’ll have plenty of fun!

        • Oh wow… that doesn’t sound nice at all! On top of it being an ‘ouch’, and all the mess of the clean-up and doc, etc., it is also an awful inconvenience as it will surely take four or five days before it’s closed properly and you can carry on in normal fashion. So sorry, Grannymar! Hope it knits together really quickly for you! ~ Mame 🙂

        • I will come and do some invisible mending with tiny stitches. Alternatively, I could do something nice and decorative; maybe some feather stitch. What colour would you like? I know… anything except red! Poor you, what a fright.

  2. So sweet, and she says, “Awwwww”!
    Beautiful photos, too, thank you for sharing your farmy.

  3. Oh no, can’t hear the audio at all, very sad. Umm, does Tahiti not know about those spurs? Laura

  4. that was wonderful to hear Sheila talking…and you have such a gentle was a pleasure to listen and thank you for taking the time to do this

  5. I love it. Sheila’s girl sings her a lullaby, while she makes herself comfortable for the night. “Night night, Sheila, night night, Sheila”. There’s such a lovely tone of affection in your voice, and such contentment and peace in hers! And now I know the tone and pitch of your voice too – you have such a young voice!

  6. That was so cute, especially the aww at the end. Very sweet picture of Tahiti and the rooster. Reminds me of a scene from Charlotte’s web.

  7. Ha ha I love it! So sweet. I can hear the love in your voice 😀 And in her contented grunts 😍

  8. What fun to hear Sheila settle down for the night. Sounds like some of the settling and relaxing and nurturing that goes on between my youngest granddaughter and I when she is having a hard time going down for a nap. I speak little quiet words, stroke her face and she snuffles, and breathes, and sighs, and slowly drifts off…

  9. There is great love there and it’s palpable. Sheila feels your love and returns it with each syllable. That was just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. A wonderful collection of photos as well. Have a wonderfilled day.

  10. The audio worked well. Thanks. Familiar sounds to this former farm boy.

    I had a good day. It ended when I taught a class to a large group at a retirement center about the Chicago 1893 Columbian Exposition and the Ferris Wheel featured there. Many had heard accounts from parents or grandparents of being there. I showed them what it was like. They loved it. Fun for me. I can provide a blog link if you are curious.

  11. What a beautiful post this morning! Loved being able to hear you and Sheila saying goodnight to each other. The collage of photos is lovely too.

  12. Sweet communication between Sheila and her girl. I can imagine that your human children have lovely memories of you reading to them and tucking them in at night too. You have such a soothing and calm voice.

  13. Just love the audio! You the know the saying about ‘a man and his dog’? I think we can definitely have one for you about ‘a girl and her pig’!!! 🙂

  14. I loved the audio, as well as all the gorgeous pictures. I am going to re-christen you Cecilia Doolittle (for your language skills, as no-one could accuse you of doing little!!!!)
    I hope your day is less wild and wet than mine so far. I made Jock’s favourite Noel tart to cheer him up.

  15. Thank you for this audio, Cecilia. I love it so. So sweet. And Sheila has such a deep voice, deep and rich. I must say I’ve been looking forward to this. I still play Poppie’s babies.

  16. I love the farm and all the animals which I know are a lot of work but so worth it. I dream of having a few acres and animals but at my age…welllll nothing is impossible, right?

    • I think once we reach our ages we discover that some things are impossible but much more is possible! However we also find that no door should ever be fully closed and no dead plant up-rooted because you just never know when new growth can bring about a sea change. Thank you for joining the Lounge of Comments! You are always welcome on this little farm.. c

  17. So sorry: I was curious but alas – your audio does not work on my PC… Can’t see why though. Would there be another possibility to get it heard? – Can you tell what’s the story of that wounded tree? He’s got a stab with an axe? – Lunch or dinner shot with Sheila and the twins is so cute and peaceful. And I love the kitten pic.

    • That is the wound left from a branch that came down last summer – the tree is rotton on the inside. This is why the branch fell. both my big trees are like this – Dutch Elms. c

      • Thank you so much, Celi. It worked! It’s so calming, so soothing… And I agree with all the others: The “Aaaaaw” at the end is so unique. – Heard it four times in a row now. I’m ready for bed, I feel all tucked in. Lovely! Am off to bed. Good night to all.

    • Irmi, do you have the mute off……little speaker at the end. The sound suddenly stopped part way through my listening and after I’d @#&# a bit, I realised I’d accidently clicked the ‘mute’. Hope you can get to hear it, would be a shame for you to miss out.

      • Thank you Netty. It must be something else. When I press the play button the bar doesn’t move at all… It does not start. – The speaker you mention is on normal. I had it too the other day when somebody put the link into the launch to another farmy noises audio – don’t remember when… Could not hear it either (whereas I can hear and use other sources without any problemes). Bad thing when not knowing at all where the problem lies… Maybe I have to enable something at WordPress?

  18. SHEILA SPEAKS, and the whole world listens!
    Farm Queen, royalty… her loyal subjects (we) are compelled to listen.
    Marvelous. ~ Mame 🙂

  19. The sound clip is great. If only people had an idea of how large this pig is. You can never tell by a picture. You have to see her in person to get the full size of her. She is quite amazing and she adores you…..she is putty in your hand! Ha!

  20. I love night time sounds of animals settling, and Sheila’s crooning grunts are soothing and sweet. I talk to my chooks when they’ve gone to their roosts, and as I clean up the day’s mess in the pen and put food away, and they make little chirping and soft clucking noises back. Then nighty-night girls as I leave and I get an answering ‘nighty-night’ from each one. I didn’t realise one evening my neighbour and her mum were standing outside listening… chook pen backs onto a lane…and they’d were going past with their dogs but stopped to listen. They thought it was hilarious but enjoyed it too.

  21. I have listened to the audio several times. Thank you so much for doing that. It’s like a lovely lullaby. Your voice is soft and soothing. It made me wish I had thought to do that in the very beginning with Daisy deer. I was quiet, but I’m not sure I was ever so soft in tone. What a lesson for all of us… to speak softly in a lilting manner.

  22. I am saving this blog forever and ever. I was so charmed by the exchanges between the pig and her girl! It was a real treat to hear the loving conversation which happens at night-night time. I loved hearing your voice but did not detect a NZ accent at all. Have you lost yours? In any case, this recording brought you and Sheila right into my bedroom and I adored it. Thanks so much, Celi. Lots of love to you and the fellowship, Gayle

  23. Beautiful, and so intimate, listening in to Sheila and you! I’m catching up as I got way behind!

  24. Your voice is so calming and reassuring. I’m sure the animals enjoy hearing you speak to them.

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