A Peacock Train

I was up in the peacock palace yesterday to take photographs of Mr Flowers and his train. There is a particular sound he makes when he lifts his tail feathers up to tantalise the ladies so if you follow that sound you are pretty likely to see his display.


Unless of course there is a little bad tempered pea hen trying to get your attention. Almost every shot has Geraldine peering down the lens.  And she is a pecker!



Lady Astors udder is reaching terrifying proportions.


We are not looking anymore.


Above is LuLu the original ginger cat. We are just working our way through the days, keeping an eye out for any developments and hoping for a good result. Trying not to worry. But I always worry until I have a calf on the ground.

cows in field

There were a lot of very noisy coyotes out last night. Both dogs wore their throats hoarse making sure that the pack knew its boundaries. So Lady had to come in a bit earlier and she took much, much longer to bring into the barn – she moves so slowly. Though when Alex put her head into Lady Astor’s feeder she was pretty quick to move her along.

She would much rather be out on the grass but she is getting so close to having this calf we cannot take any risks at night.

I hope you have a lovely day and I hope I have some news for you soon.

Love celi



36 Comments on “A Peacock Train

  1. Geraldine is jealous and or she wants to come out and sit on the porch (and eat some nice vegetable shoots) 🙂

  2. Mr Flowers!! Phwoarrr! I’d give him one if I was a peahen, even a grumpy Geraldine. I’m sort of glad we were spared Lady A’s time-bomb udder, I’d feel so sympathetic and sore on her behalf. Never been pregnant myself, but I can empathise. And I’d love a snuggle with those chubby little black piggies…

  3. I so hope all your waiting (and worrying) is bought to and end today. I find worrying over things that we can’t control is the worst (and so fruitless really). But we will do it anyway. Sending positive thoughts and hugs your way.

  4. Mister Flowers is like his namesake bouquet, resplendent.We’re having some lovely glimpses of the animals lately – they all look so healthy and happy. My everything is beginning to get cramp from being crossed for so long.
    A beautiful day here – I hope you have one too.
    ViV xox

  5. I just know that all will go well and there will be another beautiful calf on the ground soon, soon, soon! xo

  6. Oh my goodness! That picture of Geraldine. Reminds me of a school teacher I once had……

  7. oh my- all this waiting….best wishes for a good delivery! We will all sigh with relief once the calf is born! And my oh my- that’s some Peacock! We just have wild turkeys
    that do know how to strut their stuff also! Cheers!

  8. Oh this waiting…imagine what she must feel like! What a stunning display Mr Flowers puts on…Sometimes it’s good to show off a little ☺

  9. Hi C. It’s amazing to me that you have coyotes out there on the open plain. Where in the world do they go for cover during the day? Maybe just hunker down in the fields and sleep? Ours just stay hidden in the woods…we hear them but almost never see them! Geraldine looks mad as hell because she is being confined! That look! I laughed out loud! 🙂
    Poor Lady A. I just groan thinking about it!

  10. Fingers crossed for healthy cow and calf. Love the look Geraldine is giving us. Reminds me of the look I got from a cranky receptionist!

  11. Holding my breath now. I’d love to hear that sound Mr. Flowers makes when he starts to display. Isn’t nature plain old astounding?

  12. Love how you described the peahen as a ‘pecker’… I can just picture her….focusing those beady eyes on you – and your camera! ; o )

  13. It is too funny- the last time my best friend was due with her second child, you were due a calf as well. He’s two now, and yours was a Bobby. My friend was told today that she better take it easy until Saturday when her helper comes, because otherwise? any moment. I’m wishing tomorrow on the both of you – her for being able to be good at this, and you for the waiting to be over! Well, she wants the waiting to be over, too, but would prefer a family version of a Woofer to help out!
    Two years! How the time flies.
    Oh, and this one is a girl – if the calf is a she, please can I offer Wren as a name, or if that doesn’t suit, another bird-name? Because Wren is the name my best mate has chosen, I love it so much, and her hubby is a cattle-less cowboy (for the moment).

  14. Even at a distance Lady A looks like she’s ready to burst. Interesting how Mr. Flowers’ gorgeous tail is almost evenly divided in half by the white plumes. I had a teacher or two who also gave a look like Geraldine’s, they were difficult at the best of times, of course there were 40 kids in the class so they were really outnumbered.

  15. Is there any chance Lady Astor could be having twins? Or would she be much bigger than she already is…

  16. Geraldine is HILARIOUS!! What a character! Well, it seems like everyone has milk on the brain… Lady A seems to be dragging this out and making everyone just miserable waiting. I would think SHE would be awfully miserable with her size and that gargantuan udder!

  17. Mr. Flowers does have an impressive display. From the front, anyway. 😉

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