The Summer People

My summer people have begun to arrive. Yesterday I picked up Inaki. (And the traffic was terrible both ways so Boo and I spent HOURS in the car –  Ton had to stay home because he had been playing with a skunk in the night). Inaki is from the Basque region of Spain, he is delightful, strong and very easy to get along with. He is here for just under a month. Next week a student from the cold East Coast  of the USA will drop in for a week or so on his way to warmer Climes. He is not quite confirmed yet but is enthusiastic. This means we can make a really good dent in the barn cleaning.

Today we begin in the milking parlour, so I can start the milking refresher training  once that is ship shape we will move to the calving pen.  If we work fast we can get a lot of the rotting material down to the compost heap before it rains then we will start cleaning the walls in there. So I will teach Inaki how to run the tractor first.  The pitch fork will be second nature before he knows it.

The Cadet will begin her visits again this week. I hope to run to the feed store and collect a batch of new chicks (layers) this morning . The cadet will get them  sorted out – she is good with chicks.

Inaki will also start a set of eggs to incubate.


So – you see? The summer really is getting underway now. But we got home late yesterday evening so I fed the animals fast, this morning I will go through slower. You miss things when you are in a hurry and the light is going and you are hungry.

And so to work.

I hope you have a lovely day.


22 Comments on “The Summer People

  1. Welcome Inaki! Hope you are prepared for the experience of a lifetime. Miss C will show all sorts of things that you will remember forever. Hope the weather is kind to you, can get a bit extreme here in the USA!

  2. Hurray for summer and good help. Welcome Inaki, to the farmy. Looking forward to seeing The Cadet again too.. Laura

  3. Inaki is such a traditional Basque name! I bet he has a surname which is full of Rs and Ks, and perhaps ends in I. It’s a beautiful language… Ongi etorri, Inaki, gauza asko ikasiko duzu! My father lived in Donostia for 5 years or so, so I’ve heard it spoken quite a bit.

  4. Sounds like the farmy will be hopping with lots of labor and loving care!!! 🙂

  5. Summer already! Here in the frosty northeast (20F this morning when I opened the barn doors) it is not quite Spring. Already plenty to do, though. Good luck with your new and returning team members!

  6. that last photo is a giant tree walking onto your farm. hopefully he’s there to help out as well…

  7. Shouldn’t have to feed Tane so much after all those eggs he inhaled! And that’s no yolk! Cheers for your summer help!

  8. Oh, things are heating up on the farmy — such good news about the Cadet returning. And welcome to Inaki — hope he finds his experience in America a positive one, although with your influence I don’t expect anything else. Is his ultimate purpose to learn or perfect use of English?
    Hope you have a lovely day too ~ Mame 🙂

    • Oh, and your forsythia is in bloom, lucky you! The one in my garden is in perpetual shade so it’s always later, but I haven’t noticed others in the neighbourhood blossoming yet. Always, for me at least, it’s a confirmation of spring’s arrival.

  9. At least you and Boo were good company stuck together in the traffic 🙂 I think it’s marvellous that the Farmy lends itself to working/paying guests… give a little get a little experience that many people these days wouldn’t otherwise have. I really value my farm roots courtesy of my grandparents dairy-beef farm.

  10. Homework done! Unlike Kate I had no idea of the origin of the unusual name ‘Inaki’ and Mr Google has helped a lot: thus a form of ‘Ignatius’ and its formats around all of the Mediterranean Coast. Welcome, learn and enjoy 🙂 ! So much happening: amongst other matters am glad that The Cadet has also reappeared . . . the old, the new, a lot of harmony I hope and a lot gotten done . . . best wishes!!!

  11. And so it begins …
    I hope this year’s woofers are as good as last’s. Those that I met were really great people and a big help to you.

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