I finally got Poppy to lie down for me and felt her babies kicking.  So that is a relief!  There are definitely babies in there.

Plus she was immediately up to her old tricks of digging out the hole in the concrete and after yesterdays showers laying her belly in the cool water.  Typical pregnant behaviour for her.  Though after Tahiti I have the fear.
hole in chookhouse

One of the naughty big pigs has bust a hole in the chook house wall.dsc_0490

You would never do anything like that would you Sheila. That will have to be fixed today.

Lucky that the piglets are not in that field – just imagine them all pouring through!


One girls rubbish is another cats treasure.

I am running out the door to load chickens early and get on the road.

Talk to you tomorrow.




24 Comments on “Kicking!

  1. How exciting – more piglets!
    …I can almost imagine the naughty little pigs running off across the fields – it would take two days to catch them 🙂

  2. Poppy was fine last time, maybe get in a gallon or two of beer as a back up 🙂 Laura

  3. Nothing stays still for long on a working farm! It will still be warm enough for a new brood of piglets? Do we need to knit little hats for them?
    Nice your truck is working so well for your multiple tasks. Useful machine.

  4. Oh my goodness! My piggie palace looks just the same- strange bits of this and that unearthed by curious piggie snouts 🙂 but our pastures have gone golden with our freezing night time temperatures where your fields still look green and lush. We are expecting a harsh winter so the freezing temps are not a surprise- just a reminder of what is to come.

    • Yes we are still wonderfully green – the cows can be on pasture for some time yet even if it does freeze they will eat it – the longer I wait to hand out hay the better!

  5. Enjoy filling the freezer with fresh chicken! It’s hard and unglamorous work, I am sure!

  6. Yesterday is the past we cannot change, tomorrow can’t be predicted . . . today is to enjoy and all of yours seemingly are . . . . Poppy is not a teenage Mama: certain all will be fine . . .

  7. I got my Lurch-Tee today! – Are there any news about our cutie? Did you handout the cheque last week? Or was it the week before last week? How is our little Lurch-girl? I’m waiting for your reports…

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