Prairie Sky

We all work under a sky.  It is my luck that I have an enormous sky. My mother is the sky.


Hard work is not a bad thing. A little winter cold is not a bad thing.

hereford steer

And a little bit of hunger is a tonic for a body.  Hunger makes you want more. Better. It makes me fight.

Some pain in the muscles is a good thing. A reward. A knowledge. An aspiring thing.


And all under a prairie sky. My mother.


A sky as wide and strong as a tiny daughters father from her slanting sleepy eyes.  A sky as fragile and transient as the bubbles in the bowl of the finest champagne flute.


A sky with all the colours of heat in the cold of a prairie winter. I am lucky.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi



56 Comments on “Prairie Sky

  1. They don’t call the prairies Big Sky Country for nothing! It is beautiful. I always missed the ocean when I lived in the midwest, though.

  2. My sky is a different sky — the sky of bayous and bays — but I love working under it, and you’ve described the joys well. Sometimes people say (though not always in so many words) “You’re old. You need to get inddors, work in an office, or even stop working.” I just smile.

  3. Beautiful pictures, so full of the colour of nature and of God’s creation, planning and colour ideas. He paints a good picture , does my friend… Your words so poetic and so descriptive of such beauty..the two go well together under your Prairie Sky xxxx

    On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 1:12 PM, thekitchensgarden wrote:

    > Cecilia Mary Gunther posted: “We all work under a sky. It is my luck that > I have an enormous sky. My mother is the sky. Hard work is not a bad thing. > A little winter cold is not a bad thing. And a little bit of hunger is a > tonic for a body. Hunger makes you want more. ” >

  4. I think you must get skies like ours; huge, brilliant and freighted with vast and almost solid clouds, from crisp, glittering white to leaden and black. I can feel my heart and head expanding under a sky like that. I can sit and watch the wide spaces and huge skies and feel the peace seeping in through my eyes. I love that you praise and enjoy the feeling of cold, of hunger, of fatigued muscles. You’re one of the most alive people I know!

    • I become more alive myself, just visiting. Such a blessing! Thank you Miss C. You are generous with your life.

  5. What a beautiful sentiment and gorgeous photographs as usual. “Life is short. If there ever was a moment to follow your passion and do something that matters to you, that moment is now.”
    I live by that and believe strongly that if we all did, the world would be a better place. We are lucky to have found our happiness.

  6. I find myself drawn to the sky as well but my words are not as eloquent as yours. Thanks for the beautiful images and words today.

  7. Beautiful skies, love the colours, beautiful words and descriptions. The Kiwi weather vane looks right at home 🙂 Laura

  8. Living, working, and playing under open sky is important to me. We drove through the hills and forests of West Virginia recently and saw glimpses of homes tucked away in the valleys. I would never be happy not seeing a sunrise or sunset from my home.

  9. Your prose and your photography are quite poetic this morning. Here we say Mother Earth and Father Sky, and both are nurturing. But then as my mind wanders… I contemplate these earthquakes (from fracking in Oklahoma) and violent spring storms – kind of makes me wonder about what Mother and Father are trying to tell us at times? 🙂

  10. I have a great fascination for the sky, especially the sunrises and sunsets. I feel privileged to be able to see both first flash and last flash and to watch the progression of the sun south to north and north to south along the horizon.

  11. same Sky as here in New Mexico….we all stand on the Rim of the planet…can you see me waving????

  12. I’m sitting in the hospital with my mother looking out the window this morning. The sunrise was beautiful as her room faces east. The landscape is filled with medical buildings, parking garages and a few churches. It is not the same as the big skies of the prairie or the open skies of the planes, but I’ll take what I can get. Mom’s pretty bad now and we are at the decision time to either make her comfortable and stop fighting, or continue fighting for more days. And it is just that, “more days” as the cancer is not responding from what tests they have run so far. An endoscope tomorrow will tell us more. Prayers are greatly appreciated.

