Through the eyes of a son

Today I leave Wellington and climb back on and off  …SB_blog03another couple of planes and head back to Melbourne, Australia.

But before I go my Senior Son took Camera House for a walk around his Wellington garden.





Tomato Sauce simmering in the kitchen and all. 

Have a lovely day. SB_blog02

Love celi

39 Comments on “Through the eyes of a son

  1. I have been reading your posts invisibly and wishing you could come over to WA next time. Thank you for your ongoing and uplifting posts – you are a champion!

  2. That dog! What a beautiful shot, it made me smile. Shame that you weren’t able to stay longer with the little toes. Where are you thinking of camping when you get back to Vic? It’s going to be midish 30s here, I will pray to the gods that the sun and breeze are kind for the remainder of your trip. Stay safe and cool Miss C.

  3. I like the sound of the tomato sauce simmering. We are busy preparing the dinner for my mother in laws surprise 80th birthday party for 20 people tonight.

  4. Oh, the tiny feet of the next generation… such a beautiful photo. I jump on my own series of planes tomorrow and have a whirlwind of family and friends arranged around the most important event in the summer’s social calendar! I am so, so looking forward to this… I shall bring my own Camera House.

  5. Lovely pics. He has his mother’s eye for the novel and interesting. It’s a gift to be able to share something you see everyday and make it new again.

  6. Great photos, the artistic eye must be in the genes. Safe journey again! Bon voyage! 😀

  7. Lovely photography so rich in color and depth of feeling. Enjoy the meeting!

  8. I love the picture of the dog! But can’t help but to wonder, ‘How does he see?” Perhaps the hair is combed over his eyes for the picture? Reminds me a bit of our GOS pigs, whose ears flop down over their eyes, making it a bit difficult to see straight out! Enjoy the final stage of your adventure! xo

  9. what a beautiful dog….and such lovely colours in the garden…Thank you so journey

  10. Oh C…my two favorite photos? The first and the last…although I love flowers, who doesn’t love dogs and babies…especially their little feet! 🙂 I bet you are having the time of your life….

  11. Another with a wonderful eye! Oh my those toes!!! I could not leave those toes!!! It would be hard enough to leave the son and the dog but those toes would do me in. Safe journeys and more wonderful gatherings. It seems a whirlwind that you have yet to breathe in.

  12. I tried several times early this morning to post my comment, but got an error message each time.

    Senior Son certainly inherited your photographic skills, I love his photos and those tiny toes are precious. Safe travel to your next destination and the very special meet-up! Is that a water dog? He/she looks very like my niece’s dog who loves water and the muddier it is the better.

  13. Well, Senior Son works in the film industry if I remember correctly and the wonderful trained eyes work well with the Camera House ! Your grandson does have beautiful feet memorably captured and methinks we all would like to brush the hair out of a gorgeous pup’s eyes 🙂 ! Hmm, in a way I do understand your reticence in posting full face photos of you, but, Celi, we all have the films of your Portland Conference where we not only saw you a couple of times at length but heard you speak . . . and your avatars are of photos too: so won’t you reconsider for just one photo of you and lucky Kate 😀 ??

    • Eha, I will see what can be achieved despite Miss C’s legendary reluctance. Perhaps the pleas of the masses will be heard and I will be allowed a fleeting shot…

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