Wellington, The Pause

I am in Wellington, New Zealand for a very fast family visit.  Just two and a half  more days then I am flung back into the void.

You have been here (Wellington) with me before and there are a lot of family things needing my attention in Wellington  so I am going to pause and I will not post unless I have something interesting to show you.

new zealand garden

“Move along. Move along. Nothing to see here.” Just an inner city garden in Wellington.

Here are a few  pictures of my daughter’s inner city garden in Melbourne.garden


On Sunday I climb back on and off a couple more cars and buses and planes and end up back in Melbourne.  (Lucky I love to travel).  I will be in and around Melbourne for a week and we will be looking around the town and then camping out of town.  So I will  be back at full blast then. And you will see lots of new stuff.

But for now. I am going to make dinner for the children within my reach. I have five children – it takes me a while to feed them all nowadays, being scattered all over the world and everything.

I will be back asap.

I hope you have a lovely day.


26 Comments on “Wellington, The Pause

  1. “Family things”, yes, must be taken care of before all else. However, being that New Zealand was my Dad’s favourite port of call when he was travelling, I never do see enough of it and I know it is a beautiful spot on the earth. And so anything you do have a chance to post will be voraciously gobbled up!
    This feeding of your children does take a considerable time, given that you began this meal a few months back in Alberta, Canada! Enjoy and have a lovely time. ~ Mame 🙂

  2. Enjoy your family first Celi – you can’t run over to Wellington every week! Just have a good time with the Kids! Cheers!!

  3. Go and enjoy your family …. we will still be here when next you come up for air 🙂 Laura

  4. Love the garden pics. We are in a carvan park in the middle of Melbourne and the permanents have their little vege gardens. It’s great. I’ll take some photos.

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