Aunty’s Day

My sister, The Aunty (who is visiting from Israel)  said she would buy half of a lovely red Angus/ Short horn heifer I have had my eye on, for our Aunty’s Day present to each other. And since it was impractical to bring home half a cow I bought the other half, then with John driving the red truck,  we loaded her up and  brought her home, my sister has named the heifer Aunty Anna  – she is 7 months old – and a wonderful addition to my beef herd.  My beef herd is  such a collection of breeds!

Aunty Anna



Lady is still having trouble with her enormous udder but I have a feeling we are starting to win the battle.  But a battle it is. She is giving a good amount of milk too and Bobby T is drinking well. The milk is clean but her skin is feeling the pressure of the swelling.


I have no idea whether Tahiti and Molly are pregnant.  But after a month or so I am tempted to load them up and take them to the vet for an ultrasound.


I have begun to put together my hay making crew.  By the end of this week  and into next week we might have a good few days of abundant sunshine with light breezes, and not too hot,  so it is possible that we can start cutting and get some hay into the barn.   It does not feel like summer but we have to act like it is. With all these extra cow mouths to feed I need twice as much hay as last year.


The vegetables are at a stand still in the garden. Not enough sun so far this spring. But it will come.  Yesterday afternoon was great though we have rain forecast for almost the whole week  this week.


Naomi is such a beautiful cow.  She will be pleased to have a friend her own size, though half her age.  The Aunties! We have two now. Aunty Del and Aunty Anna. ! Laugh.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


27 Comments on “Aunty’s Day

  1. Love Naomi’s gentle face and calm nature, so unlike the possibly a little bit pregnant Molly and Tahiti, who are always fully present and totally engaged, usually in something naughty. I’m adoring the flat out, chubby plonkers, they are so happy they will make delicious pork! I hope we will get to see Aunty Anna’s face soon, to add to the pin up list.

  2. Happy Aunty’s day! Aunty Anna looks like a welcome addition. Lovely pig pics too! 🙂

  3. We live and learn: did not know you had a sister living in Israel! Daresay she is on two of the pictures and seen from far-far away! Closer to home Aunty Anna has a very handsome coat indeed . . . hmm, I better begin using some of my spare time learning more about cows 🙂 !! They are taking over!! But those four plonkers are the laziest mob in town . . . 😀 !!

  4. Welcome Aunty Anna..and thank you Aunty from  Israel for such a lovely gift  

    Sent: Monday, May 09, 2016 at 1:09 PM

  5. Welcome to both aunties: bovine and human. Hay sounds like a good idea.
    It’s raining – a sparse crachin Normand (A Norman spit), so no nap on the patio today.
    Enjoy your visitors,
    ViV x

  6. Naomi sure has grown a whole lot while out in the back 40 🙂 Welcome Aunty Anna. Laura

  7. How wonderful to have your sister with you and that Aunty Anna is a beauty. Your pictures today as always start my day off with a smile. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh that little pig bum! If you looked up “happy pigs” in some magical dictionary, you’d probably see that photo. 😀

  9. Aw, Boo….. Yesterday and then again today – he is such a handsome fellow. I like Aunty Day vs Mother’s day. It is much more inclusive because let’s all face it – while we are not all Mom’s, we are all Auntie’s to someone. My cousin’s girls are like nieces to me and I have a very sweet young friend who looks to me as a mentor and aunt.

  10. So happy about your Sis being there with you! What a wonderful treat! All looks like it is going wonderfully on the farmy! Soon, soon, soon you’ll be picking your asparagus! 🙂

  11. I love being able to see the eyes in a picture. Naomi has a beautiful shaped head. Aunty Anna will benefit from TLC and the companionship of Naomi. Much more practical to buy the whole cow. Good thinking!

  12. I love the photo that has the trees at the T in the road and then the farmland spreading out. And the 1 person (sister??) sitting. It sounds like this could be a really enjoyable, productive week.

  13. Boo certainly looks thoughtful and Naomi has such a sweet expression, the result of your gentle, loving care. Welcome to Aunty Anna, I’m sure she’ll settle in well. Stay dry this week.

  14. I’m pleased with the naming of Aunty Anna… when I was very young a heifer calf was born on my grandparents farm, I got to name her and called her Dale, sharing my own name 🙂
    It’s lovely when sisters visit ♡

  15. We had a good laugh here today and I know you’ll appreciate. It was spring vaccination day here, the horses and donkey got their 4-way, the goats got their CDT and Percival got his Ivomec. Percy was enjoying a good scratch from both myself and the tech. who came along with our vet. He was quite pleased with the attention until he got his shot whereupon he uttered a startled woo-oo, backed out of the corner and hi tailed it, at speed, around the goat tower, past the critter house, through the gate and around the corner, sputtering all the way. After she stopped laughing our vet observed that he seemed highly offended.

  16. You really DO have ‘make hay while the sun shines’, as the old expression goes. We finally have sunshine after a rotten week of clouds and rain.. but we did need it. Isn’t it frustrating when you have things to do, like planting in the garden, as the weather won’t cooperate. My would say, “It’s maddening”. We’re all in love with Auntie Anna and look forward to hearing all about her in future posts. ; o )

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