The right side

An unborn calf bulges out the right side of a cow – her right side – (well, we knew that already) but here I have found a great article to explain this to us. How to know if a cow is pregnant.  The site itself seems to be resting ( ps 7.46 am: I wrote ‘abandoned’ then Emily the owner of the site popped in and corrected me thankfully ) but still this is a funny and informative piece of writing for those of us who are still learning about cows.  And this girl from the beach is  always learning. Always. Lady astor

Using this information I think that Lady Astor is pregnant. What do you think?

poppy sheila

Sheila and Poppy are living in comparitive harmony in the rat house paddock.  As long as there is no mud-hole hogging going on. piglets

And after a bit of work yesterday I was able to get Fedes watering system up and running again for the Plonkers.  They were happy.

Today I will create a new  little field for Tima and Tane – all the resowing of fields has resulted in a shortage of space for little pigs  in my side of the creek, this year.  And I would never send Tima across to the other side.

I hope you have a lovely day.

I would write more for appearances sake  but I have no more to write.

Today is Conor’s last day. Then I am on my own again next week until Friday.  This will give me time for Lady Astor and I to get into a routine – if she has had her calf by then of course.

Much love



22 Comments on “The right side

  1. STILL no calf? I really feel for Lady Astor – both my kids arrived early, but still the last couple of weeks were very uncomfortable.

    You will miss your helper next week. I wonder what the next one will be like.

    Enjoy yourself.
    ViV xox

  2. Oh dear, Celi. “Abandoned” is such a dire description. We are available on Instagram if you ever want to visit in real time: @herfarmer and @beefandsweettea. Anyhow, thanks for the link love, and best to you and your livestock!

    Emily Grace

    P.S. I think my smart phone ate my first reply. Pardon the duplicate. (:

    • Oh I am so sorry I could not find any recent blog posts and your writing was so lovely – I write very fast very early in the morning and you are right – that is the wrong word – lets change it to RESTING! c

  3. “Using this information I think that Lady Astor is pregnant. ” Ha ha – that’s an understatement 😉

  4. I wonder if the human myth works as consistently: if it’s pointy, it’s a boy, if it’s wide, it’s a girl. Anyone have any thoughts on that one? Poor Lady A looks just about ready to set her hooves and just strain till she squirts that little devil out. And oh, the pink velvet noses of the darling plonkers. I want a piglet to cuddle…

    • Well, I had two daughters and I was ‘wide’ and huge both times 🙂 ! My darling obstetrician, who was also the one who got me thru’ the blessed beautiful subject in Med School, insisted I was not due until he ended up with all that amniotic fluid in the case of the second right across his Savile Row suit and Hermes tie!!! Followed by a feisty babe right into his arms in about 10 seconds flat both Mom and daughter kind’of ‘passing out’ for a moment or two. Dear Dr Chesterman had a wondrous laugh after about the first such ‘adventure’ in his long career’!!! Am having a morning giggle ’cause I can see the babe’s every feature on this last photo: oh the Lady is keeping us waiting until HER right time!!

        • Celi dearheart – actually I hope for ‘her’ 🙂 !! Methinks Lady Astor has done her thing before and will again. I am hoping for an ‘anterior’ tho’ it may be a ‘posterior’ in case you just may need some help 🙂 !!! As long as it is not a difficult ‘transverse’!!! SO easy to sit in a study chair and ‘be wise’!!!!! Thinking of you . . .

  5. You learn something new everyday. Poor Lady Astor in waiting. Do you get the vet to check if she goes over her due date? Fingers crossed. Your watering system would be great for my dog, but not in the condo though. I’m trying hard not to get attached to the plonkers, but they are cute. Maybe as they lose their baby looks, I can embrace reality. Hope your week goes well as you wait for your next crew member.

  6. That full frontal picture of a very pregnant Lady A is delightful. Forlorn, tired, over-it-all at this point look to her face. I hear her whisper “When Miss C? When will this end?”

  7. I do believe that using that information, Lady Astor might just be pregnant.
    Making foie gras today.

  8. Yes, the P+G (that’s for ‘Pregnant+Grasses’ and not Proctor & Gamble) method is genius, of course, but more surprising to this one, who has never known such stuff before, is the bulge to one sifde or the other is quite pronounced. Loved the posting, Emily Grace, if you happen to be reading here again.
    Adieu, Connor — Hope you had fun. Sounds like you got lots done and will likely be ready for a good rest. You have a lovely day too, Miss C. ~ Mame 🙂

  9. What a great technique! What does it say about Aunty Del? I shall have to go and look at some of those pictures.

  10. I love your two black and white family members together! Wafting along with you for the very imminent birth!

  11. What a fun read about the Ps and Gs. I think farmers must be the some of the wisest on earth. Seriously.

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