All good

I have a surprise coming for Aunty’s Day tomorrow.  (I have always found Mothers Day just a little too Sugary for me – I much prefer Aunty’s Day).  And as my sister is visiting, and is The Aunty  in residence so we have an Aunty’s Day surprise for you.

Watch this space!

So I am late coming in and must dash straight back out.cows

The milking is going well. This morning at 5.30 am she walked straight into the milking shed with a sway in her hips and is a much happier cow. Baby is drinking from his mother heartily now so he no longer needs a bottle.cats

Off I go. I  am running.dogs

This shot  of BooBoo was taken by my sister  Aunty Anna yesterday! She is a great photographer so you will see more of her images of the farm this week.

Have a great day – kiss your mother if you have one and if  (like me and my sister)  you don’t, then kiss the Aunty!!

Lots of love





28 Comments on “All good

  1. Happy Aunty and Mother’s Day. We all mother something even if it’s a plant! Hopefully we mother our planet! The animals all look healthy and vigorous! Happy Spring.

  2. Brilliant action picture of Boo. Happy Auntys day to us all. Laura

  3. If only i had an Auntie to kiss…never mind ..i send my kisses to you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I like the sound of Aunty’s Day. I object to how commercialism has taken over all these days so only accept a hug if Elly & I happen to be in the same place in March when we have our Mother’s Day. If she is not near me, a phone call will do. You enjoy family time.

    • I soo agree with you Grannymar. I tell my sons these kind of holidays are “Hallmark Holidays’… where people feel obligated to buy cards and gifts. I know they love me… and that’s enough!! Like you said, a phone call can be enough. ; o )

      • The sound of Elly’s voice or a real hug are worth more to me than all the tea in China. I refuse to have cut flowers in my house… I have no desire to watch them wilt and die… I’ll do that soon enough myself! 😉

  5. Happy Aunty’s Day, Celi!! Have a great day with your sister!! xo

  6. and if you don’t have an Aunty nearby you kiss whoever is nearby! Happy Day to you- such sweet images and the one of BooBoo is stellar! Cheers! xoxo

  7. I bet that milk made the cats’ day.
    He looks like such a cute calf with a scrunched up new baby face 🙂

  8. Great photos. Glad all are doing well. Family visits can restore us like nothing else. Happy Aunty and Mother’s day to you both. Being a mom is a job too. We do it because we love it but it’s a serious business of a job. You’ve done yours well. I can tell by how you treat your farm family. It is a big important job.

  9. I love highlighting the Aunty. I guess because that is my human role. However, my squirrel kid, Buddy arrived this morning… as did Daisy deer. All is well in the world! 🙂

  10. I have no living aunts or mothers… but I reckon I should have a few kisses coming my way, as I’m an aunt 17 times and a great aunt 5 times. While I’m waiting for them to arrive, I’ll amuse myself by blowing kisses to all of you out there who’ve been a mama to babies human or animal over the years.

  11. Like Kate, I have no living mother or auntie. My Mother and her sister, my Auntie Betty, are no longer with us on this earth. But I am thinking lovingly of both of them today. I will spend some time today with my daughter and her daughter. I will spend most of the day with my sister, who at 88 got the best birthday present of her life on April 1 with a hip replacement. I will talk to my sister in Texas and my cousin’s wife closer to home.

    I send virtual hugs and kisses to The Fellowship today in honour of the Mothers and Aunties of the world.

    Can’t wait for the Auntie’s Day surprise tomorrow.
    Chris S in Canada

  12. What if there is no aunty either?
    My mother passed away May 22 last year so my first Mother’s Day without her. And being an only child with no remaining family besides my daughter, I decided to fly to Cape Town to spend the day with her. Extravagant maybe but we had a superb day wine tasting in Stellenbosch and it was worth it!

  13. Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Aunty’s Day! Great photo of Boo. Have a beautiful day.

  14. Simply have a Happy Day 🙂 That’s what we did with my MiL. Visited some local farmers who farm water buffalo to produce meat, cheeses and icecream who have recently opened a cafe on their farm. Their cows have calves at foot currently, one very new… thought of you and Lady A. Made calls and chatted to family further away, after all we all have mothers and miss them on Mothers Day… aunties too – what a beautiful thought.

  15. What a gloriously happy post: thought one of your North American sons was with you – but how very special to have your sister from NZ over: have the bested of time!! The animals seem to be celebrating Auntie’s Day already: Boo showing the way and all three ginger moggies happily sharing! Great to hear about the suckling babe – now darling Lady will just have to recuperate and lose that ‘ribby’ look 🙂 !

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