    • Oh Pat I am so sorry. Facing our inevitable mortality is not for the faint of spirit. Lots of prayers coming your way Pat. Such a hard decision for your mother to make but when my own mother faced that time she was very sure of her decision. Lovely that she can be in such beautiful light and with you. Love c

    • Gentle thoughts and a candle for you and your mum, Pat. May you all have ease in the days to come.

    • I know you will wonder why a stranger so far away is keeping you in their thoughts today… just because. Sending loving thoughts of strength and clarity. xx

    • I have been in your place, and you have my prayers. Sometimes the grace is in letting go, so that her last days are days of peace rather than struggle, which is what my mother wanted. I wish you the strength to travel through these coming days. xxxx

    • I am adding my candle to the circle of prayer, Pat. May you all find acceptance and the final journey be gentle for your Mom.

    • I have walked in that neighbourhood, twice. If you keep your heart open, it can be beautiful even through the heartache. I will pray for your mother, you and the rest of your family to find grace and acceptance.
      Chris S in Canada

    • Prayers and love to your mother, you and all your family. May these days be peaceful, filled with love and strength. All the best.

    • I, too, have been where you are. The letting go is so, so hard but comes a time when your prayers change from survival to a peaceful parting. Prayers are with you and yours.

  13. I love those fragile & transient skies that you shared with us today! Yes, you’re lucky to have such a wide firmament above you. It is our reassurement of living, of being alive… Looking up to the skies. Day after day.

  14. I love big skies too, wide open skies that hold us. I have big skies here where I live under a big extinct volcano, she draws amazing cloud formations and the sunset colours are vibrant and fiery like your sky colours. Sky is a wondrous thing.

  15. Celi, dear heart…is there a place somewhere which includes more of your writing about your mother? I certainly would like to read that! In the spirit of sharing, here’s a story about my mother. My mom said to me, when I told her I was really going to miss her when she died, “Well YOU better NOT because I’M going to be having SO MUCH FUN!!!” Each capped word was a jab of her index finger in my direction.

    So about a year and a half later I found myself seated beside her bed, holding her hand. She was in a morphine coma but I still chatted to her and about her being such a good mother. I was holding her hand and she stopped breathing. Then she made the rattly sound. I had worked in nursing homes and knew how it was when folks died. Then I said to myself inside my head, “Okay, Gayle. This is it.” And immediately the most wonderful wave of happiness came over me! At that moment I slammed my fisted arm on her bed, saying, “Go, Mom! Go! Go!” And she did. And that experience kept me from grief for two months! Much love to you Celi, and to the great fellowship as well…Gayle

    • Thank you Gayle – what a lovely story – you might want to pop over and chat to Pat R (in the comments above you) she is sitting by her mothers bed right now and things are not looking good. She would appreciate hearing from you. I know she would.. c

        • I was so hoping things would turn out differently for you and your mother, especially after the tremendous efforts you both made to agree to the treatment–even
          after that first two-hour trip in the middle of the night for heaven’s sake only to be turned away for another day. Just awful! I will pray your mother has a peaceful
          passing. (I don’t know what to say to comfort you. Maybe say what a good and generous daughter you are to be there for your mom. Not easy!)

  16. Celi, am I allowed to be a little bit jealous of your skies right now. I live on a hill and from my kitchen sink I normally look our over the town to the hills beyond. Alas that view has been awol for so long I have almost forgotten what they looked like. I long for the days when the winter fleece sky-lining moves back. to brighten my days and allow me to enjoy the sunsets.

  17. I thought the photos from inside the barn today were especially beautiful.

  18. Coming from NZ, I have always been used to the sky having a backdrop of mountains. It wasn’t until I visited a friend in the wheat area of Victoria Australia, that I first saw how BIG the sky can look. I loved it, but I love my mountains too! One day I will come and see the ‘big’ sky on the prairies 🙂

  19. Really love your photos and your creative writing ability. You’re right about that champagne >> I don’t see the sky much here. I’m envious of your sky. What’s it like today?

    • Hullo Andy and welcome to the Lounge of Comments. Cloudy here today!! But warm – the temperatures will start to drop again tomorrow but today is so beautiful..

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