I am SO looking forward to milking.  Homegrown  milk is the wheel that houses our spokes.


Almost all the animals will drink her milk. including me. And all those wonderful things we make with the milk and cream. Oh cream! It’s been too long. But still we wait.

All of us.



Her milk will feed us all.  Soon we hope.

I am going to say the watched pot never boils then I am going to say patience is a virtue. Then I am going to say a bad word.


And I am a naturally patient person.  Resolved. Resolute.  Patient. We are getting an awful lot done while we wait.

DSC_0528 pigs and girl

Well, some of us are.

And I hope you have a lovely day.



34 Comments on “Resolute

  1. I’ve been really interested in getting a Dexter cow ever since you started talking about the breed — seems like the perfect size for my little family. And our neighbors know somebody in the next town along who breeds them! But it’s still a “someday” idea, for now. Being able to supply our own dairy products just seems like the logical next step, though! Right now, I’m eagerly counting down the days until my first broody hen (sitting on seven eggs) might hatch some chicks. I’ve been too nervous to candle them to see if they’re growing — don’t want to disturb the mama and put her off the idea of sitting on the nest. But she seems very serious about the whole thing, so I’m hoping we might hear some peeping in the next week and a half or so. Of course, *I* am due in another three weeks, but I trust the chicken to stick to her schedule more than myself!

  2. My mother used to speak often of the days (c. 1920) she and her sister would walk to their grandparents’ farm, and carry home buckets of cream-topped milk. Sometimes there were squabbles over who had carried the bucket more than her fair share, but always there was excitement, because it meant at least one lunch of chocolate cake and whipped cream.

  3. If my great-aunt were still alive, I ‘d have her call Lady Astor four times a day and say “Haven’t you had that baby yet?” I’m pretty sure all three of my children popped out because they were so tired of hearing that voice on the answering machine around my due date.

  4. That’s a patient and resigned face on the poor girl. And I have deep Cadet envy, cuddling that piglet….

  5. Lady A looks fed up too. Is it just the light or am I imagining that Txiki seems to be taking on a more golden hue? Laura

  6. chase her round the field,.,maybe something would start moving  

    Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2016 at 1:05 PM

  7. We usually make our own yogurt from cow’s milk.

    Dad milked 2 cows to help feed our large family. Some got poured into a large round pan for the 30 cats to lap as a treat. The rest was put into pitchers in the fridge.

    Cousins came out each summer from the east coast. They got their milk from a delivery service in glass bottles on the front step. They would drink our milk from a pitcher. Mom had to go to town and buy a milk bottle so they could be fooled. It worked.

  8. What delicious photos! You have such a gift with your camera! Have a lovely day and happy dreams of milking!

  9. Piggy hugs! I’m getting in line. Where are my hugs? Snorts and oinks sweet friend…. and I’ll take some milk too please. ❤ XOXO – Bacon

  10. I remember standing beside my Mother while she worked the cream separator, waiting for a glass of warm milk. Having my own milk cow is still a dream for me, hopefully someday. You inspire me Celi, and help to keep the dream alive.

  11. Can I say how much I love Txiki’s heart shaped outline on her face – I thought Lady A would have surprised us yesterday as tight as her bag looked. Perhaps a new calf later today though

  12. Everything has a time and place, right? Txiki is so adorable! I want to pet that area between her ears and down the sides of her cheeks.

  13. what you need is a publicity stunt. Txiki at the Met Gala. Amy Schumer milks cow. work it. work it.

  14. Txiki is really so beautiful, the glow of her. Every single photo tears at the old heart strings. That Boo Boy, the cats, that sweet Cadet holding snug that sweet piggie. And The Lady! Her expression! Oh my. Que sera sera .

  15. The time-honoured remedy for a late baby used to be a hot bath and a large gin (at beginnig and end of the process), but I don’t suppose that’ll be much use for a heifer.

    Lovely piccies today.
    ViV xox

  16. Yesterday’s photo I have to mention how it looks like TonTon picked up a stick for Lady to throw for him.

      • I meant to comment yesterday that in the header pic Lady A appeared to be saying “don’t push your luck, dog, I’m not in the mood!”

        I think today she appears to be saying “whose bloody idea was this baby anyway!”

        Chris S in Canada

  17. She has a soft inward-looking expression, or she just has gas! But no pressure Lady, with all eyes on you.

  18. A REALLY cute post! I love the photos of everyone in waiting mode and that calf is adorable. xxx

  19. The animals seem just fine . . . . and you will have your milk and cream and cheese SOON !!! Just a big hug to The Cadet: methinks the four-leggeds well feel a special relationship . . .

  20. Oh that waiting came. Well, it’s the middle of the night now so a likely time for Lady A to have gone into labour?! Fingers crossed!

  21. Awww, we are looking into a family milk cow. Here is Florida, it’s not the easiest nor the cheapest thing to do! But darn it, I will get a milk cow! Awesome blog Celi!

  22. Sweet pic of the cadet and piglet. I’m pretty sure that’s part of her job description.

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