Cabbages and Cats

Now why would a cat sleep with a cabbage. Well,  all the plants are covered so that the peahens cannot eat my infant crops. But Marmalade  the Mama cat thinks we have created a warm spot for her to sleep and she is ever so grateful!


The peahens are being trained into their Peacock Palace- not long now and the plants will be free but the peahens will not be free while the garden is young.

Have a look at  this sequence. Guess WHO!

DSC_0517 DSC_0518 DSC_0519 DSC_0521

Yes!. That is your Hop and Pop Poppy showing you how she has no respect for fences  – even when pregnant (we hope).

Carlos the Tiny was paying close attention. I can just imagine him going under the fence too!

Naomi. dutch belted heifer

Lady Aster is half Holstein half Dutch Belted. Naomi her daughter  is half whatever her mother is and has a Dutch Belted Daddy.  I am not sure which of these lines she is showing but to my mind she is a beauty.


Here is another beauty – my dear Manu. The Hereford Boar. Tahiti the Hereford gilt was in full blown Roaring heat yesterday morning and was stood at Manus gate shouting  at him like a small fluffy stout maned lion having a miniature fit.  So Manu’s  big gates were shut tight to cut out any eye contact.  (She is a month away from being just old enough though she is a good size) and if they see each other there will  be jumping of fences.  I think Manu was a little relieved. fire

Yesterday was a very busy day getting raspberries and onions and grass seed  in the ground, pricking out brassicas and  putting up the two opposing poles for the Flying Fox. So we rewarded ourselves by setting fire to the burn pile.

easter egg hunt

Every day is a real Easter egg hunt here. Trying to find where the loose chickens are nesting is quite the egg hunt.

Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate and have celebrated.

And I hope you all have a lovely day.




31 Comments on “Cabbages and Cats

  1. I’d have put money on the lovely Poppy being responsible for that fence, even if she hadn’t been right there and availing herself of the impromptu exit.
    Did the Easter Bunny bring you chocolate, or is that not your thing, and you’d prefer some other creature to bring you a nice bottle of decent red?

  2. No doubt that was Poppy heading straight on for the fence! The second shot is amazing with the ears up and those eyes intent on her goal. What a pig 🙂

  3. That Hop and Pop Poppy is just too much!!! Just love the escape series of photos! We got our brassicas into our new raised bed yesterday, and so far so good! Our strawberries are coming on strong, and so are our blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. We’ve just planted fall bearing raspberries so that we have berries later in the year too! xo

  4. What a delightful day you are having with all those wonderful souls. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and Easter. We have RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. It would have put out that wonderful bonfire.

  5. A pig snout is a handy lifting tool. Clever creatures, the pig. Smarter than a horse.

    Happy Easter to you and your creatures. Peace.

  6. Yes, Naomi is a beautiful cow… she always appears to me to be a glossy black. Her belly is looking rather round, I must say. Is she expecting too or is that just a normal roundness? I don’t think she was on your list of great expectations, and she is rather young, I know.
    Wonderful Poppy… heh heh Do you think Carlos might attempt to follow her with an escape plan? That could be disastrous!
    Hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

    • Naomi is a year in a month I think – so she will go and spend time with Carlos the tiny in June. I am not sure if he is old enough yet but we will quickly see. She does have a beautiful belly – all that hay. c

      • Just saw this on facebook and thought you might like to take note:
        A farmer pulls a prank on Easter Sunday. After the egg hunt, he sneaks into the chicken coop and replaces every egg with a brightly coloured one. Minutes later the rooster walks in, spots the coloured eggs, then storms out and beats up the peacock.
        ……just a cautionary note… teehee

  7. Love the last picture of the nesting hen, calendar picture. I love Naomi’s soft intelligent eye 😉 Laura

  8. Ooooh, I SO enjoyed your comments under each photo. I’m here in Longview, WA, getting dental work done. It’s far simpler than I anticipated, so far. There is a doggie in the house. Bruno, by name. A tall, gangly fellow who weighs only 7 pounds. Gayle is a happy girl. Lots of kisses to this doggie. Much love and kisses to you, Celi, and the Fellowship. Gayle

  9. Happy Easter to you too, Celi! I love Marmalade in the cabbage! Winnie is doing well…I just emailed you a picture of her.

  10. Happy Easter to you too, Celi! I love Marmalade in the cabbage! Winnie is doing very well…I just emailed you a picture of her.

  11. Marmalade looks rather fetching in the poly-tunnel 🙂 ! As long as seedlings are not her favourite tucker she may indeed help the vegetables grow a tad bigger! Poppy: once you showed that hole, we almost did not need the fun photo series: knew the only possible culprit!!

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