Kunekune Fields


Conor’s last task as the resident guest worker was to help me put up an electric fence around the grapevines and the pine trees to create quite a big field for the kunekune. This is good for two reasons, Tima and Tane get a summer field with lots of trees and I don’t have to mow it any longer.  Only half the fence is electric  but I felt terrible about it anyway. I needn’t have worried. Both pigs touched it once each, yelped and then never went near it again.  And now they have piles of grass to eat and are still close to the house for belly rubs.

pigs pigs

They are happy to be back together again, now that Tima has the all clear to start breeding again.  And I cannot keep them apart forever that would be cruel. So let’s hope they are successful this time.


Lady A is still hanging in there and seems very calm and content.

Lady Astor

Her udder is hard now and those teats are stretched and shiny. I will go out on a limb and say we may see a calf within 48 hours. If all goes well.

For today there is lots of planting and mowing and digging  and weeding to be done.  But it is forecast to rain – all day. Again. So I am may only get some mowing done – but I had better get a wriggle on!

I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi

37 Comments on “Kunekune Fields

  1. I’m hoping Lady A’s calmness and sweetness carry over to the whole of the milking season. Kune’s field looking good. Laura

  2. We put an electric fence to keep the wild boars out but every now and then they just mow through it!
    Maybe we should have got a stronger one.

  3. Tima looks resigned, but at least she has her husband for company, and I bet she’ll get lots of conversation over the fence. Conor is clearly a person who knows his cats, and Marmalade (if that’s her) looks ecstatic. I looked at Lady A, and thought, that calf’s dropped all the way, and then read what you said. I thing you’re right, and it may be a calf called Sunday! Meanwhile, she’s looking chic in her milking collar and matching canine accessory!

      • I’m not sure Lady A would object to leather; it means every last bit of that particular cow was used to a good purpose. And besides, I’m sure she knows she looks good in it.

    • Yes – it is raining now and all i got done was everyone fed. The good thing is all this rain and cool weather makes for a fantastic strike from the new hay field. It is coming up beautifully now. You have to get down to ground level to see it but the seeds are sprouting. c

  4. Such happy images! I’m excited about Lady A, and of course I LOVE when seedling sprout and the weather cooperates to make it all happen! I wonder if Lady A will have her calf in the rain? All four years that Daisy has delivered her twins, it’s in the rain. I have always wondered if this is nature’s way of helping wash away all scent of the birthing? So many things I wonder about the way of animals. 🙂

    • You and I simply MUST lie out in the long grass down at the creek on a moonlit night and TALK! My contribution is the change in pressure in the air.. I need to loook again at Jims weather map – if that is the case she maay well calve when the weather picks up – we have been cloudy and rainy with storms about for a week now.. c

  5. Nice that you have a rotation of helpful visitors. Getting things accomplished while waiting for the calf to come is a good thing. When you start milking, how long does it take morning and evening? Does it just get piled on to all the other chores? I’m feeling guilty sitting on my retired rump. Thanks for the daily news.

    • I only milk once a day as I leave the calf with the cow for the full 6 months. And yes – it is piled on top of all the other chores but it is not a chore really – I enjoy it and the milk is marvellous.. c

  6. there is something wrong with the security certificate on your website. it says do not open this because it is a risk to my pc. please fix this problem as I love your blog. thanks, jana

  7. Very moved by the shot of Lady A and Ton. A study in black and white. Lots of love, Your Gayle

  8. For me sunday morning in rain after far too little sleep definitely began with a smile looking at the double-eye-candy of the first photo!!

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